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Tina Marie's Poetry Ebook Edition


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Tina Marie's Poet

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Tina Marie's Poetry Ebook Edition

  1. 1. For God so greatly Loved the Earth For God so grealty loved the Earth He filled its space with endless mirth He added lifeforms way up high Among the Earth Beneath the sky God saw on Earth that all was good Upon Earth’s flawless neighborhood Then placed his image unto man Throughout his master genius plan And then when all his work was done To Earth He sent his only son ~ Tina Marie
  2. 2. For God so greatly Loved the Earth
  3. 3. Cover “Tina Marie’s Poetry”.................................. IPoem “For God so Greatly loved the Earth”.... VI AMERICA America BLESSINGS A Gift of Heaven Sent I Look unto the Sunshine CONSCIENCE Respect The Rules for men inside their Hearts DISORDER Cancer
  4. 4. EARTH Gift of God The Guide and IThe Sun’s a Diamond in the Sky There Once was a Garden This World we live In If Only I Were Queen THE FACEBOOK WAY The Facebook Way FAMILY Grandpa and I HEALTH The Cell INSIGHTWhere on Earth are all the Seers LIFE Days like TheseHow sad to find your not at Home Life under the Sky Life’s Constant Lessons The Staircase of our Lives
  5. 5. NATURE I’ve Walked by the side of the Ocean’s Floor Nothing makes more sense to Me The Falling Leaves from Autumn’s Trees The Sycamore PEACE If I were but an Eagle Today I walked the Gardens PRAYERHeavenly Father full of Grace Please Protect this Precious Place STRENGTH Courage WINTER Angels in the Snow WISDOM Basil and the Seed Time is of the Essence What’s my husband suppose to be Priceless Known Reflections Words Words
  6. 6. Our country cries with tears of pain that fall upon its lands of grain that once were rich and so alive today can barely now survive Our country grieves with great despair the damage done beyond repair A nation once so big and strong is wounded now by what went wrong She held her own throughout the years was home to those who fought her fears who stood beside the land they knewand watched how strong and proud she grew Together many shared a dream and built on visions they’d redeem Success was theirs as freedom poured through faith and hope they all had stored America… Land of the Free? known all too well by you and me is stricken now by laws that stand of which she cannot understand that seize all justice, peace and hope she knows not how to breathe nor cope she struggles as she moves along the weight upon her… much too strong
  7. 7. This land once made for me and youendures the pain that she’s been throughher quest in search of what went wrong remains unseen as she moves on tis grim as man plays out his part while constantly she’s torn apart America oh can’t they see that time has but forsaketh thee It’s changed the land that once before stood out within her every coreWhere those who loved the land they knew could witness dreams today too few Within a nation under God thus formed for peace and hope to trod
  8. 8. When I was just a little girl one ordinary day My parents sent me to your home and there is where I’d stay Although I can’t remember of the day or time I went The decision made to send me was a gift from heaven sent Without no hesitation you and Grandpa soon worked out a plan that proved the wisest without a shadow of a doubt No one said it would be easy for you to raise again once more but that’s exactly what would happen when you both were called on for God has blessed me with good fortune during each and every daywith special loved ones with such patience that allowed for me to find my way Your house was home to other children of which were siblings of my own I just was not the only child with whom you kindly shared your home
  9. 9. You both were counselors even teachers our eyes and ears when we were small you picked us up when we had fallen you both together did it all I can’t recall a single moment that I felt scared nor quite concerned about my future accommodations where I would live or where I’d learn And as the years keep moving onward as time maintains her steady stance I’d like to thank you for your efforts for having given me that chance A chance for sharing all those lessonsthat I was taught throughout the years A chance for hope about my future because you both were always near A chance to live my life contently while I was always in your care today I wrote this note to tell you this time it’s Me who will be there
  10. 10. Today I see the basis Of things that are to come I know I must not falter I hear life’s clinching hum I entertain the notion That time is on my side And use my seconds wisely As God is but my Guide I look unto the sunshine Although the day looks sad I focus on what’s happyAnd things that make me glad Just then can I accomplish The tasks I have this day And handle all the burdensThat choose to come my way
