Charles and ray eames


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Charles and ray eames

  1. 1. Charles & RayEames
  2. 2. Charles Eames● Born 1907, June 17, in st. Louis, Missouri● 1925 Enters Washington University on an architecture scholarship.● 1928 Left the University after his sophomore year.● 1930 opened an architectural office – Gray and Eames.● 1935 opened a new architectural firm called Eames and Walsh.● 1938 Offered a fellowship to study architecture and design at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Cranbrook, Michigan.● Died 1978.
  3. 3. Ray Eames ● Born December 15th, 1912. ● Studied painting with Hans Hofmann 1933-1939. ● 1936 became a founding member of American Abstract Artists. ● Died in 1988.
  4. 4. THE EAMES ● Charles and Ray first met in 1940 at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. ● Got marry on June 20,1941, moved to Los Angeles and establish an office together. ● Eames were apart of “The Case Study House Program” in 1945 , an Art and Architecture magazine challenge where they designed their home for modern living.
  6. 6. Became Famous For... Organic Chair (1940) Eames and Saarinen
  7. 7. Became Famous For...DCM Molded Plywood Chair (1946) Walnut Dining Chair (1920)Charles and Ray Eames Baker Furniture
  8. 8. Became Famous For...Lounge Chair with Ottoman(1956) Charles and Ray Eames
  9. 9. Became Famous For...://
  10. 10. Who Influenced the Eames...
  11. 11. Who influenced them... "Their own work wasstrongly influenced by thetenets of the arts and craft movement" - Kirkham, 1998, pp.15
  12. 12. Who influenced them... (Right) French Rococo Style couch (Left) La Chaise Charles and Ray Eames USA, 1948
  13. 13. How They InfluenceContemporary Design...
  14. 14. How They Influence Contemporary Design... (Left) Director Office Chair (Left) from Zuo Maui Sedi Modern by Mohd (Right) (Right)Lounge Chair DCM Moldedwith Ottoman Plywood Chair (1956) (1946)
  15. 15. How They Influence Contemporary Design...Ergonomic Testing at the EamesOffice (1946) Similar Testing at IKEA (2010)
  16. 16. How They Influence Contemporary Design...
  18. 18. Interesting Things... THEIR PROCESS THEIR PROCESS Eames Design Diagram Charles and Ray Eames (1969) working on a model of Mathematica (1960)
  19. 19. Interesting Things... "It is not that Im embarrassed about “designer” so much as the degree to which I prefer the word “architect”, I call myself a tradesman, but any good tradesman should work only on problems that come from genuine interest, and you solve a problem for your client where your two interests overlap". Charles Eames, Eames the architect and the painter. “Ray saw everything they didnt design as an extension of her painting” Eames the architect and the painter.
  20. 20. Interesting Things..."EVERYTHING I CAN DO, SHE CAN DO BETTER" Charles Eames, Eames: the Architect and the Painter.
  21. 21. Interesting Things... Charles and RayEames home from 1949, living and working their for the remainder of their lives. Eames Home, California. (1950)
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