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Press start: Funding reporters where the media isn't free

  1. Press Start: Funding reporters where the media isn‘t free Jeremy Druker, 22. 5. 2015
  2. Global press freedom sharply deteriorated in 2014 to reach its lowest point in more than a decade. Source: Freedom of the Press 2015, Source: Freedom of the Press 2015, 2
  3. Dangerous times And this is the most deadly and dangerous period for journalists in recent history, according to a recent report by the Committee to Protect Journalists. 3
  4. The few and the brave But there are courageous journalists out there fighting back against political and financial pressures, telling truth to power in spite of the obstacles. They are investigating topics that keep big business and governments accountable and providing exposure to topics crucial for their societies’ democratic development. 4
  5. Press Start is a new crowdfunding platform for journalists • A crowdfunding platform for the best and bravest reporters working in countries where the press cannot report freely. • The site will unite people willing to support quality journalism and freedom of the press with those on the front line: the journalists themselves. 5
  6. What’s new 1. Focus only on countries in transition/the developing world and identifying those with little access to international communities 2. More than just one- off funding for a single article, investigation, or project 3. Strong relationships with partners: collective impact and revenue- sharing model 6
  7. Collective Impact 7
  8. How It Will Work Partners screen journalists Individual profiles for every journalist Crowdfundin g from around the world to finance article packages Articles published in journalists’ media and selections on Press Start platform 8
  9. Press Start is a Social Business • From grant support to a sustainable venture, funded by: • A percentage of each donation • Article syndication • Advertising on the publishing side 9
  10. Next steps 1. Launch of Kickstarter campaign in June 2. Presentation at DW Global Media Forum 3. Beta launch of Press Start in July with six-eight journalists 10
  11. Stay informed Go to, sign-up for news and become part of the project. 11