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How Croydon Council is using data to deliver better outcomes


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Croydon Council has adopted an early intervention and prevention approach to helping families affected by welfare reforms. Called Gateway, the award-winning programme uses tools, including a LIFT Dashboard developed by Policy in Practice, to help it identify households at risk and target tailored support to people before they reach crisis point. The approach sees the council using its own data to proactively tackle poverty and prevent homelessness.

Gateway has been shortlisted for an MJ Award in the delivering better outcomes category. Ahead of the awards ceremony Julia Pitt, Gateway Director, joins our webinar to talk about the programme, the results it’s achieved so far and the impact it’s having on Croydon’s residents.

In this webinar we looked:

- How the Gateway programme was developed
- How the change from reactive to proactive support has been achieved
- What positive outcomes have been achieved

Watch the full webinar -
To find out more visit, email or call 0330 088 9242

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How Croydon Council is using data to deliver better outcomes

  1. 1. Policy in Practice Webinar How Croydon Council is using data to deliver better outcomes Wed 12 June 2019
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Audio check • Please ask questions • Poll and a survey • Aim to finish by 11:30
  3. 3. Today’s speakers Deven Ghelani Director and founder Policy in Practice Julia Pitt Director of Gateway Services Croydon Council Oscar Jefferson Account Manager Policy in Practice
  4. 4. Agenda • The case for prevention • Croydon: The Gateway approach • Three ways in which Croydon are using data to make a difference 1. Identify which families are vulnerable 2. Target and engage families with support 3. Track the impact of homelessness services
  5. 5. 555 Poll: How is Universal Credit doing?
  6. 6. Gateway Approach in action Watch the video by clicking below
  7. 7. 888 Over to Deven
  8. 8. The need for prevention work Listen back here
  9. 9. Universal Credit roadmap
  10. 10. 111111 Why we love working with Croydon
  11. 11. 121212 Over to Julia
  12. 12. Gateway Approach “Help people to help themselves, to feel secure and supported, to enable growth"
  13. 13. Accessible financial support Child poverty & well being Online skills Food & fuel poverty Debt managemen t Financial inclusion Budgeting Employment Place to call home Immunisation
  14. 14. Targeted interventions to prevent crisis DATA ANALYSIS ACTION Identify vulnerability SINGLE VIEW OF THE HOUSEHOLD from Croydon Council, DWP, Policy in Practice Analyse cohort Plan intervention Community Surgeries Community Connect & Food Stop Outreach Events Gateway Teams Key Partnerships Types of interventions Employment Support & Job Clubs Personal Budget & Welfare Rights
  15. 15. Business intelligence led Use business intelligence to map areas of high risk in terms of debt, affects by welfare reform and deprivation Look where transport links to City Centre is a barrier Look at what needs are local to that area and produce an approach for each area Community Connect project rolling out to areas highlighted
  16. 16. Thank you Julia Pitt Director of Gateway Services 07988029073
  17. 17. 202020 Poll: What would help you improve your own prevention work?
  18. 18. 212121
  19. 19. 222222 Three ways in which Croydon are using data to make a difference
  20. 20. Questions and answers
  21. 21. 242424 Download Croydon case study Download LIFT Dashboard flyer Download Universal Credit Roadmap Follow up email with this recording and slides, with links Short 5 question survey now: • We value your feedback • Ask questions or clarifications • Request your own look at a LIFT Dashboard • Auto sign up to our next webinar: How Curo Triages Support to help Customers onto Universal Credit on Wed 10 July at 10:30 Next steps
  22. 22. Thank you Deven Ghelani Julia Pitt Oscar Jefferson 07444 158 921 office 0330 088 9242