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LUKOMORIE LLC presentation


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LUKOMORIE LLC presentation

  1. 1. RESORT & TOURISTRESORT & TOURIST COMPLEXCOMPLEX © The present information is protected by the Russian copyright legislation
  2. 2. Project initiator: "Lukomorie" LLC Legal address: 353504, Krasnodarskiy krai, Temryuk, ul. Tamanskaya, 78 Actual address: 350020, Krasnodarskiy krai, Krasnodar, ul. Kommunarov, 217 "A", office 9 Founder: Natalia Viktorovna Babenko – 100% of the authorized capital Director of "Lukomorie" LLC is Natalia Viktorovna Babenko Author of the project: Natalia Viktorovna Babenko Mobile phone +7 (918) 268-95-45 Fax 8 (861) 255-64-37 E-mail: The essence of the project: The project envisages construction and commissioning of the thematic etnographic resort and tourist complex (RTC) «Lukomorie» in the Temryuk area, consisting of five ethnic centers-settlements: «Antique Hermonassa», «Amber Basporia», «Mysterious Khazaria», «Tmutarakan principality», «Cossack true story» (Great ethnographic circle of Taman) Investment volume: 272 017 775 € (1 EUR = 40 RUR) Payback period: 6 years 7 months
  3. 3. Reference to Temryuk area Great history of the Taman Peninsula counts 26 centuries (cultural stratification reaches 14 meters), there are 700 cultural property sites. The unique natural objects, i.e. mud volcanoes are located here. There are the biggest deposits of therapeutic sulfide (hydrogen-sulphidous) estuary and hill pseudo volcanic mineral mud, which has unique characteristics and therapeutic properties that excel the properties of the Dead Sea mud (this fact is confirmed by research). The total area of hunting and fishing grounds is more than 150,000 ha. Ground and climatic parameters favour viticulture. Area of grounds suitable for viticulture is 30,320 ha. This area possesses unique climate conditions for organization of resort and medicinal institutions. The area is washed by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov that makes possible to organize original touristic surface and water routes. Coastal length is 250 km, of which sand beaches, the most valuable and the largest beaches in Russia, constitute 220km. Ferry connects this area and Ukraine through Kerch Strait (construction of a bridge is in project). There 3international sea ports: Temryuk, Port Caucasus and Taman (the depth of the harborage area reaches from 4 to 5 meters). The nearest international airport is located in the city Anapa (40 km away). Railway traffic is carried out by North Caucasian Railway.
  4. 4. The concept of the project The main theme of ideological and art conception of «Lukomorie» RTC is the organic combination of three spiritualities-antique mythology, paganism and orthodoxy. The idea of the project is a distinctive basis of historical development, has an artistic and dramaturgic unity, is based not only on the entertaining but also on the cultural, educational, and health-improving aspects. In its realization the project must become a true national heritage, collection of its historical and cultural values in the effective form of architecture, design and service, in the game form of attractions, rites, public events and performances created at the level of art work. Project unites all types of services of resort and tourist and balneological direction on the year-round basis. Highly skilled staff, the total number of 3000 people, servicing every ethnic settlement in the style of the presented epoch prepared in specially created «School of culture and ethics». For the service staff, at every centers-settlement the project provides the construction of separate cottage settlement for 600 persons.
  5. 5. Map of the Temryuk area - location of the territory for construction of centers
  6. 6. Investment platform No 1 «ANTIQUE HERMONASSA» Theme basis of the Centre are the history and culture of the ancient Greece and of the native inhabitants, the sinds. The constructions are made in style of ancient Greece, i.e. hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, shops, production departments, spa-centre and Greek baths. The sinds occupied themselves with fishing, stamping of coins, active importation and exportation, strengthened political relationships with the Greek and the local tribes. Different amusements reproduce the pictures mythology of the ancient Greece: Hercules, who has descended to the kingdom of Hades, the king of the other world; beautiful Io, the daughter of the river god Inachus, who trying to save oneself from the anger of goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus, was turned into a cow and crossed the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait; legendary Argonauts, who sailed on their ship “Argo” from Greece to the Northern part of the Black Sea on a quest of the Golden Fleece and faced the floating rocks, which were periodically crashing with each other thus closing the strait and destroying the seas, which happened to be between them. There is the arena for performances showing the life of the ancient tribes of the Scythian, the Amazons, etc.
  7. 7. Investment platform No 1 «ANTIQUE HERMONASSA» Sketch the graph of A1 format
  8. 8. Batareyka settlement, the Eastern part of the suburbs, on the shore of Dinskoy Bay The area of the planned area 58,6 ha Investment platform No 1 «ANTIQUE HERMONASSA»
  9. 9. Photo of the territory Investment platform No 1 «ANTIQUE HERMONASSA»
  10. 10. Investment platform No 2 «AMBER BASPORIA» Theme basis of the Centre are the history and culture of the ancient Rome. The constructions are made in a Roman style: VIP hotel, hotel***, restaurant, bars, coffee houses. Crowned heads, court aristocrats and servants create the atmosphere. There are markets in ancient style, where one can buy fish, bread, leather, honey, wool, wine, olive oil, expensive tableware, jewels, weapons or cold steel and many other items.There is the arena for performances showing the life of gladiator slaves, rebellion of slaves under the command of Saumakos, human statutes of crowned heads and their warriors, picturesque entertainments. Facilities of the spa-centre of the Roman baths, massage, cosmetology procedures, pools, balneary give the unique opportunity to feel the energy of life. Handicraft premises are to be created, such as tanks for salting meat, workshops for producing the tile, coins with the sturgeon pictured on them, etc. Winery and cellar with tasting room.
