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Web Marketing Success - Tourism 2012 - Part I


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Part I of II from April 25 presentation at Tourism Victoria.

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Web Marketing Success - Tourism 2012 - Part I

  1. 1. April 2012
  2. 2.  A wide range of marketing experience in the room. (Just hit me up afterwards if you need explanation or expansion on any particular topic). Rob’s Background.
  3. 3.  Cut through the noise. Empower and inform. Share practical ideas on where to start.
  4. 4.  True merit wins. The web is accessible – you can find out how to do anything. “Measurability” and transparency create great opportunities for those brave enough to be wrong!
  5. 5.  Know who you’re trying to reach. Find out how to get in front of them in relevant settings. Get good at “conversion” of web visitors.
  6. 6.  The act of getting someone to the next level of engagement: ◦ Purchase. ◦ Reservation. ◦ Phone call. ◦ Get directions to your business. ◦ Sign up... Critical to measure conversion elements through Google Analytics (free). Cont...
  7. 7.  Every page on your site should be optimized to be as persuasive as possible in getting your visitor to take the next logical step. ◦ Prioritize your visitors. ◦ Consider the context – how did they get there/why are they there? ◦ Remove any obstacles. ◦ Build the necessary trust and credibility. ◦ Invite the next step with a relevant call to action. Small companies can beat large ones in this arena.
  8. 8. Trust and Credibility Clear Call to ActionVisitor Priorities VERY Focused!
  9. 9. Prioritization of 5different offers whilestreamlining theselection process. 1 2 3 Trust and Credibility- building throughout. 4 5Removal ofobstacles Call to Action
  10. 10.  The A/B Test ◦ Easier than ever. ◦ Dramatically powerful. Ads Landing Pages Calls to Action Email You name it!
  11. 11. ABCDEF
  12. 12.  Knowing your visitors means knowing their next logical step on your site/page – always invite them to take that step.
  13. 13.  Nobody will book with you or visit your location until you’ve built credibility and trust with them. Look & feel, testimonials, photos, reviews are great “credibility indicators.” Aside from simply getting a customer, folks will actually pay a premium for a place/service they trust more.
  14. 14.  Google Analytics Facebook