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RJMetrics - PluggedIn NYC011210

  1. 1. Pain Point • Most web businesses are sitting on mountains of historical data – Millions of rows created during normal operations – Information on revenue-generating activities and ancillary user behaviors • Limitations create an inability to mine and analyze – Financial – Technical – Informational • Missed opportunities – Increasing repeat purchases/activity – More informed customer acquisition spending – Smarter sourcing and product development
  2. 2. Capturing Value RJMetrics allows database-driven websites to capture the full value of the data in their backend databases Extraction Transformation Loading Secure, incremental Data optimized for Near real-time access via data transfer advanced analysis a web-based dashboard
  3. 3. Powerful Online Dashboards Basic Reporting • Users • Sales • Actions Advanced Analytics • User Behavior • Cohort Analysis • Customer Lifetime Value • Repeat Event Probability Third-Party Data Sources • Google Analytics • Twitter
  4. 4. Competitors and Differentiation Enterprise-Grade Solutions Self-Service Solutions RJMetrics Advantages: RJMetrics Advantages: Ease of Use Hands-Off Implementation Targeted Feature Set Richer Source Data Implementation Time No Source Code Modification Price (starting at $500/month) More Actionable Results
  5. 5. Team Robert J. Moore, CEO and Co-Founder Princeton 2006 (ORFE & CS) Insight Venture Partners Jake Stein, COO and Co-Founder Wharton 2006 (Finance & Entrepreneurship) Insight Venture Partners Jeff Shumer, Account Executive (hired 11/16) Wharton 2006 (Management & Marketing) HSBC Sales & Trading Chris Merrick, Lead Developer (starting 1/18) Princeton 2008 (Physics & CS) Yodle
  6. 6. 2010 Goals • Sustain Aggressive Revenue Growth – Increased Marketing Spend Contact Information: – Management by Metrics Robert J. Moore rmoore@rjmetrics.com • Decrease Implementation Time Twitter: @rjmetrics – Further Automate New Customer Integrations – Further Automate Customer Support 877-684-1394 • Enhance User Experience Free Demo Account: – Expand Visualizations www.rjmetrics.com – Enhance Access to Advanced Features • Integrate with Additional APIs – E-Mail Marketing Providers – Accounting and Business Management Tools