  11. 11. Respect How often is it heard? This considerate Worthy Proper word Do we possess it Do we know Like trees Respect has got to growRespect needs tending in our care We can not leave it anywhereWe must not keep it locked away We need to show it every day Respect Is built throughout the years And falls well upon Attentive earsIt stands the test that time will give If kept alive as we all liveA life that welcomes what’s correct While giving others our respect
  12. 12. A father has a crucial role Just hidden there inside his soul A manuscript towards earthly men Well written with Gods holy pen A script that all Earth’s men must see That shows him how he ought to be A simple plan that sets apartThe rules for men inside their hearts To love to nurture teach and showTheir little ones so they might grow Amongst the Earth without delay A life worth living every day A father helps his child fulfill The lessons learned and spread good will Towards Earth and others everywhere When loving fathers choose to.... Care
  13. 13. Uncontrolled it sets its course In silence it begins It’s made itself at home inside The world it’s found within Every hour Every minute Every second of the day It will not rest while causing havoc While moving slyly on its way So many times it’s unattended It is misjudged and well unknownIt drags its pace through unawareness By those who carry what’s unshown The clock is ticking ever slowly While what is hiding takes command It spreads its arms to build its army And feeds its soldiers on demand It sets its march on moving forward Its danger looms across the board The evil grows without containment Intended well to harm and hoardIt has a bright advanced new network That uses tactics to it known That redirects it’s victim’s lifeline Unto the army all its own As Pain and anguish soon arises It will decide to show its face It will discern not one or other
  14. 14. No matter color, creed nor race It does not care who is its victim It will not bargain nor debate Once it has planted its destruction It will not stop nor will it wait It does not plan for a surrender It will not ever try to stall As any other army functions It won’t stop till it has it all I’ve seen the fury of its anger I’ve seen the mark it leaves behind I’ve felt the pain of the afflicted Inside the burrows of my mindTis much to painful to acknowledgeHow sometimes nothing can be done Its even more to know the battle Is very far from being won Unless a clever confrontationOf wit and knowledge blocks its path Preventing this unwelcome traitor To carry on its evil wrath
  16. 16. Tina Marie’s Poetry©
  17. 17. I stopped to hear this bird today what was he trying so hard to say his music struck my very soul I understood that was his goal I listened closely at what I heard from this impressive stunning bird the sounds he used were so intense as he just stood there on the fence I had to take a closer look and as he sang I softly took the time to place him on my arm as we both stood there on the farm We gazed into the fields you see of this vast land’s infinity and felt the winds of Nature’s churn that pressed against our every turn The singing stopped to my surprise The farms floor dropped before my eyes I found myself behind this wall that turned itself into a ballThe bird flew quickly towards the space where this big ball spun at its pace and turned himself into a light that stood above this ball so bright The light allowed for me to see the Earth right there in front of me I felt some comfort fused with pride as I could see what was inside
  18. 18. A world where Nature was intense Where Earth’s perfection was immense Inhabitants that walked these lands abided by Earth’s great demands The creatures there both big and small were harmless in this great big ball They stood beside the humans there were free to roam round everywhereThey grazed and played among the Earth so energized and full of mirth I looked back up into the light that let me see this world’s delight and asked if I could walk around this perfect place where I was bound The light grew dim, as did the view I started passing right on through The force that kept me in my space just vanished from this pleasant place The singing bird that turned to light was now within my piercing sight he flew with me through new frontiers that proved to be before my years“What is this place my feathered friend?” “Why am I here and on you depend? What happened to the days I know where they refuse to let us grow where those who in the name of greed have taken all our precious seed?” He spread his wings so wide apart and placed his right one on my heart and said these words I understood I knew from then on that I would