  11. 11. Investment platform No 2 «AMBER BASPORIA» Sketch the graph of A1 format
  12. 12. Progress settlement, South-Western outskirts, coast estuary Tsokur, The area of the planned area 50,29 ha Investment platform No 2 «AMBER BASPORIA»
  13. 13. Investment platform No 2 «AMBER BASPORIA» Photo of the territory
  14. 14. Investment platform No 3 «MYSTERIOUS KHAZARIA» Them basis for the Centre are the history and culture of Khazarian empire. Here one can find the place of refuge of semi-nomadic Bulgarian tribes, tetraksist Goths, ancient Russian tribes. Fanagoria is the centre of trade and handicrafts. There are VIP hotel, hotel***, bars, coffee houses. The restaurant hotel “The Chernomor’s Castle” is made in pagan style. It looks like medieval fortress with moat and hoist bridge and other deterrent attributes. Inside there is the atmosphere of mystery, sorcery, thrilling fear, which are the typical ideas of pagans about the world. Near the castle there are hunting grounds. Here fishing, hunting in national traditions and Russian steam bath. Different performances showing pagan feast will be organized, where the guests may take part in. The surrounding of the castle is the world of wood goblins, mermaids, pagan gods and their heathens, where performances are held showing the pagan religious rites and legends. Amusements: “Human head”? blowing out the dreams; Nightingale the Robber; hut on chicken legs; labyrinths; battle with dragon Gorynych; riding the mortar of Baba Yaga; taking part in pagan religious rites; battles of Russian warriors against the evil spirits; images of Russian epical heroes, such as Ilya Muromets, Nikita Kozhemyaka, Aliesha Popovich.
  15. 15. Investment platform No 3 «MYSTERIOUS KHAZARIA» Sketch the graph of A1 format
  16. 16. Primorskiy settlement, the shore of the Taman Gulf The area of the planned area 32,37 ha Investment platform No 3 «MYSTERIOUS KHAZARIA»
  17. 17. Investment platform No 3 «MYSTERIOUS KHAZARIA» Photo of the territory
  18. 18. Investment platform No 4 «TMUTARAKAN PRINCIPALITY» Theme basis of the Centre are the history and culture of ancient Russian land. Restaurant hotel “The Castle of Tsar Gvidon” is constructed in the architectural style, used for building of palaces of white stone. Here one can have a true sumptuous feast with national kitchen and stay for rest. One can get acquainted with amazing wonders and heroes of Russian fairytales by Pushkin, Ershov, Bazhov, etc. Orthodox religious rites and round dances are held here. Folk groups, ensembles and orchestras, puppet theaters give their performances here. Different entertainment performances are held to the motifs of ancient Slavonic games and amusements are combined with unexpected constructive projects representing modern Russian concepts. Here one can see the parade ground where the episodes of the most important battles for Russia are shown and the parades and battles of Russian knights are performed. There are sailing vessels for sea voyages. Equestrian competitions are held here too. Also one can find horse theater for children and go riding. At the spa-centre oriental and Russian baths, massage, cosmetology procedures are offered. Here one can buy souvenirs, national artistic trade items and household utensils made in the local workshops. Here we show the distinctive character, ethnic lifestyle, culture and trade of Kasozhskiy (Adygei) and Tatar tribes, of Golden Horde and Ottomans.
  19. 19. Investment platform No 4 «TMUTARAKAN PRINCIPALITY» Sketch the graph of A1 format
  20. 20. Ilyich settlement, the Eastern part, coast of the Azov sea The area of the planned area 50,34 ha Investment platform No 4 «TMUTARAKAN PRINCIPALITY»
  21. 21. Investment platform No 4 «TMUTARAKAN PRINCIPALITY» Photo of the territory
  22. 22. Investment platform No 5 «COSSACK TRUE STORY» Theme basis of the Centre are the history and culture of Black Sea Cossack Army. Here one can see the ethnographical Cossack stanitsa, where the lifestyle of Cossacks is shown; the guests will be accommodated in the hotels that look like a Cossack hut, called kuren, the restaurants also look like the huts, where Kuban lavish and diverse food will be offered. Other entertainments are hunting, fishing, winery, cellar with tasting room, Cossacks’ amusements and rites. There are also entertainments in spectacular Cossack traditions: songs, dances and handicrafts; fair, vagrant actors, merry-go-rounds, round dances, weddings; riding and trick riding. To provide the whole resort and touristic complex with agricultural products, special agricultural rounds will be allotted. Moreover, there is the project for construction of the Centre for rehabilitation and preventive medicine for handicapped children, where 200 children can be accommodated; the Centre will be equipped with balneary for taking mud baths, physiotherapeutic and massage rooms, fitness room, spa-centre and the room for alternative medicine, methods of therapeutic horde riding will bi applied.
  23. 23. Investment platform No 5 «COSSACK TRUE STORY» Sketch the graph of A1 format
  24. 24. Akhtanizovskaya station, the North-Eastern part, Akhtanizovsk estuary The area of the planned area 32,37 ha Investment platform No 5 «COSSACK TRUE STORY»
  25. 25. Investment platform No 5 «COSSACK TRUE STORY» Photo of the territory
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention!Thank you for your attention!