The New Improved Environmental Solutionimagine                      THE GREEN                               SOLUTION      ...
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Scanning Electron Microscope Testing          From the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM USA  SEM Photo’s of PolyE...
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Ecopure brochura 1-3

  1. 1. The New Improved Environmental Solutionimagine THE GREEN SOLUTION ™Bio-Tec Environmental’s New EcoPure™ Biodegradable Plastic Solution. confirms that products will biodegrade it has been placed into a landfill,EcoPure™ is Bio-Tec’s when placed into an anaerobic EcoPure™ begins biodegrading and takessecond generation of environment, such as a landfill, have from approximately 1-5 years. proven that EcoPure™ is biodegradable.additive that improves The ASTM D5511 has shown thatBiodegradation by 5 times EcoPure™™ allows microbes to break down the structure of Polypropylene andthe results of their previous Polyethylene at significant levels up toproduct. 45% in 14 days The biodegradation Biodegradable process is started when the plastic is! placed into the landfill, and the microbes, which are attracted to the plastic, Literature! 2" EcoPure™ is Bio-TecEnvironmental’s second generation colonize on the surface and begin to ASTM D5511-02 Test Reports! 3additive, which once added to a resin digest and break down the plastic. Thetype during the manufacturing process, fact that EcoPure™ works via microbes Scanning Electron Microscope! 4renders the plastic biodegradable. Various makes our product stand out from theAmerican Standard of Testing and other biodegradable and degradableMeasurement (ASTM) testing methods, products, which are broken down by heat,including the ASTM D5511, which moisture, UV, or mechanical stress. Once ASTM D5511-02 Certified Certified by third party testing labs with accreditations CT Cert #PH-0404 NY Cert. #11471 ISO DIS15985 Certified EPA Cert. #CT-024 USDA Cert. #0976 2008 FDA Reg #3001743770 DEA Reg. Federal #RN0281852 CT #624
  2. 2. The EcoPure™ Way EcoPure™ FAQ’s The 5 Steps to a Green Plastic Product. 1.How do you add in EcoPure™. By blending in 0.7% of EcoPure™™ during the melting process you can ensure that your product will be biodegradable. 2.What Resins does EcoPure™ work with? EcoPure™ ™ has been tested and is easily added to, PP, PS, PE, PET, and PVC. 3.How do I store EcoPure™? It is best if you use the EcoPure™ pellets within a 6 month period after purchasing them from Bio-Tec. thus the demand for biodegradableEcoPure™: The Simple 4.What can I claim when using products is growing daily. Here at ourEnvironmental Solution. company we are seeing an average EcoPure™? growth of 15% monthly. On PS, PE, PET and PP you will be When plastic is made, nutrients are able to claim Biodegradable on ourextracted making the product unable to product based on 3rd party testingbiodegrade. When you implement reports. If you would like to claim aEcoPure™ into the plastic you are adding certain timeframe you will need to dothe nutrients back in that allow it to The EcoPure™ Advantage a 3rd party test result on your productbiodegrade in the environment. specifically. We have many clients that 0.7% by load weight of EcoPure™ is use our testing lab for thisEcoPure™ is a masterbatch pellet which needed to make a product biodegradable. accreditation.gets implemented in to the plastic during This ensures that helping ourthe melting phase, the same as colorant environment is actually quite affordable. 5.What Products are currently usingwould be. This allows the microbes to EcoPure™ works with every resin type EcoPure™?colonize on the plastic. The microbes tested thus far, and does not affect the Office products to shoe midsoles usepreform quorum sensing that sends out physical properties of the products. EcoPure™ additive. A client list can besignals for other microbes to join in on Various trial runs have shown that provided to you upon request.the plastic feast. The polymer chain is EcoPure™ can withstand temperaturesscissored by the microbes and the plastic up to 550+ degrees F, which means thatis broken down. The plastic also products such as ABS, SAN, Nylon, and Rubber can be made biodegradable withundergoes molecular change and the end EcoPure™.result is Bio-mass (highly nutritious soil)and Bio-gas (Co2 in aerobic conditions, SEM and ASTMand methane in anaerobic conditions). D5511-02 ReportsThe EcoPure™ Incentive Another advantage of usingEcoPure™, besides helping theenvironment, is profitability. When ourclients begin manufacturing withEcoPure™ they see an average of13-15% higher lift for their profit margin.The consumer is recognizing theimportance of earth friendly alternatives,
  3. 3. ASTM Sample % Weight Loss % Methane Generated D5511-02 Report 7A Treated 23% Weight Loss 46.20% Overview in 14 Days. 7B Treated 25% Weight Loss 46.20% in 14 Days. 8A Control 0% Weight Loss 45.40% in 14 Days. Based on the results of the testing performed, LDPE Clear Film W/ 2% EcoPure (Treated Sample) is bio-degradable. The 26% average weight loss in 14 days is indicative of the amount of biodegradation that has occurred. *Full Report Available Upon Request The EcoPure™ Planet The EcoPure™ Technology With the utilization of EcoPure™additive, we have saved over 80 Million EcoPure™ technology is a process whichPounds of landfill space over an 8 year allows the product to be consumed in theperiod. That is over 2150 garbage trucks environment, turning plastic intofull of garbage, with all of our product biomass(rich soil), as well as Biogaslines that have gone biodegradable thisyear alone Bio-Tec has saved over 500 (Anaerobic) or Co2 (Aerobic). Ourgarbage trucks full of trash. biodegradable additive process, made with our bio-active compounds, is toll compounded in the United States and makes using EcoPure™ a simple, easy-to- The EcoPure™ Footprint use biodegradable masterbatch pellet. EcoPure™ is a full circle Our EcoPure™ Technology works bybiodegradable material. Made of 100%organic material blended into a expanding the molecular structure of themasterbatch pellet with EVA as the plastic, scissoring the polymer chain andcarrier resin. By increasing the adding in nutrients and other organicbiodegradation of plastic material, your Testing is done based on the compounds, which weaken the polymercompany will create another energy ASTM D5511-02 Standard for the chain, This allows microbial action tosource for companies and government to biodegradation of plastic colonize in and around the plastic. Thesereclaim. This is a new trend that is being microbes secrete acids, which enzymes materials in an Anaerobicpushed by the Sierra Club and the EPA,New Jersey by 2020, will have 30% of break down the entire polymer chain. Environment.their homes powered by methane gas a EcoPure™ will give you a biodegradableclean energy source. end product that will have indefinite shelf life, until it is placed into an active microbial environment.
  4. 4. Scanning Electron Microscope Testing From the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM USA SEM Photo’s of PolyEthylene Breakdown SEM Testing: Test Method: Placed into a highly active anaerobic environment for 7 months the pictures on the left show extreme biodegradation of PE. BIO-TEC ENVIRONMENTAL LLC 7009 PROSPECT AVE NE ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87110 TEL:505-999-1160 FAX:505-999-1019 SALES@BIO-TEC.BIZPhoto 9. PE1T1KB. Pits are visible in the webbing between bubbles. Original magnification =1000x. Scale bar = 50 !m. Photo 16. CBWC600. Medium magnification of surface of cleaned control in center of Photo 14. Original magnification = 600x. Scale bar = 100 !m. Photo 17. CBWC120. Low magnification image of another area of cleaned control sample,Photo 10. PE1T1K. At higher magnification, breakdown of the webbing between bubbles can be showing ridges. Original magnification = 120x. Scale bar = 500 !m.seen. Note remnant edges (black arrow) and numerous small pits (white arrows). Originalmagnification = 1000x. Scale bar = 50 !m. Copyright 2008 Bio-Tec Environmental LLC