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2009 CAL Second Life Workshop - Further Resources


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I'm so glad that you were able to make it to CAL's Second Life: Step by Step for Librarians & Libraries workshop last Saturday! I had a terrific time getting to know you all, and I hope that, with our instruction, you're able to venture into Second Life and discover its fascinating opportunities for interaction, learning and teaching, and networking.

As promised, attached you will find several further resources to help you on your journey. If I've missed a resource that you requested, let me know and I'll get more info out to you!

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2009 CAL Second Life Workshop - Further Resources

  1. 1. Colorado Association of Libraries Second Life: Step-by-Step for Librarians and Libraries Workshop August 29, 2009 ~ University of Denver Victoria Petersen & Eileen Dumas Further ResourcesInternet ResourcesSystem Requirements for Second Life (Recommended is much better than the minimum!)This list lets you know if your computer is able to run Second Life. Life Browser/Viewer Download: can download a viewer for most operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux)Second Life Help Wiki:, an online magazine catering to Librarians interested in Second Life. Video Tutorials by Torley Linden (a Second Life employee):These are great step-by-step guides – Teleport Directly! (Log into Second Life first, and then click on aSlurl.)Libraries: CAL’s Sustainable Living Library: Alliance Virtual Library: Places: Alady / Noob Island (Female Avatars Only): Free Dove (Women’s & Men’s Fashions):
  2. 2. Miscellaneous: Ivory Tower (to learn to build): TOC Art Gallery (an example of a museum): Lost Gardens of Apollo (a beautiful place): to Search for Events/Classes:Internet Resources: Alliance Google Calendar: Second Life: Alliance Reference Desk: **You can also search in the white search bar in the upper right side of your Second Life viewer. Use specific search terms, or, just place the cursor in the white bar and click enter – Hotspots will show popular places (not necessarily educational); Arts & Culture may have some programs or classes listed.