eTwinning in Slovenia


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eTwinning konferencija, AMPEU, Zagreb 14. 12. 2011.

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eTwinning in Slovenia

  1. 1. eTwinning in Slovenia Zagreb, 14. 12. 2011
  2. 2. Who we are?The Centre of the Republicof Slovenia for Mobilityand European Educationaland Training Programmes(CMEPIUS).• Public institution workingin the field of internationalprojects and internationalmobility• National Agency (NA) forLifelong LearningProgramme• eTwinning NationalSupport Service (NSS)
  3. 3. Some facts …Tipe of institution Number of institutions Number of employedKindergartens 372 /Primary schools 450 28.729Public secondary schools 163 6.441Music schools 63 2.379Primary schools and instututions for 45 2.003children with special needsHall for residence for students (Dijaški 39 /dom)Total * 1.132 39.552*Data for the school year 2011/12
  4. 4. Some facts …• Start: 2004• After 6 years of successful participation: Participation in eTwinning… Number Registered schools 405 Registered teachers 786 Closed projects 452 Active projects 114 Data from 30.3.2011• 7 projects founded by Croatian and Slovenian project partners.
  5. 5. FY Lu R xe o f mb 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 0 M ou ac rg ed on Cr i a oa Ic tia el an d M al Cy t a p Sl rus ov en i La a t Ire via la Es nd to Au nia s No tria rw Hu ay n De gar nm y a Ne Belg rk th i er um la nd Fi s n Li lan th ua d Bu nia lg Po aria rtu Sl ga ov l Cz Sw ak ia ec h e Re den pu b G lic re Schools by country G ec er e m Ro an m y an ia Un Ita ite l d S y Ki pai ng n do Po m la Fr nd an Tu ce rk ey
  6. 6. FY Lu R xe o f mb 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000 0 M ou ac r ed g o Cr ni a oa Ic tia el a Cy nd p Sl rus ov en Ire ia la nd M al La t a t Au via s No tria r Hu way ng Es ar y De t o n nm ia Be ark l Li gium th ua n Fi ia nl a Ne Bu l n d t h ga er ria la n Sl ds ov Sw ak ia Cz ed e c Por en h t Re uga pu l b Users by country G lic re G ec er m e Ro any m an ia Un Ita ite d S ly Ki pai ng n do Fr m an Po ce la Tu nd rk ey
  7. 7. Ire 0,00 0,50 1,00 1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 la Un G nd i te r d ee c Ki ng e do Fr m a Hu nce ng a Tu r y r Bu key lg Li aria th ua n Po i a la Au nd st ria Sp a Ic in ela G er nd m a Cr ny oa Be tia lg iu Fi m nl an Lu d x e Ita m l bo y ur Sw g ed Cy en Cz D pr e c en us h m Re a rk pu (average 1.42) Sl bli c ov ak ia La tv No ia r Sl way ov Ro e nia Ne ma th n Ratio Users/schools by countryFY er ia la R n of Por ds M tug ac ed a l on Es ia to ni a M al ta
  8. 8. Tu 0,0% 5,0% 10,0% 15,0% 20,0% 25,0% 30,0% 35,0% 40,0% 45,0% rk Es eyUn to ite ni d La a K tv Ne ing ia t h do er m la De n d nm s a Cr rk oa Fr tia an No ce rw Hu ay ng ar Sp y Sl ain ov a Bu k ia lg Po ari rtu a Sw gal ed en Ita ly M al Au t aCz G str e c erm ia h Re any pu b Fi lic nl Be and lg iu Po m la L u Ro m n d (average 26%, last year 25%) xe a m nia bo ur Ire g la n Ic d el Li a n th d % unique users registered in projects ua n G ia re Sl ece ov en Cy ia pr us
  9. 9. Cooperation with e-Education project• E-Education project = ICT project in Slovenia, (co)financed by Ministry of Education and Sport (2008 – 2013)• Focus: teachers’ training, consulting, pedagogical and technical support to educational institutions/teachers.• eTwinning in Slovenia is closely integrated in the project.• SIRikt (
  10. 10. eTwinning in 2011• KONFeT 2011 (14.4.2011)• “Golden cable/Zlati kabel” awards in 3 age categories• Contact seminar (SI-CRO-HU)• eTwinning tour (11 on-spot workshops)
  11. 11. Plans for the future• More on-line training for Slovenian eTwinners!• More projects with Croatia!
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention!CMEPIUSOb železnici 161000 LjubljanaSloveniaE-mail: • • comenius@cmepius.siWebsite: