Family feud for evaluating information


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I use this to talk about how to evaluate scientific information - what questions do you need to ask to help determine its validity? This is especially helpful for fields with NGOs and government information, like environmental science.

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  • Family Feud - Re-Created by Lora O’Neill 4/28/2008, email: [email_address] Music and graphics from original game file authored by Kerry Rasmussen Game Setup: On slide 3 you can click to edit up to 10 entries. Add a word or phrase to the left and a number to the right. The numbers should decrease down the left side and continue to decrease down the right side. If you choose to use less than 10, delete the text box AND delete the number from the black text box so the students know how many boxes there are. How to play: Divide the class into 2 groups. Use the face off slide and have 1 person from each group come to the front. State the prompts for the game; the first of the 2 players to give you an answer on the board, reveal the answer. If it is not the top answer, the other player gets to try for a higher answer. The winning team can choose to play or to pass. Whichever team plays will begin to guess what you have hidden on the board. When they guess one of your entries, click on the black box for that entry and the white box will appear. Add the number from the entry to the team’s totals by clicking in the box and changing the numbers (YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS IN POWERPOINT I PROMISE). If someone guesses something that was not there, click on the first gold box at the bottom of the screen. The same team continues until all 3 gold boxes have been xed. If the first team gets xed, the opposing team gets the chance to steal by naming any of the remaining entries.
  • Family feud for evaluating information

    1. 2. FOSSIL 21 SHELLS 12 JARASSIC 13 EONS 5 PERIOD 3 FAMILY FEUD 5) X X X X X X 4) X X X X X X 3) X X X X X X 2) X X X X X X 6) X X X X X X 1) X X X X X X Who wrote it? Where is it published ? How recent is it? Are new ideas supported? Are old ideas cited? Who’s funding it? X X X X X X
    2. 3. Now, how does this translate to your research.. ?