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8 Big Data Insights from the Enterprise Strategy Group Report


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Check out 8 big data insights from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) report. ESG Conducted a conducted a hands-on test of the Platfora Big Data Discovery platform, and substantiated it’s capabilities to access, load, analyze, and visualize Hadoop-based data at a rate much faster pace than traditional solutions.

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8 Big Data Insights from the Enterprise Strategy Group Report

  2. 2. 45% of Enterprises are Planning to Deploy a New Big Data and BI/analytics Solution to: 2© 2015 Platfora, Inc. Create a lean, productive organization by improving data analytic workflows Gain a competitive advantage
  3. 3. Most of these organizations plan to deploy a Hadoop-based BI/ Analytics solution. They want access to all the raw data stored in a Hadoop cluster. But preparing the data requires manual work and complex coding.
  4. 4. …And 38% Say that the Complexity of Data Integration was a Top Challenge Which of the following data analytics challenges has your organization experienced, if any? (Percent of respondents, N=370, multiple responses accepted) Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015
  5. 5. Enterprises need a comprehensive platform that improves Hadoop data analytics workflows and empowers these people: 5© 2015 Platfora, Inc. Business Analyst Data Scientist C-Suite
  6. 6. Natively run on Hadoop, Platfora provides accelerated access to all the raw data stored in a Hadoop cluster. Platfora automatically prepares the data without requiring complex coding. RAW DATA HADOOP Minutes Business Analyst iterates & repeats No Additional Personnel Needed Business Analyst
  7. 7. “Platfora…provides an interactive layer for data visualization that allows business analysts to iterate through questions against all available data without ever needing to request more data.” - Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015
  8. 8. …to improve or eliminate some of the tasks that your organization has come to expect when doing analytics on Hadoop. Disrupt the Existing Business Analytics Workflow… Existing Hadoop-based Big Data Analytics Workflow
  9. 9. 9© 2015 Platfora, Inc. “[Platfora’s] integrated, next-generation data preparation empowers all personnel within an organization to easily access data, while the scale-out, in-memory processing engine enables that data access to occur quickly.” ENTERPRISE STRATEGY GROUP, 2015
  10. 10. Access this report to launch your strategy End-to-End Big Data Discovery is Key for your Organization