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After the Election: What's Next for Manufacturing?


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Where is U.S. manufacturing at? How can it grow, both within the U.S. and as a global powerhouse? What’s the state of global manufacturing, and what are its greatest challenges.

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After the Election: What's Next for Manufacturing?

  1. 1. After the Election: What’sNext for Manufacturing?
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  4. 4. • Larry Turner,President andCEO, Hannover FairsUSA, Inc.• Bob Vavra,Plant Engineering ContentManager and ModeratorSpeakers
  5. 5. After the Election: What’sNext for Manufacturing?Bob VavraContent Manager, Plant Engineering
  6. 6. Where we stand today• Manufacturing is on the upswing:• ISM data positive for four straight years• „Rightshoring‟ of jobs continues• Manufacturing gaining attention
  7. 7. 2012 Salary Survey data:Conditions improving
  8. 8. 2012 Salary Survey data:New manufacturing regions
  9. 9. 2012 Salary Survey data:A focus on quality, safety
  10. 10. 2012 Salary Survey data:And still, our biggest issue…
  11. 11. After the Election: What’sNext for Manufacturing?Larry TurnerPresident and CEOHannover Fairs USA, Inc.
  12. 12. Challenging Environment• Continued uncertainty in the United States• US economy is forecast for modest growth in2013 (<2%) *– Slow first half with improvement later in the year• Advanced economies forecast for modestgrowth in 2013 (<1.5%) *• Need for manufacturers to continue improvingefficiencies* Source:
  13. 13. Opportunities• Emerging and developing economies projected average growth of5% in 2013 *– China -- 7.5%– India -- 4.7%– Other developing Asia -- 5.0%– Latin America -- 3.0%– Middle East -- 2.2%– Africa -- 4.2%– Russia, Central Asia & -- 2.9%Southeast Europe• Leverage international growth and diversification through increasedexport activty• US Government is “here to help”* Source:
  14. 14. Federal Government Initiatives• National Export Initiative – released in 2010 with goalof doubling US exports in 5 years (• Execution through State Trade & Export Program(STEP)– Managed through SBA (– Support small firms grow exports• Manufacturing: Maximum number of employees may range from500 to 1500, depending on the type of product manufactured– Administered by each state – contact your State EconomicDevelopment Organization for more information
  15. 15. STEP – What type of support?• Support for small business participation in foreigntrade missions and foreign market sales trips• Subscription to services by the Department ofCommerce• Website translation fees• Design of international marketing media• Trade show exhibitions• Participation in training workshops• Other export initiatives determined to beappropriate by the SBA
  16. 16. Deutsche Messe Worldwide
  17. 17. 11 flagship fairs17
  18. 18. The five core themes of HANNOVER MESSE 2013HANNOVER MESSE 2013Research andDevelopmentIndustrialSupply, ProductionTechnologiesand ServicesPowerTransmissionand ControlEnergy andEnviron-mentalTechnologyIndustrialAutomationand IT
  19. 19. Lead theme for HANNOVER MESSE 2013IntegratedIndustry• Integration of ITinto all industrial processes• Intelligent networking ofwork pieces, components andmachines• Communication across industryand enterprise boundaries
  20. 20. Partner Country Russia• World‟s sixth-largest economy• economic growth: 3.5 % per year• gross domestic product 2011: about USD 1.884 trillion• Russia largely unaffected by European debt crisis• Europe‟s biggest gas supplier – key role in energy systemtransformation• Top industrial sectors• Mechanical and plant engineering• Chemicals and petrochemicals industry• Automotive manufacturing• Russia‟s participation at HANNOVER MESSE is a key part of theoverall Year of Russia in Germany and Year of Germany in Russia2012-13 program• Focus on green technologies: 2013 Year of Sustainability inRussia• Opportunity for new, long-term contacts and partnerships• Russia‟s input coordinated by Russian Ministry of Industry andTrade
  21. 21. Thank YouLarry TurnerPresident & CEOHannover Fairs USA, Inc.LTurner@hfusa.com609.987.1202
  22. 22. Questions and Answer Session and Exit SurveyQuestion?Type your question in the “Questions & Answers” box on theWebcast console and click “Send.” We will get to as manyquestions as we have time for.Exit Survey:Please take a moment to answer a few questions on our exitsurvey that should pop up on your screen. We use the answersto help make improvements to our webcast program.
  23. 23. • Larry Turner,President andCEO, Hannover FairsUSA, Inc.• Bob Vavra,Plant Engineering ContentManager and ModeratorSpeakers
  24. 24. After the Election: What’sNext for Manufacturing?