This is my fictional family


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This is my fictional family

  1. 1. This is me. My name is Annie. I´m 17 . I grew up in Kansas but we moved to Beverly Hills. Now i live with grandma, my mum and dad and my step-brother, but i like him very much. We go to High school in Beverly Hills. I like musicals. My best friend is Naomi. This is my exboyriend. His name is Ethan. I think he is very nice. I love him but he likes me (than) as a friend. I don´t know why.. He plays in lacros team with my brother. He studies at high school (than i) as me, in Beverly Hills. He´s 18. And thi is my step-brother Dixon. My parents adopted him before (how) i was born. He is a black man. I like him very very much.. Every body in our family loves him. He´s 18, too. He ´s in lacros team, too. He is a summer worker in a cafe. He has a nice girlfriend. Her name in Silver.
  2. 2. And this is Dixon´s girlfriend, Silver. She does´n go to high schol (how)like we but she goes to holy high school, because when they were together her falters but i don´t know why.?. And than they weren´t together. So far she was on a therapy. And now they are together. Dixon wants (that)Silver to go back to high school in Beverly Hills but Silver daoes´n want. She is 17. This is my mum. Her name is Debbie. She´s 38. I think that she is so young..hehe. She does´n work. She is at home. But she isn´n on a maternity. She is at home, because she is idler. She likes her mother-in-law no so much. And this is my dad. His name is Harry. He works in our school. He is a schoolmaster. We moved to Beverly Hills because dad got a job there. But i know a bit Beverly Hills because i went for holidays here, becuase my grandma lives here. And my dad grew up here, too. I don´t know where he met with our mum. And he is 38, so he is so young of course, too. And thi is my best friend Naomi and her boyfriend Liam. Naomi lives with her sister because her dad is in a prison and i don´t know where
  3. 3. is her mum. When her dad went to the prison Naomi lived with us. But than she wrote a letter to her sister and than her sister came to us and take Naomi to their new house. And Liam lives with his mum and his step-father. He does´n like him very much. But i LOVE them. This is my grandma. Her name is Tabitha. She is very crazy. She likes drinking alkohol..hehe. She is 58. When she was a teenager she played in some musicals. She is an excellent actress. And she knows lovely singing. But she doesn´t live with us now.
  4. 4. VERY NICE ... I LIKE IT 1*