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Coronavirus: stories from the front line


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made life tough for people who are scared for their health and their finances. It’s also brought huge pressure to frontline organisations who are there to help.

In this webinar we are joined by Ellie Kershaw, Tower Hamlets and Grant Bailey, Cheltenham Borough Homes to discuss how they are dealing with the current changes, and how the crisis now will affect their residents in the future.

We explore how services may need to change and how organisations can be proactive now to safeguard their residents’ wellbeing.

Review the slides to learn:

- How other organisations are helping people deal with Coronavirus
- Ideas to consider that can drive a proactive, prevention approach
- Best practice for dealing with increased demand with limited resources

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Coronavirus: stories from the front line

  1. 1. Coronavirus: stories from the front line Wednesday 20 May Policy in Practice webinar
  2. 2. Housekeeping ● Audio check ● Please ask questions ● Poll and a survey ● Aim to finish by 11:30 ● Slides and recording will follow
  3. 3. Today’s speakers Grant Bailey Benefit and Money Advice Team Leader Cheltenham Borough Homes Janet Harkin Head of Marketing Policy in Practice Ellie Kershaw Tackling Poverty Programme Delivery Manager LB Tower Hamlets Jade Alsop Commercial Director Policy in Practice
  4. 4. Give the best support you can to help people on their way policy software analytics
  5. 5. Agenda ● What the past and present looks like for two organisations and their customers ● A look at how our software is helping ● What challenges our two organisations are facing in the future, and how they’re going to tackle them ● Questions and answers
  6. 6. 666 Introduction to our speakers
  7. 7. Cheltenham Borough Homes ● Grant Bailey, Benefit and Money Advice Team Leader, Cheltenham Borough Homes ● ALMO responsible for the management and maintenance of Cheltenham Borough Council’s housing stock and housing and homeless service ● 5,034 homes made up of 3,950 general needs, 493 sheltered and 482 leasehold properties plus 109 of our own stock ● Won awards for work tackling illegal money lending ● Use the BBC to help support tenants and help with difficult conversations
  8. 8. London Borough of Tower Hamlets ● Ellie Kershaw, Tackling Poverty Programme Delivery Manager, LB Tower Hamlets ● 48,000 households live in poverty in Tower Hamlets (2 in 5 households) ● 50% of the borough’s older residents live in income deprived households, the highest rate of pensioner poverty in England ● 78% of Bangladeshi households claim Council Tax Reduction compared to average of 33% for other households ● 11,950 residents (62% of all working age residents) getting out of work benefits get ESA ● 31% of children in the borough live in families living below the poverty line ● Use the BBC to help DHP and applications for UC (Outreach team) ● Use the LIFT Dashboard to identify vulnerability and support strategic activity
  9. 9. 999 The past What was your number one issue when Coronavirus hit?
  10. 10. Cheltenham Borough Homes Issues ● Getting food and medicine to vulnerable tenants quickly ● Health and availability of CBH staff ● Previously structured week changed completely; shift from face to face to online and phone support What we did ● New internal infrastructure helped (good timing) ● Staff redeployed (training needed) ● Cemented good partnership working with council and JCP
  11. 11. LB Tower Hamlets Issues ● Identifying most vulnerable people ● Getting food and money to people ● ‘Everybody in’ focus on getting rough sleepers off the streets What we did ● Used analysis from LIFT to identify key groups ● Set up self isolation & vol sec food hubs, working with partners ● Set up basic triage. Created self isolation form and made it available on website or via contact centre ● Local businesses, via our economic development team, let us know people in difficulty and also asked for our help to fill new vacancies ● Staff use Benefit and Budgeting Calculator
  12. 12. 121212 Poll 1: What are you struggling most with at the moment?
  13. 13. 131313 The present What are you struggling with most at the moment?
