SharePoint document collaboration 2012


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Results of PleaseTech's 2012 SharePoint document collaboration survey

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SharePoint document collaboration 2012

  1. 1. Research results – SharePoint document collaboration Dave Cornwell CEO PleaseTech Ltd
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to PleaseTech • About the survey • Key findings • Survey results • Conclusions • PleaseTech solutions • Questions / discussion
  3. 3. Introduction to PleaseTech Ltd • PleaseTech is a growing software products company HQ in UK & development team in KL, Malaysia • We design collaborative document review and authoring solutions For the creation, co-authoring and review of documents Collaborative, simultaneous, controlled, secure • Serve a range of industry sectors ~65% business in Life Sciences Others include Defense, Utilities, Government, IT, Manufacturing, Financial Services Customers range from small consultancies to global organizations • Existing partnerships with leading content/document management platforms and workflow systems
  4. 4. About the survey - background • SharePoint is the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the collaboration space • PleaseTech is a Microsoft partner and is integrated with SharePoint • We all agree that document collaboration is a critical business process, which: Consumes considerable resources Most do not recognize inherent inefficiencies and frustrations Still subject to manual processes & workarounds • PleaseTech was eager to learn what existing SharePoint customers thought: Away from the marketing hype, is SharePoint meeting expectations? What do they really think of SharePoint’s collaborative capabilities? Would they consider additional solutions and why?
  5. 5. About the survey • Conducted during 2 Microsoft SharePoint conferences Forum for learning more about SharePoint 2010 USA - Anaheim, October 2011/ 7000 attendees Europe - Berlin, October 2011/ 1000 attendees • 275 completed surveys: 83% IT professionals and 17% business users Participants were asked to classify themselves Business users: business analysts, business representatives or those involved directly in SharePoint projects
  6. 6. Key findings • 80% stated document creation & review is part of their job • 90% experience issues with document review but are ‘satisfied’ • Business users and IT professionals differ in their opinion of user satisfaction with SharePoint • User adoption is important when researching alternative document collaboration solutions (IT) • SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities meet general requirements - but many have a simplistic view of what constitutes collaboration • Majority would use SharePoint more if had the functionality to help with specific business issues
  7. 7. Survey results – document collaboration & review Issues experienced working on a multi-person review Whilst satisfied with their existing review system, nearly all business users experience issues when No issues working in collaboration with No team collaboration on the review others on the review. Europe Meeting deadlines USA Accuracy of content Lack of control over the process 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Please note, in the interest of time, not all results can be included in this presentation.
  8. 8. Survey results – document collaboration & review Reasons for selecting an alternative review solution Nearly all would consider an No- not interested alternative review solution. Other Results in a better quality document Europe Improves collaboration USA Saves time Improves upon the existing process Easy to learn & use 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
  9. 9. Survey results – document collaboration & review Reasons to research an alternative solution 42% 14% adoption and ROI are the two key Potential user adoption 5% 39% IT professionals believe potential user reasons for researching an alternative User pressure document collaboration system. ROI No input User adoption = 42% ROI = 39%
  10. 10. Survey results – SharePoint collaboration SharePoint is widely accepted & used 3% 7% 24% Strongly agree 34% 32% Agree Business users widely agree that SharePoint is widely used across the organization. Neutral Disagree Not applicable Agree/strongly agree = 66% Whereas, nearly half IT User adoption of SharePoint is an issue 6% 5% 15% 19% 29% 26% Strongly agree Agree professionals state that user adoption is an issue within their organization. Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree N/A Agree/strongly agree = 44% vs. 25% who disagree/strongly disagree
  11. 11. Survey results – SharePoint collaboration SharePoint collaborative capabilities within the organization 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% USA (Business) Europe (Business) As a generic collaboration tool, SharePoint does provide the collaborative capabilities required when working with others, both USA (IT) within and outside the Europe (IT) organization. SharePoint collaborative capabilities outside the organization 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% USA (Business) Europe (Business) USA (IT) Europe (IT)
  12. 12. Survey results – SharePoint collaboration Sequential viewing is considered 'collaboration' 3% 9% 13% 17% 26% 32% Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree Not applicable I like SharePoint's co-authoring functionality Until SharePoint 2010, sequential access to a document was the only way to collaborate. IT professionals are divided, but most disagree that this can be considered collaboration. Disagree/strongly disagree = 39% Neutral = 32% SharePoint 2010 introduced simultaneous co-authoring. Business Strongly agree 13% 38% 32% 17% users are more positive about this Agree functionality. Neutral Agree/strongly agree = 55% Not applicable Neutral = 32% Not applicable = 13%
  13. 13. Survey results – SharePoint collaboration Would use SharePoint more if it had functionality to help with specific issues Nearly 80% agree that they would use SharePoint more if it had the functionality to deal with specific 16% 8% 41% Strongly agree 35% business issues. Agree Neutral Not applicable Agree/strongly agree = 76%
  14. 14. Conclusions • Attendees are SharePoint advocates Had expected more enthusiastic endorsement of its capabilities • Despite perceived satisfaction, most experience issues with their current document review solution It’s a question of education - participants accept these issues as a necessary evil Whilst SharePoint provides general collaborative capabilities, this isn’t the case with document review Looking for time savings, ease of use, greater control, improved collaboration • IT professionals acknowledge they must consider how alternative solutions meet user needs in addition to their own internal requirements 3rd party organizations must address solution benefits to both line of business end users and IT communities
  15. 15. Conclusions • Expectations are low in terms of collaboration Education still required on the benefits of true collaboration – simultaneous access to and interactive collaboration on a document • SharePoint provides the platform for collaboration to take place, but… Specific business processes are not always improved using SharePoint alone Specialist technologies provided by 3rd parties are necessary User adoption remains an issue, but this can be fixed
  16. 16. Collaborative & simultaneous review for most Component-based structured authoring and document types content reuse for Microsoft Word • • Everyone saves valuable time No copy & pasting No duplication of effort Less time spent by staff on each review Fewer review cycles required & shorter review meetings • True collaboration and transparency • Documents can be reviewed securely • Browser based – keeping the cost of • ownership low High document quality Standard content & layout Consistency of styles & formatting Higher quality document results • Enforce document compliance – more control Less review management required • Save time • Reduced author training & effort • Reduced review requirement
  17. 17. Questions / discussion Thank you for your time “PleaseReview is a powerful and unique piece of technology that completely alters the way a business can manage co-authoring and collaborative review of documents, combining intuitive ease of use with absolute control and accountability