  19. 19. remember them forever more they told me what we had in store “The human heart has lost its place in humans who, refuse the space of Nature’s right upon your land to feed the world at God’s command They took the seeds from Mother Earth placed there by God upon its birth which fed the hungry and the live and kept them healthy and alive And as it’s written it shall be the just will earn eternity the wicked ones and all their worth will be cut off of Planet Earth For those who sin below the sky without remorse for those who cry shall soon receive what they have earnedand the Earth they’ve harmed they soon will yearn” I stopped a moment to take a look as I approached this crystal brook I crossed it’s bridge so I could see it’s water that astonished me I saw some signs of life below of creatures moving to and fro fishes of the strangest kind the type you’d think you’d never find They swam with grace as they moved on to other parts and soon were gone I moved on closer to the brook where I bent over as I took some crystal water in my hand and drank it to my hearts demand
  20. 20. I felt it nourish every cell It made me feel so very well I turned to look unto the bird that bathed himself without a word beside a space where water ran where this fresh water brook began “Tell me bird, I need to know how water here can nourish so It leaves a sense of health inside no other water can provide” The bird looked up and said to me “You’ve drank the water now you see… where you are from they’ve found a way to take the things God made to stay The seeds, the water, sun and air are vital things that God sent there They take and take without remorse they’ve driven Earth way off it’s course They’ve found a way to steal the Sun from Planet Earth and everyone And when they make their final blowTowards all the things that make Earth grow A vicious process will ensue for all those on the Earth with you” I left the brook to walk through fields that had such stunning fruitful yields The soil where all these foods were grown were rich in nutrients all its own I thought how back there on my land the growth of food is in the hand of those who like to change the seeds
  21. 21. regardless of all life forms needs They challenge science day by day turned predators and Earth their prey Too blind to see what they have done to Planet Earth and everyone How is it man’s allowed himself to wreck the Earth in search of wealth till all is ruined in the name of their own selfish greedy game It’s sad to see how man has changed creating laws that are deranged that lack the use of common sense and harm the Earth at our expense I took a moment to reflect and pay this world its due respect I now would speak to those I’d seen among those wondrous plains of green By then someone approached my side The bird had now become my guideWe walked towards those who picked the trees and ate the fruit then saved the seeds They then would place them in the ground where other seeds lay that were found “I wish you all the finest day and wish that all those seeds you lay will keep producing when they should the finest fruits that this Earth could” The Guide was humble, nice and meek His presence one that all should seek
  22. 22. good mannered, honest, patient, kindthese things back home you just can’t find Qualities my guide did own were not a gift to him alone The ones I saw that lay their seed had qualities as his indeed The peace and comfort of this place was written there upon their face They had no faults that one could see they thrived with generosity “We receiveth all the good you bring May Earth rejoice and pheasants sing You brought with you the keeper who will learn to heal the Earth with you Upon his journey ahead in time he must not leave you far behind for you will be his main defense from those who honor false pretense who fail to recognize the needs that Earth provides within its seeds” The Guide just listened till the one who instructed him was almost done He knelt right there upon the floor as the one who spoke would start Once more…
  23. 23. “Earth’s water, soil, skies and lands are in the keeper and in your hands You must prevent what’s going on before what’s left of Earth is gone Right then and there I understood I was to go back when I could to change the future of the seeds along with all the wicked deeds “Behold,” I said to their surprise “Who runs that whole huge enterprise? I know not where I’ll be nor stand nor what I’ll say nor do on land The day that I from here depart I will not know just how to start” Before I finished what was saidall life forms there just raised their heads They stared at what appeared to be the sky transformed into a sea The forms of life that filled the sky were sealife now there way up high I saw how whales could freely roam in that huge priceless endless home A sound was heard among the wavesIt echoed as if from the seas deep caves I could hear a voice down fell a scroll the voice read what would be my role: “Precious child of my creationsof which I’ve placed on firm foundations to live in peace and share the worth of all the goodness of the Earth
