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Director research project


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Info on Francis Ford Coppola and his films

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Director research project

  1. 1. Director Research Project
  2. 2. Born April 7, 1939 Youth In Detroit, Michigan, U.S. At the age of nine he contracted polio and spent most of his time in bed locked away or in the hospital. Coppola High school photoWhile he was in bed because of the polio he spent a lot of his time setting up puppet theater for himself (Wikipedia, 2012) "Cormans World: Monsters, Mayhem & Breast Nudity! - The Demanders." Cormans World: Monsters, Mayhem & Breast Nudity! - The Demanders. Web. 16 May 2012. < cormans_world.html>.
  3. 3. Coppola worked on his first big movie with Roger Coppola Corman Filming as an apprentice (Wikipedia, 2012) Roger Corman Filming "Francis Ford Coppola: Interviews." Francis Ford Coppola: "And The Oscar Goes To: Roger Corman." - Interviews. Web. 16 May 2012. < Famous Monsters Of Filmland. Web. 22 May ~flickhead/Francis-Coppola-Interviews.html>. 2012. <>. Graduated from UCLA Film School (Wikipedia, 2012) At UCLA, Coppola directed a short horror film called “The Two Christophers” inspired by Edgar Allan Poes "William Wilson". Apprentice
  4. 4. Awards & Honors For The David di Donatello for Godfather "Academy Award Winners: Best Actor." Coolspotters. Web. 22 Academy Award for Best Picture Best Foreign Film May 2012. <http:// "Marco Tulio Giordana Drama Earns 16 Nominations for Italys academy-award-winners-best- Top Film Honors." The Hollywood Reporter. Web. 22 May 2012. < Golden Globe actor>. donatello-awards-italy-nanni-moretti-paolo-sorrentino-311582>. Award for Best Academy Award for Best Screenplay Writing (Adapted"The 2010 Writers Guild of America Awards Winners." Golden Globe Screenplay) Award for Best "Manny The Movie Guy." Manny The Movie Guy. Web. 22 May 2012. <http:// MovieWeb. Web. 22 May 2012. <http:// Motion Picture –>. "Hollywood Golden Guy: April 2011." Hollywood america-awards-winners>. Drama Golden Guy: April 2011. Web. 22 May 2012. <http:// Writers Guild of 2011_04_01_archive.html>. America Award for Best Drama Adapted from Another Medium Golden Globe Award for Best Director Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film (Wikipedia, 2012)
  5. 5. Techniques/Style "Thread: Godfather: 40 Years If an Offer." Bollywood Fans. Web. 22 May 2012. < showthread.php?10129-Godfather-40-years-if-an-offer/page2>. "Journal - I Want To Be A Coppola." Journal - I Want To Be A Coppola. Web. 22 May 2012. <http://>. "Thread: Godfather: 40 Years If an Offer." Bollywood Fans. Web. 22 May 2012. <http://>. Coppola Tries to incorporate a very dramatic feel to most Coppola liked to of his movies grabbingincorporate his italian Coppola also put a lot into the viewer’s attentionculture into his movies his movies about respect and plays with it and show how much being a huge thing and family means to him that really shows in this sceen
  6. 6. "DRACULA Affiche "New Poster for Francis Ford Coppolas TWIXTOriginal FR Coppola Movie." New Poster for Francis Ford Coppolas Gary Oldman." At TWIXT Movie. Web. 22 May 2012. <http://Mauvais-genres Com. Web. 23 May 2012. "Vintage Movie Posters * Rare and for-francis-ford-coppola-s-twixt-movie/>.<http://www.mauvais- "Andipantz." Original Film Posters." Vintage Movie Film & Movies Posters * Rare and Original Film vintage-movie- Archive at. Posters. Web. 23 May 2012. <http:// posters/3372- Malone. "Peggy Sue Web. 24 May Got Married." product.html>. 2012. <http:// shop/index.php?app=gbu0>. 4 Oct. www.andipantz. 2011. Web. 24 May com/category/ 2012. <http:// film-movies/>. malone/tiki- index.php? page=Peggy+Sue +Got+Married>. "The Invisible Province." : Apocalypse Now. Web. 22 May 2012. <http:// theinvisibleprovince.b "The Star Trek Sequel Might Feature a apocalypse-now- Seriously Unexpected flawed- Alien Race!" Io9. masterpiece.html>. Web. 23 May 2012. < 5860359/the-star-trek- sequel-might-feature- a-seriously- unexpected-alien- race>. "MRQE Ranks: The Best of the Best Pictures." The Best Of The Best Pictures â!! MRQE â!! the Movie Review Query Engine. Web. 23 May 2012. <http:// "The Godfather Part Iii best-pictures/the-best- The Coppola Restoration of-the-best-pictures>. Movie Poster." , The Films Godfather Part Iii The "Listening to The Coppola Restoration DVD Conversation." Listening Cover. Web. 22 May to Coppolas The 2012. <http:// Conversation. Web. 24 May 2012. <http:// movie-posters/ B0019L21H4--the- listening-to-the- godfather-part-iii-the- conversation/>. coppola-restoration- "Facebook to Feature Video Game Based on The Godfather Film movie-poster.html>. Series."NothingButSoftware Blog. Web. 24 May 2012. <http:// based-on-the-godfather-film-series/>.
  7. 7. Coppola talking on a Coppola has problems getting talk showfinancing, so why should I not have "Mumbai Underbelly at TIFF." The Times Of India.problems getting financing. -Alex Web. 24 May 2012. <http:// interviews/30168527_1_deepa-mehta-midnight-s- Winter children-salman-rushdie>. I think my favorite, and Coppola and that whole thing. East coast Italian directors I guess. -Anthony Michael Hall The money part is one of the most difficult things. Coppola always said I should do a tango movie. If ithadnt been for him, I dont know where we would have gotten the money. -Robert Duvall Quotes About Coppola
  8. 8. Quotes By Coppola When I was about 9, I had polio, and people were very frightened for their children, so you tended to be isolated. I was paralyzed for a while, so I watched television. -CoppolaWe were raised in an Italian-American household, although wedidn`t speak Italian in the house. We were very proud of being Italian, and had Italian music, ate Italian food. -Coppola The Godfather changed my life, for better or worse. It definitely made me have an older man`s film career when I was 29. So "Francis Ford Coppola to Return Inglenook to lower Alcohol" Wine now I say, `If I had my older career when I was young, as an Reviews, Find the Best Wines, Read the Latest Wine News, Learn about Wine older man, maybe I can have a young film-maker`s career.` - Tasting and More with Web. 24 May 2012. <http:// Coppola Coppola in his later 527661/francis-ford-coppola-to-return- years inglenook-to-lower-alcohol>.
  9. 9. Legacy - InfluenceCoppola has made many big influences in the way that people film now. One is that people film their shots, with much less light, making them more dramatic Another being that coppola incorporated a lot of culture into his movie ‘the godfather’ and that really changed a lot about how stories were told "Insanity." Insanity. Web. 24 May 2012. <http:// 2012/03/27/10-things-you-didnt- know-about-the-godfather-parti/Famous dramatic scene from the godfather >.
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