BNI Team Momentum Chapter Buderim POMO presentation


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what is digital marketing?

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BNI Team Momentum Chapter Buderim POMO presentation

  1. 1. • Dabble in some digital marketing• Muck about with multi choice questions• Partake in some paper airplane makingwe’re going to do three things
  2. 2. Traditional marketing/advertisingThe power is in the hands of the advertiser• Telemarketing• Trade Shows• Junk Mail• Press Ads (newspaper, magazine)• TVC• Radiowhat is digitalmarketing?
  3. 3. living through a communication revolutiondigital marketing & social media200120032004200520062009Wikipedia is launchedApple launched the iTunes storeGmail is launchedYoutube is launchedTwitter and Facebook are releasedMobile and data traffic exceededvoice traffic every single month2013 – digital media consumption has now overtakenall other forms of traditional media consumption
  4. 4. Question 1Traditional marketing and advertising islikened to a hammer because:• Hammers are the most advertised item onthe planet• It’s intrusive - it “hammers” the audience• Traditional advertising is a one hit wonder
  5. 5. Traditional forms of communication and advertising aredying. A new model has arisen which is built around theconcept of Engagement.POMO is an Engagement Agency. We help businessesto engage with their market using digital channels.communication is dead
  6. 6. Magnet Method• Permission based.• Allows the recipient to opt out,and to control what they doand don’t see.• It puts the power in the handsof the consumer.• It revolves aroundengagement – 2 way conversation– marketing
  7. 7. • EDM – electronic direct mail, emailnewsletters and email alerts• websites• social media• publishing - blogging• podcasting• video contentexamples of digital marketing
  8. 8. Question 2New media is more like a magnet than a hammer,it revolves around a concept known as Engagement.Engagement is:• A two way digital communication channel• Another fad, it’ll be dead in 3 years• The last time you will ever hear your wife say yes
  9. 9. why do i need digital marketing?
  10. 10. Question 3Digital marketing is important because:• Traditional forms of advertising and marketing aredying• It turns customers into advocates of your brand• Why can’t I get a decent coffee in this place?• All of the above
  11. 11. 80% useful, relevant and informative content20% bragging about your achievements(establish yourself as an expert and/or boost your credibility)the 80/20 rule
  12. 12. how can we help you?• Create a Website and an Online Presencethat Dominates the Market• Create and Run a Digital Campaignto Promote a Particular Product or Service• Digital Marketing Strategies-create the strategy, you implement it, or we implement it for you• Digital Marketing Management-act on your behalf across multiple digital channels to generateEngagement, turn likers into sales and create brand advocates• Digital Marketing Mentoring-one to one assistance to get you started and help youto reach your engagement goals
  13. 13. Question 4In your business where do you think you need mostassistance with your digital marketing?• everywhere, I have nothing and no idea, help!• in just a few places - I think I do a reasonably goodjob already• nowhere thank you very muchwhat do you need more information on or help with?