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Webinar: How to make the welfare system simple to understand


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Policy in Practice's Benefit and Budgeting Calculator software is fast, accurate, simple and targeted. Newly upgraded for 2017, it now has even more features to help people understand work and welfare with confidence.

Using our frontline engagement software local authorities, housing associations and welfare to work providers can simplify conversations, explain complex changes better and support advisors with information they can trust.

Most importantly, our software simplifies the welfare system, giving people the information to make the decisions that are right for them.

Listen to this webinar to hear:

- How to simplify your benefit assessments
- How to simplify your budgeting advice
- How to simplify your income maximisation advice

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Webinar: How to make the welfare system simple to understand

  1. 1. Zoe Charlesworth Leonardo Kellaway Policy in Practice Webinar: How to make the welfare system simple to understand Wed14June2017
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Audio check • Please ask questions • Polls and a survey • Finish by 11:30
  3. 3. Speakers Zoe Charlesworth Policy in Practice Leonardo Kellaway Policy in Practice
  4. 4. We make the welfare system simple to understand, so that people can make the decisions that are right for them
  5. 5. Agenda 1. A complex system 2. The role of the frontline advisor 3. The role of software in simplifying income maximisation advice 4. Demo 1: help clients to help themselves 5. Demo 2: explaining benefit assessments 6. Demo 3: simplifying budgeting advice 7. Next steps
  6. 6. 666 Poll: How many welfare reforms were introduced between April 2016 and April 2017?
  7. 7. A complex system • Shaped by numerous pieces of complex legislation to cover different benefit types • Legacy benefits and Universal Credit • 3 different agencies administering benefits: DWP, local authorities, HMRC • Continuing change to the rules • Nobody can understand it all!
  8. 8. The need for advisor support is greater than ever • Concern about moving between legacy benefits and Universal Credit • Communication with DWP • Who will provide the advice given by HB advisors? • Cut back in support to third party organisations. • The 7 week wait for UC • Localisation of CTS
  9. 9. 101010 Powerful software
  10. 10. Clients
  11. 11. 121212 Poll: What are the most important uses of a calculator for your organisation?
  12. 12. Key concepts behind our calculator Income maximisation Engaging and easy to use Action oriented advice
  13. 13. How these concepts are supported
  14. 14. Meeting the needs of your organisation 1. Better engagement 2. Improved financial resilience 3. Decreased rent arrears 4. Increased income / revenue 5. Optimised staff time Income maximisation Engaging and easy to use Action oriented advice
  15. 15. Meeting the needs of your clients of tenants require no support 30% of clients require some support 50% of clients require a lot of support (and take up 80% of staff time) 20% Source: Curo Group, 2017
  16. 16. 171717 Let’s look at some cases
  17. 17. Help clients to help themselves
  18. 18. Demo of self service tool
  19. 19. Simplifying benefit assessments
  20. 20. Demo of benefit assessments
  21. 21. Simplifying budgeting advice
  22. 22. Demo of budgeting features
  23. 23. 292929 Poll: Which teams in your organisation would get the most use from this software?
  24. 24. 303030 It is very quick to use so it was not taking up all our time during the meeting it left more time to discuss the results with the customer. I will definitely be using this in the future, a very good tool to have. I think the calculator is brilliant and really easy to use, it can email and print out calculations and the comparison was fab The best reaction I got was a customer that stated "I am definitely getting a job now“. Feedback from frontline advisors
  25. 25. 31 Questions
  26. 26. Next steps Short survey: • Your feedback • Ask any questions or clarifications • Request a tailored demo for your colleagues
  27. 27. Thank you Zoe Charlesworth Leonardo Kellaway 0330 088 9242