  24. 24. I’ve sent for you so you could see just how the Earth’s suppose to be How Earth possessed and shared its wealth abundance thrived and so did health Life forms roamed and had it all upon this gracious abundant ball Today you’ve witnessed and must comply go back to Earth and testify of all that you have seen and done the world must know what’s soon to come May all that’s good by their own hand redeem the Earth and all Earth’s land For those resisting to abide by placing all that’s good asideshall crave the home they’ve known since birth and lose their place on Planet Earth” I’d seen the berries and the bees The earthworms and the living trees Marvelous birds and butterflies brought graciousness throughout the skies I saw the brooks, the hills and streams A place you see throughout your dreams I felt the peace and love inside that this here place did well provide There was no greed, no claims nor strife to disturb that cycle we call life This place belongs to beast and man to work with Earth as best they can
  25. 25. This wondrous chance for me to see the Earth right there in front of me rejoicing in its very own true luxuries that it has grown have opened up a place inside my inner being I now can’t hide I’m grateful to have seen myselfthe grace of God through Earth’s vast wealth and share this vision close at hand through our creators great command He walked me through the fields of grain to show me all we must regain so Mother Nature may provide the Earth with what she needs to thrive The seas above turned back to sky The time had come to say goodbye And count my blessings one by one for now my journey had begun The Guide and I would soon appear back on the Earth I loved so dear We both would be back on the farm that stunning bird upon my arm The bird would follow me that day and join me as I knelt to pray We now would let the whole world know the things they need to just let go To find the path that leads to life they need not live by sin nor strife They need not struggle on their own just share the things they all have grown
  26. 26. For that great deed of giving bringsmore than the wealth of all Earth’s kings And if they live by this command and learn to grow their food on land they need not worry who to please nor need they worry bout disease For if their will to learn is greatthe things they’ve lacked God will create Strength and knowledge will ensue for all of those who follow through and with the tools they will possess they’ll fix the worlds uncalled for mess I learned to preach what I was told to all the Earth, the young and old The rich the poor, the proud and meek I preached and preached till I was weak But all along I did provide the singing bird who was my Guide He sang his songs and sealed the fate of all the ones that would relate We worked together hand in hand we spread the word throughout the land As others gathered all around they learned to till and sow the ground They thanked our Father for the day that he had sent us on our way to bring back hope across the land through Man’s own Godly given Hand
  27. 27. The sun’s a diamond in the sky It sparkles while its way up high Its values priceless to the Earth There is no limit to what its worth The sun’s a diamond in the sky With qualities we can’t defy Its wealth is shared among us all Through rays of light that never stall To planet Earth It brings forth riches Allowing us To have our wishes Of all of them the greatest one Is to always have Our only Sun And even though We cannot spend This gem on which We all depend Of all the jewels Earth may possess I crave no other I confessThen the one that shines from way up high That great big diamond in the sky
  28. 28. There once was a garden so perfect and sublime It was a part of our planet at the beginning of time It is written that this garden held such fruits unto man to fulfill what was needed at the reach of his hand Of every tree in the garden man was given the choice To eat to his satisfaction fill his need and rejoice But there existed as well a yet more captivating treeof which no one was to eat from or they would die instantly So without hesitation man continued his day While his wife was confronted by a snake which would say: “If you eat from the tree you were told not to tryyou will be as wise as the Father and will surely not die”
  29. 29. And as the wife listened closely she then looked at the treewhich was desirable to look upon and so pleasing to see She took joy in consuming from the tree known to man both herself and her husband while it stood on the land They gave in to the serpents most clever of lies while they ate from the tree that would be our demise They refused to give value to the blessings they had but instead made the serpent quite lucky and glad for the moment they decided to eat from that tree both the wife and her husband would immediately see how the result of their actionswould soon make them both wise in a way not expected of which they’d never devised for the wisdom acquired would prove painful and sad now they lacked all the riches from that paradise they had
