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Webinar: Introducing UBBC 3.0


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In April 2017 Policy in Practice releases the new version of our popular Universal Benefit and Budgeting calculator. We call it our UBBC for short.

The software will be faster, more accurate and easier to use. As well as receiving a beautiful makeover to the user interface, the calculator will be super-charged with new features and improved navigation.

These slides, from our launch webinar on Wednesday 15 March, detail some of the changes we have in store. They cover:

Brief introduction to Policy in Practice
The need for a benefit calculator
Evolution of our software
What’s new
Let’s look at 3 cases
Questions and answers
Next steps

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Webinar: Introducing UBBC 3.0

  1. 1. Policy in Practice Webinar: Introducing UBBC 3.0 Wednesday 15 March 2016
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Audio check • Please ask questions • Polls and a survey • Finish by 11:30
  3. 3. Speakers Deven Ghelani Policy in Practice Zoe Charlesworth Policy in Practice Leonardo Kellaway Policy in Practice
  4. 4. 444 Over to Deven
  5. 5. Agenda • Brief introduction to Policy in Practice • The need for a benefit calculator • Evolution of our software • What’s new • Let’s look at 3 cases • Questions and answers • Next steps
  6. 6. We make the welfare system simple to understand, so that people can make the decisions that are right for them
  7. 7. Evolution of our software • Built UCC to help small group in Whitehall • 30k+ hits within 3 months • Added current system for first client, LB Lewisham • Helped 3x as many households into work • Fastest in the market, helped w2w clients and housing associations • Added budgeting module • Data analysis and broader policy coverage • Modelling CTRS schemes • Added DHP calculator • Collected four years of customer feedback • Decided to re- build from scratch • Launch of UBBC 3.0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  8. 8. Background: why the upgrade? • The welfare system is as complex as ever, and changing all of the time • Broader than the current system, or UC - discretionary support, free school meals, support for disabled people – desire to be comprehensive • Flexibility for users, employment advisors and welfare rights experts across a range of sectors (back to work, housing providers, local government) • Greater demand for guidance, in addition to job search and links to local support • Link into to our analytical tools, helping local authorities and others to target support to individual households. • Future proof the infrastructure and the UI for new integrations and modules • A modern intuitive user experience Search is only 5% solved – why stop now? Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google
  9. 9. 101010 Poll 1: What are the most important uses of a calculator for your organisation?
  10. 10. 111111 Powerful software Helping people make decisions that are right for them
  11. 11. Key concepts behind UBBC 3.0 Income maximisation Engaging and easy to use Action oriented advice
  12. 12. How these concepts are supported Incomemaximisation Accurate calculation of benefit income Individual actions for maximising income Budgeting that shows where you can make savings Quick links to benefit application and job search Engagingand easytouse Visual charts and engaging User interface Compare different scenarios side by side Benefit breakdown for advocacy Customised for organisations and advisors Actionoriented advice Personalised action list for user and adviser Better off calculation linked to job search Budgeting that shows how to reduce cost Identify barriers and sources of support Calendar for UC payments
  13. 13. Meeting the needs of your organisation Better engagement between organisation and customers Improve the situation of your customers Decrease rent arrears Increase income / revenue Optimise staff time Income maximisation Engaging and easy to use Action oriented advice
  14. 14. Meeting the needs of your clients of tenants require no support 30% of clients require some support 50% of clients require a lot of support (and take up 80% of staff time) 20% Source: Curo Group, 2017
  15. 15. 16 Over to Leonardo
  16. 16. 171717 Let’s look at some cases
  17. 17. Case 1: Abby Abby is an unemployed single parent who is considering returning to work but concerned about childcare costs. Will Abby be better off in work?
  18. 18. Case 2: Belinda and Carl Belinda and Carl are a couple with 2 young children currently living with their family. They want to move to their own property but are not sure if they can afford it. What rent can Belinda and Carl afford?
  19. 19. Case 3: Deborah Deborah is a single parent with 3 children. Another older child, and their partner, also live at home. She has moved to Universal Credit and doesn’t understand why her household’s income has reduced. Why has Deborah’s household income reduced? How can she improve her situation?
  20. 20. Deborah This is a more complex case and illustrates: • How the calculator can be used to examine benefit levels in complex cases • How the calculator supports the role of organisations in benefit support and advocacy. • This is of particular importance given the increasing amount of time that organisations need to spend on this role under Universal Credit.
  21. 21. New features • New features to meet the core roles of income maximisation, support and engagement: • Actions • Barriers and support • Budgeting calendar • Prints
  22. 22. Clear, actionable print layouts Select your scenario Show current system or UC Show information for advisor or user Select print, email or download • Assessment • Detailed breakdown • Actions • Benefit actions and information • Budget actions • Support action • Calendar
  23. 23.
  24. 24. 292929 Poll 2: From a management perspective what are the most useful features of the software?
  25. 25. 303030 “Any software is only as good as its implementation and the support we’ve had from the team to bed in the new service has been a massive benefit to us.” Jemma Johnstone, Serco
  26. 26. 3131 “Our tenants are facing increased pressure on their budgets as a result of welfare reforms. This is one of the key reasons why we chose Policy in Practice's Universal Benefit and Budgeting Calculator software. It allows us to provide better income and budgeting support to our tenants.” Linda Tookey, First Wessex Housing Association
  27. 27. 32 Questions
  28. 28. Thank you Zoe Charlesworth Leonardo Kellaway 0330 088 9242