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The Role of Play in Engaging the Youth Market


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This slideshow presents a series of real life examples, mainly from the digital world, that you may or may not have heard of. These should help to:

- Create stimuli for a conversation or debate
- And provide inspiration for do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating your own genuinely playful projects

- Some of these come across as apparently playful - traditional ads and marketing with a veneer of irony, piss take and other youthful traits and behaviours.
- whereas others are well into the space of being genuinely playful - by engaging in truly playful behaviour with users and customers
- and some will be somewhere in the middle

Whilst looking at these, it’s worth asking ourselves:

- What constitutes a really genuine playful project?
- How can the success of real world events such as music festivals and life style sports events be transferred, retained and leveraged online?

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The Role of Play in Engaging the Youth Market

  2. 2. London Digital Week 24th September, Shoreditch House 70 clients, friends and competitors came together to discuss the role of play in engaging the youth market
  3. 3. Agenda: The Business Opportunity Youth - who are they? Marketing should be ‘An Inside Out’ approach What’s the role of play? Designing a playful experience Play personalities Apparently vs Genuinely playful brands
  4. 4. Interaction
  5. 5. Speakers Tim Johan Co-Founder of Playgroup Strategist Ageing snowboarder Ski jumping champion (honestly!) Jelly Baby lover Sushi monster Lifelong West Ham fan Keen sailor
  6. 6. Jamie Graeme Liverpool FC fanatic Loves ham sandwiches Indie music geek and trees Hates milk Can’t stand diving in football
  7. 7. Participants
  8. 8. We asked ourselves How can brands develop valuable relationships with young people? And will this become the blueprint for new marketing?
  9. 9. Discussions
  10. 10. The following slides are extracts from two of the many topics discussed...
  11. 11. Topic #1 We are becoming increasingly anti-marketing..
  12. 12. ...its focus is on persuasion...
  13. 13. ...its goal is to present a convincing argument that you lack something
  14. 14. In contrast, the act of play is inherently rewarding...
  15. 15. Play creates a closer bond between the user and brands...
  16. 16. ...because play helps form relationships at a higher level than a normal brand to customer transaction
  17. 17. Traditional marketing takes an ‘outside in’ approach...
  19. 19. In contrast, we believe play requires an ‘inside out’ approach
  20. 20. Topic #2 Why Play?
  21. 21. “ The true object of all human life is play” G K Chesterton, Author
  22. 22. The Oppertunity
  23. 23. Your brand will be an enabler of creativity, fulfillment and happiness
  24. 24. Intensivly and utterly absorbed The user is utterly absorbed
  25. 25. Your Goal? To create an environment where you can unlock play behaviour... What is the goal? Text
  26. 26. Your Goal? ...which makes people open to new ideas, What is the goal? Text perspectives, impulses
  27. 27. Your Goal? You can then build strong social bonds... What is the goal? Text
  28. 28. Your Goal? now have a Brand Advocate What is the goal? Text
  29. 29.