  30. 30. Among the blessings and riches that they both left behind Was a life everlasting of both body and mind And so today we must carry all the weight of that daythat was created in that garden that the Lord took away
  31. 31. This world we live in spins around As all inside it settles down It spins and spins amongst itselfWhile bound in space on heavens shelf It takes its time so patiently As it goes round incessantly Unnoticed it so ever stern Secures our fate with every turn This world we live in spins around It never stops as it goes round Allowing life that lies within To thrive and grow with every spin As other planets out in space Our Planet Earth maintains its pace It’s never quit the job it’s got It never rests nor has it stoppedThis precious world where we are found Of which goes slowly round and round Will keep us safely on the ground Till… This world we live in settles down
  32. 32. Today I sit in silence My grief towards Earth unseen How things would be so differently On Earth if I were Queen The world would greet tomorrow As eager as the dayIn which their dreams had all come true As blessings came their way If I were Queen selected My kingdom would be Earth The praises I’d receive in life Could only come from birth The riches that would fill me None other but to see That I’ve fulfilled my place on Earth With vast integrity No king would overrule such Decisions put in place That favored good among the Earth And all the Human Race I’d make my presence sought for All of Nature make my friend And walk a line of servitude Of which would never end
  33. 33. Today I sit in silence I can only just pretend That I can’t see Earth’s misery That calls out for a friend A friend who hears and listens That takes time to make senseThat lets Earth talk as they go walk Within Earth’s hidden fence If I were Queen this lifetime Of a reign yet to be seen On Earth I’d render justice If I were but the Queen
  34. 34. From North America throughout Japan The World’s become a Facebook Fan Many people spend their day the whole new Facebook Fashion Way They tag they search they post it all upon each others Facebook Wall They add new friends They learn new things They’re prone to all that Facebook brings Facebook… Gee where does it end? I see it not but just extend To other regions not well known that still remain quite on their own Till Facebook ends their solitude and gets them in the Facebook mood So they may join those to this daythat choose to live The Facebook Way
  35. 35. When I was a child Way back in the day My Grandpa and I Took a trip for the day It was a Saturday morning And together once more I was alongside my Grandpa Just like many times before The birds were out singingOn such a warm summers day I listened ever so closely Just to hear what they’d say Was the music that drove me Towards a love of the Earth A connection in childhood That’s developed at birthI wore pastel colored clothing My Grandpa wore his best hatWe both stepped in his carriage And together there sat We drove on towards the city We admired the sights Of a city in motion That just shared its delights
  36. 36. The great friendly old sidewalks Just welcomed them all The young and the old The big and the smallAs they strolled through the city’s Most riveting sites With their faces a glow As they smiled with delight For without hesitation This great city did share Its treasures well… however And with whomever were there As we walked with excitementDown those well preserved streets We were struck by the smells Of some wonderful treats We enjoyed all the smiles Of all those who went by As they walked through the city Taking time to say Hi My Grandpa and I Shared huge treasures that day As we strolled through the city In the same accustomed way Contently we wandered As time passed us by For those were the days Of my Grandpa and I
  37. 37. I start my life out as a cellInside your body is where I dwell I do my part along the way to keep you going day by day I must work well while I survive to keep you healthy and alive Alot of things that I must do depend on what I get from YOU We’re partner.... we share each others fate It’s crucial we communicate! If you should fail and not provide then I may not work well insideMy functions would become impaired our tight bond broken that once was shared And if I could not figure out..... the functions you can’t live without I could not serve the way I would if I were sane in the way I should Big problems would occur within A disruptive process could begin If this should happen you will know how incorrect a cell can grow A vicious cycle when once begun is a battle that is hardly won
  38. 38. Your cells may start to lose their way causing them to go astray When all is working normally and taking place in harmony The body knows how to possessthe health that’s needed for success A fortress that.... will not fall fast A structure that..... is made to last To keep yourself alive and well you must not disregard the cell
