PARTNERSHIPWITH SYNERGY         Maria	  Cris(na	  (Beng)	  Coronel	           President,	  POINTWEST	  TECHNOLOGIES	      ...
POINTWEST	  TECHNOLOGIES	  The	  Company	  that	  your	  speaker	  represents	                        •  The	  largest	  1...
POINTWEST	  TECHNOLOGIES	  The	  Company	  that	  your	  speaker	  represents	                          •  2	  Delivery	  ...
The	  NZ	  GAS	  INDUSTRY	  	          Case	  Study	       •  REGIME	  PRIOR	  TO	  OCT	  2004	           –  Main	  gas	  ...
Industry	  History	  
The	  NZ	  GAS	  INDUSTRY	  	          Case	  Study	       •  New	  Era	  for	  the	  NZ	  Gas	          Industry	  :	  Ye...
The	  NZ	  GAS	  INDUSTRY	  	          Case	  Study	          •  REQUIREMENT:	  	              –  Single	  plaVorm	  to	  ...
BIRTH	  of	  OATIS	  •  OATIS	  (Open	  Access	  Transmission	  Informa(on	     System):	  the	  pipeline	  opera(on	  sys...
The	  Applica(on	  Support	  •  While waiting for OATIS to be rolled out :   SPREADSHEETS                                 ...
CHALLENGES	  •  SYSTEM	  COMPLEXITY	     –  Over	  800,000	  lines	  of	  soRware	  codes	     –  140	  screens	     –  39...
CHALLENGES	  •  DELAYS	  in	  OATIS	  development	  •  RESOURCE	  Constraints	      –  DomesEc	  ICT	  company	  developin...
Risk	  Management	           Vector	  engaged	  POINTWEST	  to	  handle	  TESTING	                    •  SIT	  (System	  I...
Project	  Organiza(on	  Client               Users / Specialists Pointwest                           Business             ...
POST	  OATIS	  ROLLOUT	      •  Vector	  engaged	  POINTWEST	  to	         perform	  PRODUCTION	  SUPPORT	         TESTING...
Produc(on	  Support	  Tes(ng	  	        •  17 Major releases (over 3 years)      •  15 Minor releases (over 3 years)      ...
Feedback	  from	  the	  CLIENT	                             (liRed	  from	  Oil	  &	  Gas	  Australia,	  October	  2006)	 ...
STRATEGIC	  PARTNERSHIP	      With	  End-­‐CLIENTS	                       With	  NZ	  ICT	  COMPANIES	  	  •  Accelerate	 ...
Your	  PARTNER	  and	  BRIDGE	               	  to	  the	  GLOBAL	  MARKET	   tēnā koeThank You salamat
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Partnership with Synergy


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Pointwest President & PSIA Director Beng Coronel presents a case study on one of our partner-clients in the New Zealand gas industry at the 2nd ICT Partnership Opportunity Mission to New Zealand (May 2012).

