Poetry 101


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Marketing Power Point Project

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Poetry 101

  1. 1. Popularity1.2 10.80.6 Popularity0.40.2 0 Social Media Television Newspaper Out Door Ads
  2. 2.  As we venture into the future, we realize that our old perspective of marketing is now decreasing in popularity and effectiveness. With social media being implemented television, newspaper, and out-door ads are on the decline. Social media such as facebook for example is a garden of Eden for marketers because of the mass amount of people it holds. Facebook is not the only social media that is out their, for example twitter and linked in are both respected and revered for their own abilities.
  3. 3.  The internet is stated as being a fountain of information about almost anything you can think of. With internet marketing in place, companies such as Rogers, wal-mart, or any other high end store has used this type of marketing to expand their customer cliental for people who are unaware of what they have and what they can do for us. Internet marketing as a tool basically created the online store for customers because with the increase in internet usage the revenue for anything that was online increased.
  4. 4.  Increased online population, reach to that percentage. With the creation of social media websites, marketing needed to venture into the online world. With the creation of online marketing as a tool websites were created based around this tool as a hub for information and new trends.
  5. 5.  Blog Topic: Poetry Why?: I chose poetry as my blog topic because it is a passion of mine. The creation of poetry puts both your mind and soul at ease. I will gladly give a example of my poetry for your viewing pleasure: The power to create change, is the power to create your own future, if you are willing to accept that power, be sure you know what you want. If you are lost and change life for your own good, the consequences will vary depending on the change you have created.
  6. 6.  The persona I am creating will be revolved around someone that will be called Jim Jerry. Jim is a very simple man, he is 20 years old and is currently enrolled into college for writing. Jim is single currently because attending college is his first priority in his life, when he graduates then he will think of his future. While living expenses at college are expensive, Jim lives at home with his father who is the chef at a restaurant and with his mom who is currently unemployed just like Jim. Jim has always had a hard life because of his family situation at home is not the best it could be right now, his parents fight consistently and Jim just hears every word while at home. As stated before our friend Jim strives to become a writer but he also enjoys poetry from time to time to express his feelings without actually exploding on his parents or anyone that will push him to that brink. You may wonder why poetry would be of use when Jim is being pushed towards anger and pain, just ask yourself this question would you like to be Jim and write to calm down, or accept the anger and pain and do something irrational. Jim is a perfect example on that persona I am striving for, the persona I am striving for is someone who enjoys to write to get anything off their chest to feel better, or those who express themselves using different methods for example poetry. The picture below is one of me but I am basically my own persona of who I wanted to target
  7. 7.  History of Poetry The Creation of Poetry / My Begging The Future of Poetry What Kind of Poetry Do You Like? I Will Tell You What I Like My Poetry Can We Use Poetry In Life? Does Expressing Your Feelings Really Worth It With Poetry The Reason The Blog Was Created How Do You Feel About Poetry Would You Rather Keep It In or Let It Out Does Poetry Need To Rhyme The After Affects When You Realize What You Can Do With Your Talent
  8. 8.  My facebook page is named Poetry 101 It was a creation to show off my poetry skills and to show the world that you are not alone. The reason I even created my page based on my long hidden skill was to show everyone that image is not everything and that even a guy has feelings.
  9. 9.  Twitter was connected to my facebook account, so every time I posted it was reposted on my twitter account. With my posts being reposted I was followed by poetry lovers and pages dedicated to poetry, it was amazing that their was so many people who found my poetry acceptional.
  10. 10.  I never really got into the youtube version of social media because their wasn’t really a need or a following for poetry lovers on a video based site. Yet I didn’t stop trying to find a way to move into this social media but I was not prepared for the disappoint which followed!
  11. 11.  With poetry is it all about how we see words and react to them. With Pinterst it was all about repinning pictures. Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, without the words I believe that this was useless in the marketing of poetry.
  12. 12.  Facebook: My facebook page poetry 101 reach 57 likes. Twitter: 61 Following Youtube: 2 subscribers Pinterst: 1 following Google Analytics: 2 Canada visits, 2 India, 1 Uk. Hubspot Grader: 52
  13. 13.  My blog was created around poetry and was named Poetry 101 I have learned that to make a blog successful you need to post every day to create a following. Yet from what I have learned I should of posted more and done for creative marketing towards my blog.
  14. 14.  My facebook page poetry 101 was once again based around poetry, yet it was my own poetry which fuelled my page and I hope it gave everyone a different perspective of life. I have learned that to make a page continue to be viewed and to make it viral it needs to be attended to at least three to four times a day to create a viral reach which will increase likes and follows.
  15. 15.  My Twitter account @Poetry_101 was connected to my facebook account which gave consistent posting on both means of social media if I posted constantly enough. I have learned that like facebook twitter needs to posted on daily to even surface to any search someone may do for poetry. Even though I have had many different people following me for poetry I would have had more of a following is I posted more and really researched more into twitter.
  16. 16.  Well since I stated before I hate youtube as a social media hub for poetry so their was no real reason to even try for anyone on this website.
  17. 17.  Well since the begging of the semester my hubspot grade hasn’t really changed all that much. My grade above used to be 42 at the start and now it is a constant 52
  18. 18.  Webstie: Yes having a website will further increase marketing for my blog / poetry pages. Blog: I need to change how consistent I am in writing blogs. SEO: post everyday, connect everything together so your website/page will be noticed. Affiliate Marketing: I do believe if my blog was soon to be a business I would do affiliate marketing to reward my most useful employee to drive traffic to the website.
  19. 19. 20 Cents per click, and a $50dollar limit
  20. 20. These are some display ad’s I created on ad words forpoetry 101
  21. 21. This is an exampleof an email thatyou would receiveif I created abusiness with myblog
  22. 22. This is my widget / App for thephone for my poetrypage/blog/youtube/twitteraccount. To really understandwhy this is important is torealize we are in the age oftechnology so you have toadapt to change.
  23. 23.  Venturing into this new age of technology it is important to adapt to change. Everything from Mobile marketing to internet marketing is important to learn and jump into for future success Since we are in this new age you have to be both in the real world and the virtual world to really understand people To finish off my power point I will like to say this was fun and even though it was hard work! Learning is worth it to push towards the future.