  39. 39. Where on Earth are all the seers That walked the Earth for many years And told of many things to come To kings and queens and everyone? The insights of a different age Were seen more clearly by a sage They had the gift to so foresee What others could not skillfully Who remembers Earth’s great Seers The wise men known throughout the years That warned of things that were to comeFrom that strange world they all were from? They shared their thoughts without dismay Upon the worlds most darkest dayThey brought forth their most stunning views Well based upon the things they knew This stunning, brilliant, lofty sphere That we call home and love so dear Has sheltered long and far apart These men of old that came to part Who walked the Earth With lively grace At their own clever crafty pace
  40. 40. They had the gift to understand Earths futuristic coming planAnd showed their gifts to all who’d see What time has planned so quietly
  41. 41. Days like these so full of fears, can cause an awful lot of tears They carry burdens from the past along with sorrow spreading fast These days of ours seem to createan uneasy, puzzled, and lawless state A world where we no longer havethe things we did when we were glad Of all these days that well abound I wish for hope where it’s not found I wish for peace, respect, and love may blessings fall from up aboveAnd change these days of lesser worth to days of value on the Earth
  42. 42. How sad to find you’re not at home Your loved ones left now you’re aloneThey brought you to this brand new place Where all you see’s an unknown face They left you there with others who Just don’t seem to quite comfort you They tell you they will walk you round This great long hallway up and down Oh how you long to be back home And end this unforgiving poem Of how your life has just begun A chapter that is far from done The peace the love the life you had Home… the place that made you glad You wish you somehow could go back To get the joy that here you lack You think of all the things you did Way back when you were just a kid The way you raised your family How great they all turned out to be You think about life’s drastic turnsOf those who’ve taught and now can’t learn Who find themselves yet all alone How sad to find you’re not at home
  43. 43. It really doesn’t matter What we have while passing through It doesn’t matter what we’re given be them things both old or new It doesn’t matter where we’re livin nor if we’ve riches health nor shame It only matters what we’ve given While on this Passing Earthly Plain And if this life has ever praised you Time doesn’t care just who you are As time goes on our lives will carry Sure as the sunshine from afar The only thing that truly mattersAnd brings us peace when we shall dieAre our good deeds to Earth and others While living Life under the Sky
  44. 44. Today we share the blessings of a world thats so sublime Where nothing seems out of the questionthis is Earths greatest, most wondrous time Im truly thankful for my children for my husband and my lifeThe greatest wealth throughout my lifetime... comes as a mother, and a wife Ive felt the steady pain of living while standing lonely in the rain Ive witnessed life when unforgiving but have also felt lifes joys and gains Im grateful for lifes constant lessons that Ive received while on my wayTheyve helped me grow and help me reason on my most challenging and gloomy day I wish for peace and understanding for all who live upon the land Ive learned that life when too demanding can be so difficult to withstand. But as we pass through lifes safari through lifes most heavy-hearted day Ill always know that my tomorrow will be as I have lived today
  45. 45. We start our lives together As husbands and as wives We search for that lost treasure That will eventually fill our lives Step by step we climb the staircase Knowing soon we’ll reach the top Relying greatly on each other So neither one of us must stop As we go on we count our blessings That inexplicably come our way We trust in God to give us guidance So we may never go astray While we ascend this life long staircase We keep a log within our mind Of every step we’ve ever taken And all the ones we’ve left behind When we can document our records We wonder if we did our best While keeping up with Life’s conditions Throughout Life’s unforgiving test As we approach that final footstep We wonder how we’ve paved the way For all the ones that come behind usTowards their own staircase stepping days
  46. 46. I’ve walked by the side of the Ocean’s Floor Where seashells wash up on the shore The pressing wind breathes in my hair And tells me secrets it wants to share Majestic waves all listen in As Nature takes me for a spin Through Worldly Wonders I can see And feel and touch beside the Sea I walk by the side of the Ocean’s Floor Beside the Sea along the Shore I feel the sand beneath my feet The waters come and then retreat Nature takes me by the hand As I go walking through the sand The Breath of Life is in the Air While I’m a Guest in Natures care I walk beside the Ocean’s Floor The peace that I’ve been looking for Encircles me as it provides Such wonders here it cannot hide Seagulls fly above my head Contently as they all are fed They superbly fly across the sky So graciously and pass me by
