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Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign for Impact and Results


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-What is an integrated marketing campaign?
-What are the foundational elements that must be addressed?
-How do you know you've succeeded?

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Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign for Impact and Results

  1. 1. Marketing to Engineers How To Create an Integrated Marketing Plan ….painlessly Maryanne Steidinger, Dir. Software Marketing, Schneider Electric
  2. 2. What I’ll Cover What is an integrated marketing campaign? What are the foundational elements? How do you know you’ve succeeded?
  3. 3. All aspects of getting your message/product to market Consistently Effectively Measurably Integrated Marketing Plan
  4. 4. Driving Guidance: the “4 P’s” of Marketing
  5. 5. Elements of an Integrated Marketing Plan (from 4P’s) • Establish the prices • Understand the product (positioning/value statements) • Who are your customers? • Develop or prepare your channels • Promote it! – Understand who your influencers are – Direct & indirect – Consistent look/feel/images throughout campaign
  6. 6. What are you selling & who are you selling it to? Understand your buyer: habits, info gathering Go there & create your materials to reach them Support the buying cycle
  7. 7. Prepare Your Channels • Pricing strategy • Packaging • How to sell • Education • Promotions • Over-communicate
  8. 8. Who can influence your sale? Be present Be active Use for thought leadership & promotional activities
  9. 9. How do you get your plan done? • Make it measurable • Socialize it • Get it bought off • EXECUTE WHILE YOU CAN things change • Iterate
  10. 10. What makes it “integrated” • Consistent look & feel across all venues • Consistent messaging & call to actions • Using all elements to build to goal Email signatures Banner ads Web ads Printed ads Sales decks Social
  11. 11. Social Media Imperative “Cheap” Simple Effort What you need: •Content experts •Social knowledge •Commitment to the process What you get: •Followers/Community •Dialogue •Thought leadership
  12. 12. Example: “Blog Central” Subject Matter Experts Separate Communities Share ideas, concepts Repost industry news with commentary
  13. 13. Have You Succeeded? • Sales are one measure • But what about…external – Thought leadership – ROI’s/RFP’s/inquiries – Invites by analysts/media/events – Social chatter – Becoming the norm • Internal – Sales force/s are educated & selling – Your “ecosystem” (partners, etc.) are engaged – Pipeline/mindshare is building – It becomes natural vs an afterthought to offer
  14. 14. Thank you!