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IB Geography - Tourism management in rural areas


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Focus on the Peak District National Park - UK. Crib sheet to go with the factsheets that are published on the Peak District National Park website.

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IB Geography - Tourism management in rural areas

  1. 1. <ul><li>Tourism management in rural areas 1. Examine the concept of carrying capacities in a rural tourist area.2. Discuss strategies designed to maximize capacity and minimize conflicts between local residents and visitors and avoid environmental damage
  2. 2. Describe the situation of the Peak District National Park.Go to the Tourism Factsheet – page 5. Outline the reasons why this National Park is so popular.Page 5 – Why do people visit the Park and what do they do (page 8) ?434848038100
  3. 3. Environmental Damage – management – TRANSPORT –(Transport Fact sheet)Page 4&6 – Outline the issues of car transport in the Peak District.Page 7&8. Ouline the management strategies that have been put in place by the Peak District authority.Peak District Sustainable Tourism Strategy p.11-12. Outline how the National Park aims to maximise capacity (visitor numbers) whilst minimizing conflicts (8)Page 9 – Tourism Factsheet:Benefits of tourism – JobsBenefits of tourism – incomePage 10 – Tourism Factsheet :Outline the main problems caused by tourism in the Peak District.