Anatomy of an Early Stage VC - Berlin Tech Open Air 2014 Satellite-Event by Point Nine Capital


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On July 17th 2014 the crew of Point Nine Capital ( took part in the Berlin Tech Open Air 2014 (TOA - and hosted a workshop on the "Anatomy of an Early Stage VC" at Point Nine's office in Berlin-Mitte. This is the related presentation held by Nicolas Wittenborn and Mathias Ockenfels.

Anatomy of an Early Stage VC - Berlin Tech Open Air 2014 Satellite-Event by Point Nine Capital

  1. Anatomy of an Early Stage VC Mathias Ockenfels & Nicolas Wittenborn TOA Satellite July 17, 2014
  2. Don’t know Point Nine? Maybe you know some of our investments: @PointNineCap
  3. Point Nine Capital Founded in Berlin 2011 Investing €100k-1M from €40M Fund In Europe & North America @PointNineCap
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  7. We see a lot of companies Q1 2014 = 3,000 Startups / Year @PointNineCap
  8. The VC Process Startup First Contact Evaluation Due Diligence Deal Memo Term Sheet Legal DD Deal ColdNetwork Outgoing ( ) Agree on terms Ready to invest Get lawyers involvedDecide internally 3,000 10
  9. selective? @PointNineCap
  10. Homerun 1 Make money 2 Money back 2 Lose money 5 VCs are wrong often in 10 investments
  11. Fund Math Fund Size Goal Exit Proceeds Avg. Ownership Exit req. ! Investments ! Unicorn (1B+) Pony (100M+) Foal (10M+) ! €40M 3x+ Cash on Cash €120M+ 10-15% €800M-1.2B ! 30-40 ! 1-2 10+ 100+ ! Fund maker potential 3-5% 25-30% 250%+
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