Web Marketing Success for Tourism-NI-Part I


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  • Done, failed and learned.
  • Most co’s don’t connect business strategy to web strategy.Knowing who you’re trying to reach (prioritized) gives you a framework for decision-making (i.e. With presentation AND advertising).In front of – RESEARCH! Ads, Facebook, SEO, Groups on Linkedin, in person.Conversion = into a customer, lead, more engaged visitor.
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  • Web Marketing Success for Tourism-NI-Part I

    1. 1. May 2012
    2. 2.  A wide range of marketing experience in the room. (Just hit me up afterwards if you need explanation or expansion on any particular topic). Rob’s Background.
    3. 3.  Cut through the noise. Empower and inform. Share practical ideas on where to start.
    4. 4.  True merit wins. The web is accessible – you can find out how to do anything. ―Measurability‖ and transparency create great opportunities for those brave enough to be wrong!
    5. 5.  Know who you’re trying to reach. Find out how to get in front of them in relevant settings. Get good at ―conversion‖ of web visitors.
    6. 6.  The act of getting someone to the next level of engagement: ◦ Purchase. ◦ Reservation. ◦ Phone call. ◦ Get directions to your business. ◦ Sign up... Critical to measure conversion elements through Google Analytics (free). Cont...
    7. 7.  Every page on your site should be optimized to be as persuasive as possible in getting your visitor to take the next logical step. ◦ Prioritize your visitors. ◦ Consider the context – how did they get there/why are they there? ◦ Remove any obstacles. ◦ Build the necessary trust and credibility. ◦ Invite the next step with a relevant call to action. Small companies can beat large ones in this arena.
    8. 8. Trust and Credibility Clear Call to ActionVisitor Priorities VERY Focused!
    9. 9. Prioritization of 5different offers whilestreamlining theselection process. 1 2 3 Trust and Credibility- building throughout. 4 5Removal ofobstacles Call to Action
    10. 10. "At first he wasn’t sure how he could help. But he recalled something else Obama had said The A/B Test to the Googlers: ―I am a big ◦ Easier than ever. believer in reason and facts and ◦ Dramatically powerful. evidence and science and feedback—everything that allows you to do what you do. Ads That’s what we should be doing Landing Pages in our government.‖ And so Siroker decided he would Calls to Action introduce Obama’s campaign to Email a crucial technique—almost a governing ethos—that Google You name it! relies on in developing and refining its products. He showed them how to A/B test."
    11. 11. ABCDEF
    12. 12.  Knowing your visitors means knowing their next logical step on your site/page – always invite them to take that step.
    13. 13.  Nobody will book with you or visit your location until you’ve built credibility and trust with them. Look & feel, testimonials, photos, reviews are great ―credibility indicators.‖ Aside from simply getting a customer, folks will actually pay a premium for a place/service they trust more.
    14. 14.  Google Analytics Bit.ly Facebook
    15. 15.  Two types of currency on the web: Cash or Content. The fuel that drives: ◦ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ◦ Social Media. ◦ Conversion. ◦ Advertising (i.e. Adwords Quality Score).
    16. 16.  What works for Tourism? ◦ Events. ◦ Activities ◦ History. ◦ The Region. ◦ Visitors. ◦ Other attractions or operations. ◦ Etc, etc, etc...
    17. 17.  People doing or saying something they are proud of will send people to see it. If tagged, this can happen automatically!
    18. 18.  Typical user has well over 150 friends. Having 10 photos from an event tagged on your Facebook page can mean 1500+ impressions to the Friends of your tagged subjects.
    19. 19.  Daily ―what’s up in your neighbourhood‖ posts? Creative uploading and/or tagging of photos? Co-operative pages or multi-organization destination strategies? (i.e. multi-site contest?).
    20. 20.  SEO can be likened to a 3 legged stool (we know what happens if one of the legs is missing). These legs are:1. Site structure and coding.2. Great, relevant content.3. Links from related sites. While some of the details have changed, this is a formula that’s always held true. Cont...
    21. 21.  Many see SEO as an awkward, artificial process. To succeed in having a site that appeals to both users and search engines you need to get beyond that. We advocate that you: 1. Use research to find the actual terms (keywords) people are using to search for your type of product or service. 2. Incorporate these keywords into your site copy. 3. Optimize the relevant pages on your site for the relevant keywords. Not so hard, but few people do it well!
    22. 22.  At a minimum, get basic Search Engine Optimization in place to get more visitors. Page Titles, Page Descriptions, sufficient text, SEO-friendly copy. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide - Google Page Title Page Description
    23. 23.  Searchers know way less about your business than you do and may use different language than you do to search for your type of business. Find what language they use and incorporate it on your site. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal (see next page...)