The cutting edge retail intelligence


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Poindus' cutting edge retail intelligence for interactive KIOSK and digital signage

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The cutting edge retail intelligence

  1. 1. The cutting edge retail intelligence Sales Dept. / 201011 VariPPC : The Next Generation in Visual Communications
  2. 2. Agenda • What is digital signage? • What is PCT Technology? • What is multi-touch technology? • Market trend of Retail Display • Poindus’ PCT solution • Why Poindus’ VariPPC?
  3. 3. What is Digital Signage? • Digital signage is the industry term for using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays to communicate with a target audience. • Compared to traditional billboard type advertisement, digital signage is expected to improve advertisement effectiveness as it can send out dynamic messages in a form of voice or video and be able to pinpoint and select when and where to display the advertisement. • Digital signage can be non-interactive and interactive through the use of touch screen, barcode scanner, card swipe, RFID, and other input devices. Digital signs break through the clutter and engage your audience. Digital signage allows anyone to become a broadcaster.
  4. 4. Digital Signage is everywhere • Supermarket • Bank • Hospital • Airport • Outdoor advertisement
  5. 5. What is PCT Technology? • Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology is a capacitive technology which permits more accurate and flexible operation, by etching the conductive layer. An X-Y grid is formed either by etching a single layer to form a grid pattern of electrodes, or by etching two separate, perpendicular layers of conductive material with parallel lines or tracks to form the grid (comparable to the pixel grid found in many LCD displays). • The greater resolution of PCT allows operation without direct contact, such that the conducting layers can be coated with further protective insulating layers, and operate even under screen protectors, or behind weather and vandal-proof glass. Due to the top layer of a PCT being glass, PCT is a more robust solution versus resistive touch technology.
  6. 6. What is Multi-touch Technology? • Multi-touch is an enhancement to touch- screen technology, which provides the user with the ability to apply multiple finger gestures simultaneously onto the electronic visual display to send complex commands to the device. • The multi-touch is popular in the high-end smart phone application such as iPhone, Notebook or 3D interface. • Microsoft supports multi-touch (MT) function. Multi-touch technology is exciting and opens up new choices for UI interaction.
  7. 7. Market trend of digital signage • According to iSuppli's 2009 Signage & Professional Touch Screen Report, touch screens are predicted to continue driving growth in several important markets in the coming years. The report sees rapid expansion with shipments for signage and professional display applications growing 48 percent from 971,755 units in 2009 to 1.44 million units in 2010. Total market revenue is expected to increase from $695 million in 2009 to $928 million in 2010. • Future technology enhancements will include 3-D and touch capabilities. The displays are starting to show up with auto stereoscopic imagers are not moving into high-volume due to technology limitations. Touch is increasingly being used as a way of increasing the value of digital signage and learning more about customer's interests.
  8. 8. • Large is best – For the outdoor usage and attraction, as large as possible, is never out-of-date. Market trend of digital signage • 3D digital signage – With advances in content creation and screen technology, 3-D digital signage is becoming more affordable and accessible, and cumbersome red-and-blue glasses are no longer needed to view it. 3-D digital signage can be used: • In high-traffic areas • Anywhere there is a long wait time • In a retail window, to get the attention of passersby
  9. 9. Market trend of digital signage • Interactive digital signage – By the touch screen, barcode scanner, MSR, RFID, and other input devices. With this technology, it helps impact buying decisions and the shopping experience. • Multi-touch digital signage – The multi-touch technology is the latest touch screen. At this experience the latest ways to interact with digital content through multi-touch and natural gestures.
  10. 10. Poindus’ PCT DS Solution Indoor installation + Outdoor usage signage
  11. 11. Fusion Concepts Change the old fashion retail shop display solution by cutting edge technology Benefits: • More eye-catching & real-time display • Immersive interactive environment • Attractive commercial display • Easy installation & Save cost • Motivate shopping environment for customers
  12. 12. Poindus’ retail intelligence Features: • Be operated through shops glass • Attractive the outdoor visitor and provide more information to create a undisturbed and customer- oritend shopping • Easy installation in safe conditions • Intel Pineview D410 / D510 1.66GHz CPU integrated • Projected capacitive technology touch screen integrated • Support multi-touch function • Connected for optional peripherals: Programmable keyboard / Omni-directional scanner / Handheld scanner / USB dongle support of WiFi / 3.5G.... Indoor installation + Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage
  13. 13. PCT work through glass • Glass thickness: – The max. thickness of glass is 5mm. – The firmware must be updated before shipping to adjust touch sensitivity. • Technology: – With Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) based touch screen that unique Z-axis sensitivity control, VariPPC sensitive enough to detect touch through substantial thicknesses of cover glass.
  14. 14. Why Poindus’ VariPPC ? • Eye-catching real-time displays for immersive interactive environment: • Customer-driven shopping experience: – By the PCT touch screen, which be operated through glass. Customer can grip more information they interested without any disturb. • Easy Installation: – The VariPPC is worked via shop windows, it can be install inside of shop for more safeties and reduce the stolen risk. – It is easy to be installed at store without complicated construct work
  15. 15. Why Poindus’ VariPPC ? • Make visitors to buyers: – The VariPPC is worked via shop glass, it can be install inside of shop for more safeties and reduce the stolen risk. • Enhance the space profits: – VariPPC’s small footprint and VESA mount supported for space-saving and flexible installation. – Save more shelves and construction cost to enhance your ROI by this cutting edge investment. • Display More, Enjoy More: – Via the interactive technology, more information or service can de showed on the terminal so that customer get more at their fingertips.
  16. 16. VariPPC SpecificationTM
  17. 17. CPU Benchmark
  18. 18. VariPPC Applications • Retail Shops advertisement • Pharmacy information checking • Leisure – Tourism information KIOSK • Leisure - Restaurant & bar • Commercial Displaying • Public Sector –Information KIOSK / exhibition KIOSK / Government information billboard / Museum information • Airport self-service system • Banking queue System TM
  19. 19. Thank You Feel free to contact us at +49(0)6171-88775-0 +886-2-7721-4688