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Ideal School


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Here are our visions on how an ideal school should look like.

Published in: Education

Ideal School

  1. 1. I have never thought about school of my dreams. But now I have clear idea about my dream school. In my ideal school there will be four special classes, one gym and a pool. The school will have three floors and on the first floor there will be a gym and there will also be a pool on this floor. In the corridor will be automat for coffee, tea and other drinks. On the second floor will be Maths class and Slovak class. In the Maths class there will be a board and desks. On teacher’s desk will be a computer and TV. The Slovak class will have a blackboard and desks and there will be some computers we can use to find some information. In the corridor we will have tables and chairs and photos of famous professors. On the third floor there will be English class and Biology class. In the English class we will have interactive whiteboard and on the desks there will be computers. In the Biology class there will be special desks and microscopes and many tools and materials for students to work with. On the roof there will be a park. In the park will be flowers and benches where we can relax. Mária Števanková
  2. 2. This is my ideal school. My ideal school is varicoloured . School is yellow with green and red windows. It has got a blue door. There are flowers before the school. In my ideal school there is a swimming pool with red floor. There is an orange school bus. It’s free for all students. Everybody has one’s own computer. There is a tennis court behind the school for pupils and teachers. Erika Mažgútová
  3. 3. This is my ideal school. There are toilets, corridor and classrooms downstairs. There are classrooms and a pool in the corridor. There is a gym, sport centre, classroom (6.B) and prison for teachers upstairs. There are balls, rockets and small gates in the gym. There are dumb-bells in the sports centre. My classroom is my ideal classroom. There is a big television. Every desk has got a laptop! We have got a sofa in our classroom. Oh, and in a prison there are teachers. Yes! It is a good ideal school! Adriána Šugárová
  4. 4. M y dream school is large, nice and interesting. There are a lot of classrooms. There will be language, Science, Geography classes and also some more classes. In front of the school there is a swimming pool. Our school is large, nice, and clean and we can have afternoon activities here. This is our class. It’s large. In this class and in all other classes are chairs, desks and TV or computer. The walls are purple and yellow. This is our computer room. It’s big. There are computers, chairs, desks and more things. We can have I.T. or afternoon activities here. Alžbeta Ha nul iaková and Michaela Kadlecová
  5. 5. This is our ideal school. In our ideal school there is a shop for pupils and teachers. We go to school canteen for lunch.We have got swimming pool in front of the school. In every class there is one television, so we watch films or comedies. We have got our school bus. Opposite the school there is a zoo. In this zoo there are a lot of animals – for example lions, monkeys, elephants, camels, bears, birds and horses.We go to feed animals and people go and watch them. Tatiana Bačínská and Katarína Vávrová
  6. 6. <ul><li>My ideal school will be buil t in nature . It will be a big school with all kinds of s ports : football, basketball, hockey, flo o rball, swimmin g , handball, dodgeball ,etc. </li></ul><ul><li>And there will be many a ctivities : gardening, astronomy, cooking, aquarelle .... </li></ul><ul><li>There will be 50 classes with complete accessories ( computer s , calculator s , internet, stationery .....) Lessons will take 50 minutes and break s will be 10 minutes. P upils can buy food in a school canteen and eat it at the canteen terrace. </li></ul><ul><li>Near the school there will be a college for students, swim m ing pool, and a school garden with benches and tables. </li></ul>Andrej Káčer
  7. 7. My ideal school is situated close to sea, but in the centre of the city. This school has big pool, tennis court, observatory and a lift. Every student has his own notebook and sits on the comfortable sofa, not on the typical wooden chair. The teachers in my ideal school are very nice and we do not write exams. They are always smiling. This school is full of kind-hearted people who are my friends. My ideal school is very big and luxury like typical American's private schools. This is school of my dreams. Miroslav Bielka
  8. 8. <ul><li>Our ideal school will be bigger and nicer. It should have lots of computers. It should have young teachers and more nice boys. It should have a lot of holidays. We will have more PE. We don’t want to learn very much. Our desks will be better and nicer. In school there will be a pool. In the corridor will be tables with TVs and armchairs. Our class should have twenty computers. We should have surfing on the internet. In this school there will be Geography, Music, Biology classes. In front of the school will be a park with fountain and a small shop and coffee shop. Outside the shop there will be tables and chairs. On the walls of our school will be graffiti of children’s art. This is our ideal school. </li></ul>Mária Danišková , Kristína Vráblová