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How frontline organisations can prepare for managed migration


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Local organisations who deliver frontline support play an important role in helping people get ready to move onto Universal Credit.

The forthcoming managed migration of Universal Credit means there is more pressure on support organisations to make sure their customers are prepared for the changes ahead.

Guinness is a nationwide housing association that uses Policy in Practice’s Benefit and Budgeting Calculator to help their customers understand the benefits they may be able to get, and the impact of earnings or other changes of circumstances.

In this webinar we looked at the managed migration pilot and heard about the plans Guinness, one of 5 housing associations taking part, is making.

To find out more visit, email or call 0330 088 9242

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How frontline organisations can prepare for managed migration

  1. 1. Policy in Practice Webinar How frontline organisations can prepare for managed migration Wed 15 May 2019
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Audio check • Please ask questions • Poll and a survey • Aim to finish by 11:30
  3. 3. A team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the welfare system who are passionate about making social policy work We help local authorities use their household level data to identify vulnerable households, target support and track their interventions We develop engaging software that helps people to increase their income, reduce their costs and helps them to build their financial resilience
  4. 4. Today’s speakers Zoe Charlesworth Head of Policy Policy in Practice Michelle Birley Customer Support Manager The Guinness Group Nadine Burns Customer Support Team Manager The Guinness Group Louise Murphy Policy and Operations Analyst Policy in Practice
  5. 5. Agenda • What Universal Credit managed migration is and how will it happen • How the Guinness Partnership is planning for the managed migration pilot • Quick look at software that helps
  6. 6. 666 Poll: What is your biggest concern about Universal Credit managed migration?
  7. 7. 777 Over to Zoe
  8. 8. What is “Managed Migration”? • The move to Universal Credit for claimants who have not “naturally migrated” by the start date of managed migration • The start date of managed migration will depend on learning from a pilot commencing in July 2019 in Harrogate of up to 10,000 claims. The rollout is likely to start in 2020 (subject to meeting tests and passing of new regulations in Parliament) • Completion is hoped for by December 2023 • Who is affected? • 36% ESA • 54% tax credits • 10% other means-tested benefits • Approximately a third of eventual UC claimants will move through managed migration (around 2 million households) • Those in receipt of Severe Disability Premium are protected against natural migration
  9. 9. How will it happen? The Universal Credit (Managed Migration Pilot and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 Provides for a pilot and includes provision for: • Migration notice • Specified deadline date (at least 3 months from notice) • Deadline date can be cancelled or extended • Legacy benefits cancelled following deadline • Automatic backdating if UC claim made within one month of deadline. If claim made after one month of deadline, it will be treated as a new UC claim and transitional protection not awarded • Two week run-on of ESA, JSA, IS (from July 2020) • A one-year grace period from the Minimum Income Floor for self-employed who are managed migrated. From September 2020, this is extended to those who naturally migrate and those existing UC claimants who become newly self-employed
  10. 10. Transitional Protection Transitional protection is based on the monthly rate of existing benefits compared to UC award on the deadline date Cessation of transitional protection will occur in the following circumstances: • a sustained (more than three months) earnings drop • the formation or separation of a couple • the ending of the Universal Credit award (where this was due to an increase in earnings and a new claim is made within 4 months of the Universal Credit award ending, the claimant will have their Transitional Protection re-awarded as part of their new award of Universal Credit) Transitional protection will reduce through uprating Particular concerns regarding the housing element – increases in the housing element because of an increase in rent will reduce transitional protection
  11. 11. SSAC Consultation 2018 The SSAC received a record number of submissions …”particularly struck by the degree of anxiety that was conveyed to us in the submissions” …”it is evident that any weakness within the Universal Credit system will be brought into greater relief when managed migration gets underway” Submissions showed particular concerns about: • People living in unstable accommodation • People at risk of domestic violence • People living with disability which impaired engagement / access • People unable to understand and act on information • People without fluent English • People without digital access • Impact of tax credit overpayments
  12. 12. Changes prior to Managed Migration • Removal of the seven day waiting period at the start of a claim • Provision of an additional two weeks of Housing Benefit transitional payments which do not need to be repaid • A £1000 annual increase in the UC work allowances from April 2019 • An additional £1.5 billion to support those moving to Universal Credit including additional run-ons • Advance payments more generous (up to 100% of the claimant’s expected Universal Credit award) plus an extension of repayment of advance payments from 6 months to 12 months • A reduction in the cap for deductions from 40% to 30% to soften the burden of repayments of debts • Advances can be repaid over 16 months (Oct 2021) • An extension in the surplus earnings disregard exception for up to £2500 for another year from 2019 to 2020
