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Website Design: Search Marketing Best Practices: Steve Krull


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Why content is (still) King; aligning navigation with user intent, and using research to influence what you think; designing with content in mind.

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Website Design: Search Marketing Best Practices: Steve Krull

  1. 1. Website (Re)DesignContent marketing best practices
  2. 2. Agendao Why content is (still) King - Pandas Penguins andPenaltieso Aligning navigation with user intent, and usingresearch to influence what you thinko Designing with content in mind-If you build it, willthey come?o
  3. 3. Content Is (still) King!• Why Should You Care?• 82% of B2B marketers now employ content marketing asa strategy in their marketing programs. Source: HiveFire 2012
  4. 4. Make Content Part of Online StrategyB2B marketers know theircustomers and prospects areonline, which is why theyrefocusing their marketing effortson the Internet.How Content MarketingBenefits B2B Marketers:• Engages prospects• Increases brand credibility &thought leadership• Generates qualified leads & sales• Relatively low marketing
  5. 5. Components of ContentMarketingContent Creation ContentManagementBlogger OutreachThis includes writingblogs, resource articles,infographics, landingpages, etc.Content that is eithercreated by the client orby 3rd party and isoptimized and postedon the clients’ blog orweb pages.Finding influentialbloggers and creating alist of
  6. 6. Pandas, Penguins, and Penalties• Google Panda (2011) - filter “low qualitycontent”• Google Penguin (2012) - discourage / punishspam• Reasons for Penalties• Over Optimization• Bad or Suspicious Links• Virus & Malware• Lack of user experience• Duplicate/copied content• High Bounce Rate• PSST, don’t forget to talk about Authorship!!
  7. 7. What’s next…
  8. 8. User Intention – What is it theyseek?Research what your buyers want. You Are Not The Target.Consider what questions your prospects ask during the sales processUse Google analytics to uncover what makes users land on a page (&then blow it up!)• what keywords are they using• what are people entering in your site search box.“blending solutions forplastic packaging”“remote IO installations”“stereo 3D camera”
  9. 9. Build Content For Maximum EffectDesign your website with contentin mindDevelop & Optimize Content• Develop your own content• Obtain content from crediblesources• LinkedIn Posts• White papers• Guest Bloggers/Blogging• Webinars/How-to VideosTo reach as many people as youcan, you need to serve yourcontent up in different
  10. 10. Challenges B2B Marketers Facewww.BeFoundOnline.com64% of B2B marketers say that producing enough content was their#1 challenge.43% of B2B marketers are developing both in-house andoutsourced content.• Outsourcing vs. Hiring• Ongoing process• How much is enough?Source: Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs Study of 1,416 B2B marketers in North America
  11. 11. Integration Matters, Especially in B2BAlign navigation with content goalsIntegrate Content• Use flexible CMS to tie content to aproduct/category• Consider page lay out with case studies• Integrate content using best practices• Ability to share content directly to socialmedia channelsBest Practices for Article OptimizationIf you really want to convert visitorsand nurture your audience, you mustbuild trust with them
  12. 12. If You Build It, Will They Come?Reach your target marketPath To Your Prospects• Multiple touchpoints• Social elements• 3rd Party EngagementResults• Higher page rank• Leads & conversions!How an optimized article can find its way toyour target
  13. 13. Remember These Three ThingsContent Marketing is a Popularity Contest• The more credible “friends” you have, the higher you’ll be rankedYour Competition is Focusing Efforts on ContentMarketing• What is your strategy for 2013?Make Sure Content Strategy is Part of Your Website(re)design• Integrate content alongside your products. Add videos, blog posts,articles – they don’t have to be yours, just make sure you cite
  14. 14. Gratuitous Site Launch GuidelinesRule Numero Uno – Redirect 80% of your Organic Traffic• If Google can’t find the new pages, they can’t send trafficRobots.txt is your friend!• Use to keep search spiders from finding unwantedcontent• Also comes in convenient Meta tag formKeep your content close!• Never move products extra clicks away• Shorten the distance between the Top and Products ifyou can• Avoid assigning products to multiple categories ifpossibleManage your Meta• Page Titles are still a very important tag for Google(others too, but I’m out of space…)Random Thinkages• Don’t outsmart Google• Crawl the site yourself(Visual WebSpider, ScreamingFrog, Xenu)• Watch indexation &use Webmaster tools• Check “site search”behavior immediatelyafter launch• Analytics is not just afriend, it’s your
  15. 15. Gratuitous Upper Management SlideIt’s not an Expense, it’s an Investment• Websites cost money – Online Marketing prints itAim for Efficiency• New platforms need to do more than be a prettysite – it has to make life easier in several waysMake the Kool-Aid, don’t drink it• Remember, they are marketing to you, same asyou are them…look under the hood, talk tousers, check out user groups (get your nerd on)Objectivity pays the rent• Pet platforms are great and so are petdevelopers, but pick the one that’s truly right for thejobRandom Thinkages• There’s often no cure for“El Jefe’s” pet platform!• Support your decisionswith metrics: ConversionRate, Bounce Rate andLifetime/Average Value• Save yourself from anROI calculation if youcan• Analytics is not just afriend, it’s your
  16. 16. Be InspiredBe PassionateBe CreativeBe AmazingWhy BFO?◦ Search tailored to your businessgoals◦ Success across many platforms◦ We solve technical SEO problemsevery day◦ We do more than SEO◦ We love helping clients makemoneywww.BeFoundOnline.comSteve Krull◦◦ 877.553.6863 (call the office)◦ 773.904.1182 (or hit me directly!)◦