  14. 14. Cheltenham Borough Homes Issues ● Can’t access our Help2 pot or petty cash so can’t charge electricity fobs ● Concern about the hidden issues, people we would’ve seen at the Thursday community centre drop in ● New levels of anxiety: people are worried about their finances and jobs, leading to higher demand for our services ● Concerned about people turning to illegal money lenders Solutions that are helping ● Gloucester Suicide Prevention Partnership; Vulnerable and Complex Needs Group (DWP) ● Benefit and Budgeting Calculator: ○ Helps people understand their income and support available ○ Helps us to spot and then support potential loan shark victims
  15. 15. Understand a change in earnings
  16. 16. Visualise outgoings (1)
  17. 17. Visualise outgoings (2)
  18. 18. Self-serve Benefits and Budgeting Calculator
  19. 19. Surplus earnings coming soon ● Ask Zoe for this content - look at last webinar
  20. 20. BBC changes made due to COVID-19 ● Results for working-age users now show Universal Credit by default ● Contributory benefits default to Yes ● Change to tax credit questions ● The benefit cap 'grace period' ● Minimum Income Floor section for advisors ● Simplified for pensioners
  21. 21. LB Tower Hamlets Issues ● Meeting the demand for food hubs (£30k / week on food, staff £10k / week) ● Supporting the most vulnerable, eg food insecurity ● Digital literacy more important than ever (internal and external) ● What will the impact be on our residents and our local businesses? ● More vulnerable households will find it harder to find employment Solutions that are helping ● Changed criteria for Residents Support Scheme (100% extra in 6 weeks) ● Opened 2nd food hub; working with 3rd sector partners better ● Employment support services ● Identifying vulnerable households: ○ Health data via shield list will help us identify vulnerable, via LIFT ○ Self declared need for debt advice helps us prioritise, via LIFT ○ Monthly data analysis, via LIFT, to capture people early
  22. 22. 1. Focus on one cohort
  23. 23. 2. Identify to street level
  24. 24. 3. Identify to household level
  25. 25. 4. Understand a household’s journey
  26. 26. 262626 The future What does the future look like for your services?
  27. 27. Cheltenham Borough Homes Issues we’ve identified ● Higher case load (and more complicated) will take longer to clear ● Concern re space at local JCP (used to take 2 desks / week to give advice) ● Concern re increase in illegal money lending activity Solutions that will help ● Committed and determined team ● Good lessons learned ● Build on and ramp up previous success tackling loan sharks ● Benefit and Budgeting Calculator What we’ll want to keep ● Opportunity for screens in JCP and hubs to do online advice calls ● Self Service Benefit and Budgeting Calculator on our website
  28. 28. LB Tower Hamlets Issues we’ve identified ● Demand for services: existing and newly vulnerable, homelessness spike ● Short term vulnerability: reduced hours, furlough, self employment ● Longer term issues: business closures, job loss, employment support, once COVID-19 measures end, sustained drop in council income ● Increased Illegal Money Lending activity Solutions that will help ● Benefit and Budgeting Calculator ● Dedicated Tackling Poverty Team using LIFT Dashboard ● Partnerships including strong voluntary sector What we’ll want to keep ● Good work with voluntary sector partners ● Tracking what’s happening with our low income households over time ● Future modelling
  29. 29. 5. Track outcomes over time
  30. 30. Future modelling in LIFT dashboard The future is uncertain but projections help us to see implications for demand for council support and services, and indebtedness. We’ve changed our policy modelling due to COVID-19. We have two approaches: 1. What's happening to current cohort? 2. What’s the new cohort of households going to be? This can help you to: ● Identify people you can help back to financial independence quicker ● Ensure your service is designed around need and impact
  31. 31. 313131 Questions and answers
  32. 32. ● For up to date information on the welfare support available see ● Follow up email with webinar recording and slides, with links ● Short survey to follow ● Next webinars: ○ Is your post COVID-19 Council Tax Support Scheme sustainable? on Wed 3 June at 10:30 ○ How data analytics helps councils look to recovery on Wed 17 June at 10:30 ○ How to simplify the complexity of surplus earnings on Wed 1 July at 10:30 Practical tools that can help
  33. 33. 333333 Thank you Grant Bailey, Cheltenham Borough Homes Ellie Kershaw, LB Tower Hamlets Jade Alsop, Janet Harkin, Policy in Practice Policy in Practice 0330 088 9242