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Project development

Project Development

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Project development

  1. 1. Project Development
  2. 2. Ober-Weimar, 1921 Lyonel Feininger, Inspiration The American painter Lionel Feininger taught art at the Bauhaus witch is a famous art school in Weimar. In this city painting of Weimar he has broken down the houses, the street and the sky into angular shapes of all different sizes. The submissive colouring and rhythmic repeated composition are inspired by the Cubism of Braque and Picasso who often painted in a cubism style. The colours are interesting as the pallet is very strict, all the colours are similar and mundane. The use of white in the centre of the painting really catches the eye and promotes the middle of the building as the focus of the painting. The use of desert yellows and browns make the background seem very symmetrical rhythmic. I think it would be really interesting to play and experiment with the different viewpoints of my place in question. I could draw lots of different viewpoints over the top of each other, so in one picture it would be an explosion of the same shapes in different viewpoints and angles. Studying architectural cubism has really inspired me and got me thinking about creating my own cubised inspired mixed media collage or painting
  3. 3. Cubist Inspired Drawings After conducing some artist research, I wanted to experiment and play around With the idea of cubism. As well as using pencil and watercolour I wanted to experiment and develop my ideas by creating a different style of cubist art work on the computer. The artist Picasso (see book for conceptual study), inspired this piece of artwork, I used Photoshop to edit and create this piece.
  4. 4. Artist Research – Charles Sheeler I then conducted more artist research on the artist Charles Sheeler. Sheeler inspired me to design and create a piece of art work in the industrial style he paints in. Charles Sheeler Jr. was born in Philadelphia in 1883. he studied industrial drawing and the applied arts at the School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia (1900–1903). In 1909, he visited the Paris home of Michael and Sarah Stein, Picasso and Braque; this experience inspired him to work in a Cubist style for several years.
  5. 5. Initial Ideas I then developed 6 initial ideas. I found it hard to decide witch initial idea I liked the most, so I decided to take aspects from my different ideas and put them into one. I liked the bold style one of initial ideas but the 3d relief texture of the other. So I decided for my final piece to try and include 3
  6. 6. Prototype and Prototype Development I then took my initial ideas further, and decided to develop and experiment with colour. I did a couple of A3 Sheeler inspired pieces of art. However something just didn’t work well. I was happy with the composition and the style the colours just sit well on the page. I decided that it would look a lot better if I kept to a strict colour pallet. I then decided to do some rough colour experiments, I recorded some in my sketch book.
  7. 7. Prototype of Final Piece Evaluation This is the Prototype of my Final Piece, this piece of art work was inspired by Charles Sheeler. As you can see I have broken down the image into different sections and painted them all different colours. I feel that the doing the colour studies has really helped me develop my artwork as they have allowed me to experiment with what colours compliment each other well. Doing the colour studies also taught me how to get different tones of the same colour through mixing colours together. I am really happy with this prototype and I think it has developed well form my initial idea. When I design my final piece I am going to do it on board rather than paper, I am also going to add texture and relief to the artwork by cutting out shapes of the framework and layering it over the original board. I am also going to add more texture by adding string to highlight the shames of the framework of my place in question.
  8. 8. My Final Piece
  9. 9. My Artwork in Dan Deans Office My Brief: My client is Dan Dean, has asked a student to create a piece of art work exploring a part of Esher college in an abstract and original way. His expectations are for the piece is to be original and professional looking, as he is hoping to hang this piece of art work in his office.