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Middle mgt presentation

  1. 1. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsVlerick MBA Alumni seminar:Middle ManagementRemuneration & Contracting
  2. 2. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsTHE seminar on everythingYOU wanted to know about yourSALARY and employmentCONTRACT as a middleMANAGER.
  3. 3. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsIntroductionWhilst the remuneration of top CEO’s ismentioned in the annual results and normalemployees can find everything they want toknow about their salary on various websites,little is known about the remuneration andemployment contract of the middle manager.This series of 3 Vlerick MBA Alumni seminarswill provide high-added value information ontopics as: remuneration levels, different variablepay possibilities, fringe benefits, managementclauses in employment contracts, promotions,terminations, fiscal optimizations, …. All tailormade to the information need of middlemanagers.These seminars will be organized around threeevenings: Me and my remuneration (24/11) Me and my employment contract (12/12) Me and my net remuneration (30/01)
  4. 4. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsSession 1: Me and my remunerationWhat are correct remuneration amounts for middlemanagers? Based upon the participant list for thisevent, we take some typical Vlerick alumni arrived atthe middle management level and provide somefigures for salary benchmarking. Further on, weprovide the info on what fair remuneration levels areand how you can assess this. How come two peoplewith a same function can have very differentremunerations? What are the parameters that areimportant in determining your remuneration level andhow is a good remuneration package structured ideallyto have good results?Session 1: Keynote speakers  Yves Van Durme, Partner Deloitte Consulting – Human Capital  Liesbeth Van Malderghem; Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting – Human Capital  Mark Lindemans; VP Group compensation and benefits Belgacom  Steven Beersman of Johan Van Gossum; Reward Director AB Inbev
  5. 5. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsSession 2: Me and my employment contractWhat are the clauses you should watch out for whensigning a contract as a middle manager or when achange to your contract is proposed? What should youknow as a middle manager on: non-compete clauses,non-solicitation clauses, training and educationclauses or flexibility clauses? And what about the HRpolicies like car policy, mobile phone policy, laptop andinternet policy or home working policy? Finally, there isan update on the new termination laws and the impacton the Claeys formula for middle managers.Session 2: Keynote speakers  Karin Rasschaert, Partner Laga – Employment, Pensions & Benefits  Inge Derde, Counsel Laga – Employment, Pensions & Benefits  Compensation & Benefits Manager of major corporation (final name to be confirmed)  Leon Vliegen; VP HR Pregis (formely global HR director Tyco & HR mgr Borealis)
  6. 6. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsSession 3: Me and my net remunerationWhat are the (alternative) remuneration techniquesavailable to middle managers? What is a good balancebetween fixed and variable pay and what are theconsequences on your net pay in the short term and inthe long run? What are the different forms of variablepay available (cash pay, pension pay or capital related)and how can they be used to optimize net pay. Whichare the different kind of advantages and allowancesthat become available to middle managers? Finally, wewill investigate some of the deductable professionalexpenses as certain investments and the costs oftraining and education.Session 3: Keynote speakers  Renaat Van den Eeckhaut, Partner Deloitte Tax – Global Employer Services  Gretel Vanlerberghe, Director Deloitte Tax – Global Employer Services  Karin Van Roy, People Director Western- Europe AB InBev  Bart Smets, Group Head of Compensations and Benifts of Euroclear
  7. 7. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsEvent dates 24/11: Session 1; Me and my remuneration 12/12: Session 2; Me and my employment contract 30/01: Session 3; Me and my net remunerationEvent program 18:30 : Welcoming reception with sandwiches 19:15 : Introduction 19:30 : Topic presentation by Deloitte or Laga specialists 20:45 : Real World feedback by Comp&Ben managers and/or headhunters 21:15 : Questions and answers 21:30 : Networking reception offered by DeloitteEvent location Deloitte headquarters Berkenlaan 8/A 1831 Diegem Belgium
  8. 8. Middle Management Remuneration & ContractsPractical detals Language: English Capacity: 100 persons Catering: Sandwich welcoming reception + closing networking receptionSubscription details Paying Vlerick Alumni: €35 /1 seminar, €90 /3 seminars Others participants: €85 /1 seminar, €225 /3 seminars Invoicing fee: €15 /invoice Cancellation fee: €15 /seminar (only if >2 weeks upfront) Account number: 446-6619721-96 (Vlerick MBA Alumni VZW) Final participation confirmation only upon receipt of your paymentContact details Vlerick Alumni please subscribe through: www.vlerickalumni.com/mm1 Others please contact Peter.Poelman@Vlerickalumni.com