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Partnership with Synergy

  1. 1. PARTNERSHIPWITH SYNERGY Maria  Cris(na  (Beng)  Coronel   President,  POINTWEST  TECHNOLOGIES   Director,  PSIA  
  2. 2. POINTWEST  TECHNOLOGIES  The  Company  that  your  speaker  represents   •  The  largest  100%  Filipino-­‐owned  IT/ BPO  services  company   •  With  over  700  resources   •  SupporEng  companies  in  Fortune’s   List  of  World’s  Most  Admired   Companies   •  Most  Progressive  Homegrown  IT   Service  Company  (2008  e-­‐Services   Awards)   •  Best  Mid-­‐Sized  Locally  Owned  BPO   Company  of  the  Year  (2008   InternaEonal  ICT  Awards)  
  3. 3. POINTWEST  TECHNOLOGIES  The  Company  that  your  speaker  represents   •  2  Delivery  Centers  in  Metro   Manila   •  ISO27001-­‐cerEfied  (InformaEon   Security  Management  System)   •  CMM-­‐I  Level  3  raEng   •  MicrosoR,  Java,  Mainframe   Legacy,  Mobile  Apps  Dev,  TesEng   •  TransportaEon  (Airline/Trucking),   Banking/Insurance,  UEliEes,   Retail,  Healthcare  
  4. 4. The  NZ  GAS  INDUSTRY     Case  Study   •  REGIME  PRIOR  TO  OCT  2004   –  Main  gas  pipeline       •  owned  by  MDL  (Maui  Dev  Ltd)   available  only  to  the  Crown   •  Moved  gas  from  a  single   producEon  field  (Maui)   –  Vector  transmission  pipeline   system     •  Available  to  all  gas  shippers  
  5. 5. Industry  History  
  6. 6. The  NZ  GAS  INDUSTRY     Case  Study   •  New  Era  for  the  NZ  Gas   Industry  :  Year  2004   –  OPEN  ACCESS  GAS  TRANSPORTATION   for  both  313  km  Maui  pipeline  from   Maui  producEon  staEon  and  2200  km   Vector  transmission  pipeline  system   –  Maui  pipeline  will  also  carry  non-­‐Maui   gas  
  7. 7. The  NZ  GAS  INDUSTRY     Case  Study   •  REQUIREMENT:     –  Single  plaVorm  to  operate  open   access  arrangements  with  Vector   acEng  as  technical  operator  and   system  operator   –  Vector  engaged  CGNZ  (Cap  Gemini)   •  Develop  access  regime   framework   •  SupporEng  informaEon  systems  
  8. 8. BIRTH  of  OATIS  •  OATIS  (Open  Access  Transmission  Informa(on   System):  the  pipeline  opera(on  system     –  facilitates  third  party  access  to  the  Maui  Pipeline.   –  balances  pipeline  receipt  and  delivery  nominaEons,     –  processes  pipeline  metering  informaEon     –  performs  other  essenEal  pipeline  operaEons  tasks.  •  Scope:     –  Maui  OATIS   –  Vector  OATIS   –  Vector  CriEcal  ConEngency  Operator  
  9. 9. The  Applica(on  Support  •  While waiting for OATIS to be rolled out : SPREADSHEETS FEB  2007  
  10. 10. CHALLENGES  •  SYSTEM  COMPLEXITY   –  Over  800,000  lines  of  soRware  codes   –  140  screens   –  39  interfaces   –  25  to  30  batch  processes   –  4000  pages  of  design  documents  •  PROJECT  COMPLEXITY   –  Staggered  delivery  of  modules   –  Over  100  BUILDS  
  11. 11. CHALLENGES  •  DELAYS  in  OATIS  development  •  RESOURCE  Constraints   –  DomesEc  ICT  company  developing   applicaEon   –  Vector  to  do  UAT  (User  Acceptance   TesEng)  •  BUDGET  Overruns  
  12. 12. Risk  Management   Vector  engaged  POINTWEST  to  handle  TESTING   •  SIT  (System  IntegraEon  TesEng)   •  UAT  (User  IntegraEon  TesEng)   •  ONSITE  /  OFFSHORE  TEAM  (22  Members)   •  Start  date:  SEP  2005  –  FEB  2007  •  11000  Test  Cases  on  SIT   •  1200  Test  Scenarios  on  UAT   –  35000  man-­‐hrs   –  5000  man-­‐hrs   –  Uncovered  over  5000  defects   –  Uncovered  over  600  defects   in  over  100  BUILDS   over  3  CYCLES  of  tesEng    
  13. 13. Project  Organiza(on  Client Users / Specialists Pointwest Business Analysts Development Technical Support
  14. 14. POST  OATIS  ROLLOUT   •  Vector  engaged  POINTWEST  to   perform  PRODUCTION  SUPPORT   TESTING  aRer    iniEal  OATIS   deployment   •  Team  of  3  Pointwest    Resources   based  in  Manila   •  4  to  5  major  MAINTENANCE  releases   per  year   •  Helpdesk  Support  to  producEon  users  
  15. 15. Produc(on  Support  Tes(ng     •  17 Major releases (over 3 years) •  15 Minor releases (over 3 years) •  Helpdesk (Testing Support) •  User training •  Testing for Server Virtualisation •  Testing for Environment Upgrades •  Testing for System Performance Upgrades, with focus on functional testing  
  16. 16. Feedback  from  the  CLIENT   (liRed  from  Oil  &  Gas  Australia,  October  2006)   Michael  Cummings,  Vector’s  Divisional  CEO,  Gas   Mr.  Cummings  warmly  acknowledged  the  team  that  has  worked  so  hard  to  get  OATIS   on  board:       ‘Working   with   our   IT   partners,   HP   and   Pointwest,   we   have   Due   to   the   complexity   and   delivered  an  innovaEve  soluEon   industry   criEcal   nature   of   the   that   has   cost   significantly   less   a p p l i c a E o n ,   t e s E n g   w a s   than   similar   projects   in   other   crucial.   Vector   sought   the   internaEonal   regimes.   We   have   s e r v i c e s   o f   P o i n t w e s t   m a n a g e d   t o   d e l i v e r   a n   Technologies   from   Manila,   a   impressive   system   that   should   partner  it  has  successfully  used   m e e t   a n d   e x c e e d   t h e   in  the  past.   expectaEons  of  the  users.’  
  17. 17. STRATEGIC  PARTNERSHIP   With  End-­‐CLIENTS   With  NZ  ICT  COMPANIES    •  Accelerate  their  IT  iniEaEves   •  Assign  TESTING  requirements   through  RESOURCE   of  its  applicaEon/soRware   products   AUGMENTATION     –  FASTER  and  LESS  COSTLY   –  TEAM  composed  of   delivery  to  clients   members  at  CLIENT  SITE  and   PARTNER’S  SITE  (in  MANILA)   •  Assign  marke(ng,   customiza(on/localiza(on,   –  Allow  Partner  team  to   and  implementa(on  support     manage  work  queue  and   –  EXPAND  GLOBAL  REACH  of   resource  assignment   NZ  ICT  Companies’   soRware  PRODUCTS  
  18. 18. Your  PARTNER  and  BRIDGE    to  the  GLOBAL  MARKET   tēnā koeThank You salamat