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Companization - Business as usual is over!

Companization. Two different organizations – one non profit and one for profit - both on the foundation of the Earth Charter and the Global Compact. By implementing these two documents into the corporate articles of association we bring moral questions into an otherwise purely economic forum. equity, ethics and sharing becomes major principles at Plantagon. (Folder 20 pages)

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Companization - Business as usual is over!

  1. 1. T H E C O M PA N I Z AT I O N
  2. 2. VA L U E C H A N G E F O R S U R V I VA LWe designed Plantagon to implement a sustainable perspective in thebusiness community. Our vision is a market with a human face; thefaces that we are protecting are the faces still beneath the ground,the faces of the future.Maximizing profit is no longer a reason for a company to exist– Business As Usual is Over.
  3. 3. HOW C A N W E D O BOT H ?Companization; two different organizations – one non profit and onefor profit. The foundation of these two organizations is the Earth Char-ter and the Global Compact. By implementing these two documentsinto the corporate Articles of Association we bring moral questionsinto an otherwise purely economic forum. Equity, ethics and sharingbecomes major principles in Plantagon, and our managers and boardmembers are personally responsible for executing their work withinthese guidelines.
  4. 4. HOW D O W E SH A R E ?• We do this by sharing 10% of the Plantagon International AB to Plantagon Non Profit Association, open to the public.• We also share 50% of the power to the same non profit organization by releasing to them the responsibility of appointing 50% of Plantagon International AB board members.• We also present a new way of sharing the growth value of Plantagon International AB. We economically reward individual commitment to build our corporate value on a long term perspective by introducing the Closure Right Document.• The Closure Right Document gives the descendants of the holder the right to share in the distribution of Plantagon Non Profit Associations benefits in the event of a sale of Plantagon International AB.
  5. 5. • This means we will involve thousands of advocates for our cause and for our business focused on the long term development of Plantagon International AB as they will see the economical advantage not for themselves but for their descendants.• Receiving a Closure Right will be like planting a young tree, nurturing it to a mature tree that will be a great value for someone in the future.• This way, Plantagon Non Profit Association will become an owner with a seventh generation perspective.
  7. 7. 1Y O U H AV E T O B E P R E PA R E DTO SHAREThe power is really in the hands of the entrepreneurs (new company)or the owners. These persons decides mission, vision and values forthe corporation. You might want to become “like ENRON, Shell orMicrosoft” or you might want to become “like Body Shop, IKEA orBen&Jerrys”. There is no reason whatsoever you could not choose fromthe beginning. Except one: If you think sharing means less money foryou, and if you equal less money as less personal satisfaction.
  8. 8. 2Y O U H AV E T O U N D E R S TA N D T H EH A RD LIF E OF DOING BUSINESSThe Companization-model is designed to be a better company than thealready existing models. There would be no reason to take this modelto the market if we did not believe this model will also be more econo-mical successful than others. A market is limited; going on the marketis war. The competition is so hard that only the best survives, no matterhow good the reasons are for being less sharp, for caring about humankind, for wanting to contribute to a better world. If we do not knowhow to make business, if we do not know how to win… we will loose.The Companization is in this way an ordinary idea to find a strategytowards market shares.
  9. 9. 3Y O U H AV E T O E A R N M O N E YThe Companization is still a company, even though it is a new genera-tion of companies. Until we see changes in the rules of capitalism andmarket economy the Companization has to earn money, as much aspossible. The difference is we cannot do it any way we find legitimateaccording to business concept or stake holders. We have to be moreresponsible than that. No one can fire our CEO only because he claimshe / she made less profit than possible, not if he / she made this deci-sion according to the constitution of the company
  10. 10. 4Y O U H AV E T O M A K E A S TA N DTo be able to formulate your own mission and to be able to understandthe possibilities and risks of communicating a brand containing a clearmessage, as all Companizations will, you have to make a choice whetheror not you are willing to risk the criticism and negative publicity thiscan create. On the other hand this is probably the most powerful tool forcreating a strong brand name by brand values. How much money didRed Cross spend on marketing? Greenpeace? Shell? Coca Cola? BodyShop..? You cannot cheat here; you cannot make any short cuts. You haveto promise to stick to the constitution, find your own way of working outexactly how you best do it and then do your very best achieving that. Youwill be very transparent, but if there is good things to see you will alsobe very successful. If you did not forget Principle 2) that is.
  11. 11. 5Y O U H AV E T O U N D E R S TA N D T H ECONSEQU E NC E OF A P ROM ISEIf you do this right, all your employees, your clients, your subcont-ractors, your shareholders and many others will be your allies. Theproductivity you will be able to measure will be enormous and evenin bad times you will get support. If you do it wrong, if you use thetrust you were given, the whole world will be full of enemies… Donot promise too much, do not communicate things you do not try toachieve and do not try to become less transparentyou will be fine.
  12. 12. 6Y O U H AV E T O L E A R N H O W T OH A N DLE P OW E RThe Companization is designed for people that see no reason to choosebetween money and doing good. It is also designed to outrun its competitors.If you succeed you will have power: The power of money, the power ofrepresenting all your stake holders, the power of influencing public opi-nion. The Companization includes share holders, board members, manage-ment, board of association, members of association, employees in company,employees in association – your network in society where you choose toestablish will be very extensive. You will handle great influence and there-fore you must understand the responsibility it gives you. Therefore you willneed wisdom to continue to do good and keep your personal balance whenyou meet the most corrupting thing there is – power. Still, you need it.
  13. 13. 7YOU C A N NO T L OV E MON E YThere is no way you can combine greed with sharing. All your deci-sions have to be made from a strategic point of view, and the strategy isformulated on the basis of the company’s constitution, mission, visionand values. Neither one of these documents can support greed and thelove for money as a subject. You can like money, you can love the power itgives to achieve good things, but you cannot love the money itself.
  15. 15. stockholm · onondaga · new york · new delhiapply for membership at info @