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Designing and coding for cloud-native applications using Python, Harjinder Mistry


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PyParis 2017

Published in: Technology
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Designing and coding for cloud-native applications using Python, Harjinder Mistry

  1. 1. Coding For Cloud Harjindersingh Mistry Bargava Subramanian Red Hat
  2. 2. Grace ● Smart individual ● Just finished MBA Mark ● A geek ● Just completed engineering
  3. 3. Grace & Mark Online Store
  4. 4. Hey Mark, We don’t have enough money to buy our own servers ! So, can we rent some ? That sounds like a good idea, Grace ! That’s called Cloud Computing. I remember what Prof told about it ...
  5. 5. Cloud Computing ● Computers on rent ● Some guy has lot of computer infrastructure ○ He wants to give it on rent to make money ● Very similar to car-rental service like Europcar ● Cloud-native Application is a program that is designed and developed specifically for cloud computing architecture
  6. 6. Alright, I have finished the implementation ! Cloud, Take it and go !
  7. 7. Hey dude, customers are reporting that our service is very slow :( Please check what is wrong there. Oh! is it ? But I had used best algo! Ahha, there seems to be a scalability issue. Let me call my Prof and get his suggestions ...
  8. 8. Horizontal Scalability ● Think of data in terms of standard ‘collections’ ● Write functional as much as possible ● Let the data flow through functions: ○ If data is static then we can do Parallel Processing ○ If data size is not fully known then we can be Reactive ○ There is also a possibility of mixing them together by using Stream Processing
  9. 9. Alright, I have done cool clustering and my architecture is reactive now! Cloud, …. take it and go !
  10. 10. Wow Mark, the customers seem to be happy with performance now :) But one customer has reported a bug ! Can you please fix it ? Oh! is it ? Let me check that. It might be something related to “data-access” module.
  11. 11. Ok ! So, I have fixed the “data-access” module. Cloud, …. take it and go one more time !
  12. 12. Hey dude, what are your programming ?!? There is another bug reported :( Oh! is it ? Let me check that.
  13. 13. Oh man, this debugging is taking forever :( I need to configure the whole system to repro the scenario ! ... Finally, I got it !!! Bug is inside “business-logic” module. I fixed it. Let me test the whole app. Come on Mark ! How much more time do you need ?
  14. 14. Ok ! So, the tests passed. Cloud, …. take it and go one more time ! Wait, now I remember what Prof said about Micro Services ...
  15. 15. Micro Services ● Divide the whole application into smaller services, called Micro Services ● It gives flexibility in testing and deploying in small independent chunks ● This improves maintainability a lot
  16. 16. Ok ! So, I have done Micro Services :) Cloud, …. take it and go !
  17. 17. Awesome Mark ! We are doing good ! How about adding one new feature into our store ! Oh yes ! That will be fun :) It has been while since I coded something meaningful !
  18. 18. Alright ! The new feature is ready ! But I somehow don’t like all micro services sharing same computing resources :( Let me talk to Prof ...
  19. 19. Containers ● Deploy services by using Containers ● Containers increase speed of deployment ● Developer can simulate production environment locally ● Moreover, each service runs in its own environment ○ So if one service goes down, others are still safe
  20. 20. So, now I have each micro service containerized separately ! That looks good. Cloud, take it and go !
  21. 21. Crux of the Story ● Current business model demands speed ○ Need to experiment: It’s ok to fail, but fail fast ○ Need the ability to react: Everything cannot be planned ● But, the software has to be good in terms of: ○ Correctness ○ Performance ○ Maintainability ○ Operability
  22. 22. Cloud Native Application ● It helps us experiment with an idea ● We can achieve those attributes of good software as follows: ○ Correctness: Test cases. This cannot change :) ○ Performance: Horizontal Scalability ○ Maintainability: Micro Services ○ Operability: Containers
  23. 23. Cloud Native Application: Example ● Movie Recommendation Service ● Cloud Native Machine Learning Application in Python ● There are two parts: ○ Offline Training Job: ○ Online Scoring Service: Movie Data Training Job ML Model Cloud Storage User Input + Model Scoring Service Recommendations
  24. 24. Layers of Cloud Native Application Deployment Output Channel Functionality Data Access S3 Local Files ...
  25. 25. Functionality Layer ● Contains core business logic ● As much ‘functional’ as possible i.e. immutability and statelessness ● Data flows through pipeline of functions: ● For example: Input Data Function-1 ... Function-N Output Result Input Data Read/Split Transform Train ML Model
  26. 26. Data Access Layer ● Provides abstraction on various data sources ● Helps in testing the core logic locally Abstract Class / Interface S3 Local Files ...
  27. 27. Output Channel Layer ● Different channels for different consumers ● For micro service, it will have REST component Functionality CLI REST ...
  28. 28. Deployment Layer ● Contains the scripts for deployments ○ Docker files and/or YAML files for containers ○ Python scripts with calls to vendor-specific APIs e.g. AWS API run_job_flow()
  29. 29. Demo ● Functionality Layer: Training ● Functionality Layer: Scoring ● Deployment Layer: OpenShift Input Data Read/Split Transform Train ML Model User Input + Model Scoring Service Recommendations
  30. 30. Not Covered ● Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery ● Security ● Monitoring ● Vendor APIs for deployment
  31. 31. Code, Slides and Contact ● Code: ○ ● Slides: ○ ● Contact: ○ Harjinder email: ○ Bargava twitter: @bargava
  32. 32. Conclusion ● Current business model demands speed ○ Need to experiment: It’s ok to fail, but fail fast ○ Need the ability to react: Everything cannot be planned ● Cloud Native Applications is a way to achieve it ○ We saw ■ Layers involved in a cloud native application ■ Techniques to achieve the required speed ■ Everything is written in Python ! :)
  33. 33. Images Courtesy [1] Grace and Mark [2] Professor [3] Rocket