Comenius and eTwinning in the Czech Republic


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eTwinning konferencija, AMPEU, Zagreb 14. 12. 2011.

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Comenius and eTwinning in the Czech Republic

  1. 1. Comenius and eTwinning in the Czech RepublicComenius a eTwinning v České republiceCentrefor International ServicesDZSDům zahraničních služebNational Agencyfor EuropeanEducational ProgrammesNAEPNárodní
  2. 2. eTwinning NSS Together with Comenius in the School Education Department (DZS / NAEP) . Increasing interest to register eTwinning Projects and to apply for Quality Label Regional, teacher-centred approach: 16 Czech ambassadors - eTwinning teachers, trainers, advisors working in all regions and preparing all main events with NSS The main pedagogical support is offered via teacher trainings organized in all regions - 500 teachers in 45 one-day certified trainings; other trainings: PDWs – European Workshops, Summer School, eLearning, part of the National eTwinning Conference
  3. 3. eTwinning School Partnership pupils’ feedback “Learn interactive to be good and active ““It is great fun to learn about ZŠ Nádražní, Hustopečeanother culture by getting to children from the CzechRepublic. The fact that wecannot meet doesn’t matterbecause we write each otherthrough the TwinSpace Forumand we have each others’pictures. We learn English in acreative way.”“It is fun to see differencesand similarities between usand them!”
  4. 4. eTwinning in the Czech RepublicSeptember 2010 in CZ- 3600 Czech teacher registrations- 1700 project involving Czech school was realized and closed October 2011 zaregistrované školy 2305 zaregistrovaní učitelé 4245 zaregistrované projekty 2597 (470 nových v 2011)
  5. 5. European programmes in school education „Czech Republic dreams“1. Comenius and eTwinning projects are integrated to school curriculum2. Comenius and eTwinning in intial teacher training3. Comenius and eTwinning is supported by all Czech regional authorities4. Comenius and eTwinning is connected strongly with national policy5. Comenius and eTwinning benefits are recognized by school leaders
  6. 6. Forum for schools interested to findpartners for eTwinning and ComeniusPartnerships
  7. 7. 3 tipsfor Combining „eTwinning Projects“ with „Comenius Partnerships“from the link: teachers begin their Comenius partnership projects as eTwinningprojects to get started and consolidate their ideas using the tools provided.Some teachers work on their projects as eTwinning projects and a Comeniuspartnership projects simultaneously.Others continue to work with their partners within the eTwinning platform aftertheir Comenius project has ended.
  8. 8. Contact