  13. 13. Preparation for Managed Migration The DWP is co-designing the process with claimants, charities, experts and other stakeholders through webinars and workshops. Much of this will be “tested” through the Harrogate pilot: • Includes all case types including “complex” claims • “Anxiety” of claimants informs the “Who knows me?” approach, ie finding a personal connection for each claimant going through the process • DWP estimate that around 50% of claimants have this sort of relationship with the Jobcentre, HMRC, their local authority, or their social landlord. They will start with JSA (and then the other organisations later) • Terminology change: “Move to UC” rather than “Managed Migration” • Testing of IT readiness for Transitional Protection through the pilot • Testing pre-population from HMRC “at some point in the pilot” • Testing engagement in the pilot (DWP don’t expect claims to be terminated)
  14. 14. What happens next? Expansion to full rollout if tests are met: • IT • Delivery partners readiness • Trained staff • Assumptions and contingencies if assumptions not met • Claimant understanding • Claimant support But depends on new regulations being passed Delivery partners are preparing independently • Identification • Engagement • Support
  15. 15. Universal Credit roadmap Direct payments to landlord to continue under UC, if transferring from HB  End of UClive service DEC2017 No new claims for UClive service after 01/01/18 UCadvances repayment period increases to 12 months UCadvances increases to 100%of UCaward  JAN 2018 All claims migrated to UC DEC2023 National Living Wage likely to rise to £8.80 p/hr Housing benefit to 'run-on' for the first 2 weeks of UC Payments for temporary accommodation improved Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) becomes a loan National Living Wage set at £7.83 p/hr for over 25 Personal tax allowance up from £11,500 to £11,850  APRIL 2018  UNIVERSAL CREDIT ROADMAP Details subject to change Details correct at 20 Feb 2019 FEB2018 7day waiting period for UCabolished 2017 2018 2019 2020 2023 2018 2018 Mixed age couples must make new claims for UC instead of Pension Credit MAY2019 JULY2019 Self-employed familiies moving to UCwon’t be affected by minimum income floor for the first 12 months of their claim. Managed migration pilot will begin (starts in full end  2019) 2019 2019 2019 End of Full Service roll out  JAN 2019 New UCclaims for households with 2+ children FEB2019 APRIL2019 NLW will increase to £8.21p/hr for over 25s Personal tax allowance will increase to £12,500 Higher rate tax threshold will increase to £50,000 UCWork Allowances will increase by £1,000/year. 2019 APRIL 2020
  16. 16. Over to Michelle and Nadine
  17. 17. <Insert title using Ariel 26pt> <Insert date using Arial 18pt> Planning for Universal Credit Migration Michelle Birley - Customer Support Manager Nadine Burns - Customer Support Team Manager
  18. 18. The Guinness Partnership Top 10 local authorities Homes Cheshire East 5,428 Milton Keynes 5,203 Havant 3,896 Manchester 3,847 Sheffield 2,378 Rochdale 2,110 Stockport 1,680 Hackney 1,652 Oldham 1,355 Gloucester 1,231 North: 32,035 homes South: 18,619 homes West: 15,521 homes 170+ LAs / 650+ Job Centres
  19. 19. Universal Credit at Guinness • Around 8,500 claimants • Around 750 new claims per month • 11% arrears • 26 weeks to stabilise • Average 52 weeks to settle • 9 weeks for payment • Landlord Portal • Managing UC is resource heavy
  20. 20. • Around 1,000 homes in Harrogate • 388 customers already in receipt of UC • 210 customers on HB • Self Payers – high employment – not just housing costs • DWP ‘Who knows you best’ model Planning for Migration
  21. 21. • Payment analysis • Migration tracker • ‘Untidy tenancies’ • APA versus Direct Debit? • Get to know our UC Project Team • Stakeholder meetings • Targeted Communications – benefit claimants, self payers and homeowners • Planned migration versus natural migration
  22. 22. Using the PiP budgeting calculator Since August 2017 to date • We have created 53,766 new cases! • There are now 185 staff members who can access the tool across three departments. Lettings, Customer Accounts and Customer Support Helping us to work together for new customers Lettings carry out over 100 Affordability Assessments a week to make sure customers can afford the property they are moving into. The complete calculations are passed to our Customer Support Team that identify errors with benefits or identify ways to maximise income. When the tenant moves in the Customer Account Team have the information if the customer goes into arrears helping us to have informed conversations
  23. 23. Over to Louise
  24. 24. Identify those better off under Universal Credit 1/ Using the Policy in Practice LIFT Dashboard:
  25. 25. Identify those better off under Universal Credit 2/
  26. 26. How we’re preparing for managed migration 1/ Add transitional protection into the results page
  27. 27. How we’re preparing for managed migration 2/ Identify changes of circumstances which will trigger movement onto Universal Credit (e.g. increasing working hours above 16 hours per week)
  28. 28. Help shape the future of the Benefit and Budgeting calculator • Get in touch: • Join our next user group on Thursday 25 July to help us steer the calculator’s development roadmap • Register here: calculator-steering-group-registration-56831148495
  29. 29. 292929 Poll: Do you intend to engage with your customers to support them with managed migration?
  30. 30. Questions and answers
  31. 31. Next steps Download Guinness case study Download Benefit and Budgeting Calculator flyer Download the Universal Credit Roadmap Follow up email with this recording and slides, with links Short 5 question survey now: • We value your feedback • Ask questions or clarifications • Request a more in depth look at our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator • Auto sign up to our next webinar: How Croydon Council is using data to deliver better outcomes on Wed 12 June at 10:30
  32. 32. Thank you Zoe Charlesworth Michelle Birley and Nadine Burns The Guinness Group Louise Murphy office 0330 088 9242