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HootSuite - PluggedIn NYC011210


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HootSuite - PluggedIn NYC011210

  1. 1. The Birth of HootSuite • Product of Invoke • Team needed for better tools for managing social media • Launched December 2008
  2. 2. How does Hootsuite Help? HootSuite lets users and teams manage their entire social sphere from one easy- to-use interface. High level features include: • Multiple users, Multiple account, Multiple Social Networks • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and Wordpress status updates, and monitoring • Schedule updates in advance • Manage multiple Twitter profiles with multiple editors • Track stats • RSS their content • Brand Monitoring
  3. 3. Hootsuite Extends Through... Recently launched - Desktop/Firefox/Chrome/IE add-ons - Mobile iPhone & soon for Android + Blackberry - Developer Scripts (Wanted!)
  4. 4. Brands Using HootSuite Brands Using Hootsuite
  5. 5. Success to date • Currently at 400k accounts, up from 300k 1.5 months ago • 400k messages/day, #3 url shortener • HootSuite has been mentioned in 110 industry blogs • Winner Shorty, Mashable OWA, CNMA, Finalist 2009 Groundswell Awards
  6. 6. Roadmap & Growth • Increased analytics • Enhanced team workflow • Mobile platform coverage • Freemium Model • API starting with • Expect to cross 1m messages/day in year • Building out team - Looking for Director BD and Board Director with SAAS experience
  7. 7. Thank you, please try @hootsuite (it’s FREE!)… us: @hootsuite me: @invoker hootsuite