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Secret Service


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Secret Service

  2. 2. Turn the following pages into a lesson in 4 steps.1. Print out the Cadet Handouts (pages 5 - 6).2. Print one copy of the INSTRUCTOR’S NOTES (which start on page 7).3. Distribute CADET HANDOUTS to cadets at beginning of class and lead discussion using INSTRUCTOR NOTES.4. The final pages of this PDF are images relative to the lesson. Project and page through as you would any slideshow.
  3. 3. NOTES:• CADET HANDOUTS can also be projected directly from this PDF and your NOTES viewed on your computer monitor during class.• Inject your own experience as you review each point.• We have often included a little JPA history of our own, showing how cadets engaged in the subject of this lesson.• In some cases there is a single image is provided to serve as a visual wallpaper as you review the handout.• If large Powerpoint or video files are available for this lesson, a download link has been provided.
  4. 4. The next two pages (5 & 6) are Cadet Handouts. Print out or project.
  5. 5. CADET HANDOUT: SECRET SERVICE Potential A college degree and a clean criminal record are required to apply to be a Secret Service agent, followed by 11 weeks of basic police training and 16 additional weeks learning about fraud detection and personal protection. Why do they wear sunglasses?History (present, past and candidates), their Secret service agents wearThe Secret Service was created in 1865 families and certain foreign heads of sunglasses not to hide theirto suppress counterfeit currency. It state. identities but simply to guardbecame the official presidential-protection their eyes from sun reflection, sosystem in 1901, after the assassination of Misconceptions they are able to see theirPresident William McKinley. Very few Secret Service agents are ever surroundings better. shot in the line of duty. Notable exceptionsFunction are Officer Coffelt, who was killed WHY DO WE NEED AMost Secret Service agents concentrate protecting President Harry Truman, andon tracking counterfeit money. A small Officer McCarthy, who was shot (but not SECRET SERVICE? killed) while protecting Ronald Reagan. The President of the Unitedpercentage of agents focus on protecting States, Barack Obama faces 30the President and Vice President death threats a day.
  6. 6. Successful assassinations Abraham Lincoln 1865 James A. Garfield 1881 William McKinley 1901 John F. Kennedy 1963What significant role did Timothy J.McCarthy play in the history of the SecretService?Only agent to survive a bullet wound during apresidential assassination attempt. While all SecretService are trained to "take a bullet for the President,"Timothy J. McCarthy is the only agent whos actuallydone so.On March 30, 1981, McCarthy was shot in the abdomenby John W. Hinkley, after leaping between PresidentRonald Reagan and Hinkley, as Hinkley fired six shotsat close range at Reagan.
  7. 7. The following pages areInstructor Notes. Print out or view on laptop monitor.
  8. 8. Investigative MissionThe Secret Service was have expanded to include crimes that involve financial institution fraud, INSTRUCTORestablished as a law enforcementagency in 1865. While most computer and telecommunications fraud, false identification documents, access NOTES:people associate the Secret device fraud, advance fee fraud,Service with presidential electronic funds transfers and moneyprotection, its original mandate laundering as it relates to the agencys How manywas to investigate the core violations.counterfeiting of U.S. currency, a members of themission the Secret Service is still Secret Servicemandated to carry out. To combat these crimes, the Secret Service has adopted a proactive approach have died while that utilizes advanced technologies. actuallyToday the agencys primaryinvestigative mission is to defending the president from ansafeguard the payment and Protective Mission assassination attempt?financial systems of the United After the assassination of PresidentStates. This has been historically William McKinley in 1901, Congressaccomplished through the directed the Secret Service to protect the One. Private Leslie Coffelt of the Whiteenforcement of counterfeiting President of the United States. Protection House Police Force (now known as thestatutes to preserve the integrity remains a key mission of the Unitedof United States currency, coin Secret Service Uniformed Division) was States Secret Service.and financial obligations. killed on November 1, 1950 during an assassination attempt on President Harry Truman.Since 1984, the Secret Servicesinvestigative responsibilities Who was the first Secret Service STORY PROMPT agent to be killed in the line of duty?    JOT DOWN NOTE FOR INCLUDING YOUR William Craig. Agent Craig was killed while OWN KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE riding in a presidential motorcade. The 46 year old agent was killed on September 3, 1902 when a speeding trolley car crashed
  9. 9. into the open-air horse carriage carrying President Theodore Roosevelt in Pittsfield,Massachusetts. The President received only superficial cuts and bruises.When did the Secret Service assume full-time responsibility for protection of thePresident?1902. In 1894, the Secret Service began informal part-time protection for President GroverCleveland. After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress informallyrequested Secret Service presidential protection. A year later, the Secret Service assumed the responsibility full time.Two operatives (agents) were assigned full time to the White House Detail.What was the primary mission of the Secret Service when it was created?To suppress counterfeit currency. Since its creation, the Secret Service has had primary jurisdiction over the preventionof counterfeiting of U.S. currency and U.S. treasury bonds and notes, which is why the agency was established underthe Department of the Treasury.In what year was the Secret Service created?   1865. The Secret Service was commissioned on June 23,1865 in Washington D.C. It became the second federal lawenforcement agency in the country. 
  10. 10. Cadets WorkPOTUS Detail.
  11. 11. The following pages are images. Project. Turn pages to advance.
  12. 12. where in the world is theU.S. SECRET SERVICE?