6 Months in: What’s Working and Where Marketers Are Going in 2013


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Marketers have placed a stronger focus on digital campaign strategies in the first half of 2013, adopting new platforms and a diverse digital mix to drive success.

Now with half of 2013 wrapping up, find out how these newly adapted techniques and channels are working. Join PointRoll’s Manager of Research and Analysis, Ryan Hurley, as he opens up PointRoll’s data vault and shares learnsings from comparing first half 2013 benchmark data with 2012 year end data.

This insightful session will reveal what’s currently working in the market place and how you can apply it to your campaign efforts.

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  • By 2017, 80% of the US population and nearly 50% of global mobile population will be smart phone owners. 71 million tablet owners will make purchases via their device this year, compared with 53 million buyers using smart phones. Overall, more US consumers shop on their smartphones than on their tablets – 102 million vs. 94 million in 2013. Mobile shoppers using tablets will total 146 million or 91% of all tablet users by 2017, representing nearly seven out of 10 digital shoppers. According to a new study by the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing generated $139 billion within the U.S. economy in additional sales in 2012. That figure is expected to grow 52% annually to $400 billion by 2015. Spending on mobile marketing in 2012 totaled $6.7 billion, that amount is expected to reach $20 billion by 2015. eMarketer predicts nearly 71 million tablet owners will make purchases via their device this year. US buyers are more likely to spend more money on purchases on their tablets. During last years holiday season the average order value on a tablet was $106, vs. $97 for PCs and $90 for smartphones. 2013 Mother’s Day mobiles sales were up 23% from 2012. Average orders reaching $209. http://chainstoreage.com/article/ibm-mother%E2%80%99s-day-mobile-sales-23?utm_source=MagnetMail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=chuck@mobilefutureinstitute.com&utm_content=CSA-NLE-RetailExecutive-05/16/13
  • INTERACTION RATE:New Mexico is known for its green chile, but their interaction rates are just as hot, thanks to high-performing campaigns from Land Rover, CVS, and RadioShack.AVERAGE BRAND TIME:Everything’s bigger in Texas, including Average Brand Interaction Time! Engaging campaigns from Ford and CVS helped to propel Texas to the top, at almost 10% above the national average.CLICK-THROUGH RATE: South Carolina & Georgia are nearly tied for Highest Click Through Rate, at over 0.16% each, over 25% above the national benchmark.VIDEO COMPLETION RATE:North Dakota posted the highest Video Completion Rate at almost 76%, thanks to great performing video units from Post Foods, Microsoft, and Insight Pharmaceuticals. And Hawaiians have caught the video wave, with equally highest Video Completion Rates, led by multiple in-stream campaigns for Automotive and Food & Beverage advertisers.
  • Dynamically driven ads outperform non-dynamic adsQ1 2013 data for PointRoll dynamic campaigns shows that they result in 471% higher conversions than non-dynamic campaigns. Conversions are defined as users who saw or interacted with an ad and later visited or performed an action on the brand’s site. Conversion rate is total number of conversions/impressions
  • 6 Months in: What’s Working and Where Marketers Are Going in 2013

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