  47. 47. I contemplate again once more My walks beside the Ocean Floor I walk and walk as I foreseeAn Endless Friendship with the Sea
  48. 48. Nothing makes more sense to me than breathing deeply by a tree To see the air after a storm how crisp and clear the day will form Nothing makes more sense to me than taking walks beside the sea Or resting there upon the sand beside the oceans open land Nothing seems to make more sense than pumpkin blossoms on a fence That brighten up a summers day and welcomes rain to come its way Each and every thing I see that just makes sense is dear to me Of all the gracious things I find the senseless things I leave behind For life has but allowed for me a certain place and time you see To mind the things that Earth has shown to let me know I’m not alone And although things at times are tenseI’ve seen and felt what things make sense so I can live more fruitfully the life that God has given me
  49. 49. The falling leaves from autumn’s trees have served their true intent They’ve sheltered all before their fall to Nature’s own extent Their colors boast of orange and red they soon get crimpled and dry They’ve held the sun since they begun their purpose in the skyThe falling leaves from autumns trees have dealt their final hand They’ve produced their shade and now they’ll fade to become a part of land Patiently a precious tree, awaits for birds to sing A vacant view for me and you till winter turns to spring When spring arrives as it must do great joy soon fills the air The time has come and growth begun new leaves form everywhere
  50. 50. The Sycamore If there’s one tree I just adore… I’d have to say the Sycamore It’s presence boasts vitality To all of those who choose to see It reaches high above the ground Into the air where it is bound And spreads its arms to fill the sky With leaves of which we all rely If there’s one tree I’d jump up for… I’d have to say the Sycamore The Earth is blessed to have it here Upon the soil throughout the year To keep us safe when there’s a storm And racing winds so strongly form I love to have this tree near by And watch the squirrels play way up high Where birds can sweetly shed their voice So we can hear if that’s our choice Of all the trees I’ve seen before The Sycamore stands out once more Swaying softly to and fro Its beauty calms the harshest soul Majestic, graceful full of pride Are qualities it just can’t hide Of all the trees Earth has in store This is the one I most adore
  51. 51. If I were but an Eagle If I were but an eagle I’d watch from way up high The beauty of the mountains While flying through the sky If I were but an eagle I’d fly above the sea I’d spread my wings wide open And glide as I were free There’d be no stress nor worries No anger nor despair I’d fly and fly Throughout the sky Without a single care Alone I’d greet the landscapes The valleys and the streams I’d meet the morning sunshine As she unveils her beams I’d reach unto the heavens I’d take the time to try To find my earthly calling That’s hidden in the sky
  52. 52. If I were but an eagle That had the strength to fly I’d live life to the fullest While flying through the sky Alongside Mother Nature I’d only be content If I were but an eagle My days would be well spentIf I were but an Eagle
  53. 53. Today I walked the Gardens Today I walked the gardens That others will not find They thrive like none here living Their grown inside my mind I take the time to feed them Through wisdom of my own While walking through these gardens These mindful gardens grown My flowers reach the heavens I’ve youth creating herbs My vegetables, their clever They entertain the birds I have no weeds to tend to No trouble causing bugs No viruses that linger Just garden craving hugs Today I walked the gardens The gardens I have grown I had no one beside me I walk them on my own If you could all but see them You’d know you’ll never find Such gardens such as Eden As those inside my mind
  54. 54. Heavenly Father full of Grace please protect this Precious Place Heavenly Father full of Grace Please protect this precious place Look out for our mountains our skies and our air Protect our world Father that cries out in despair Please provide us the knowledge to attend to the cries of our Earth’s desperation coming deep from inside Bless all that have suffered by Earth’s constant distress Shelter Comfort and love them and may their children thee bless And forgive us dear Father if we have sinned in your eyes By not attending Earth’s needs Earth’s changes Earth’s cries Please give us the guidance so that we may provide
  55. 55. The Earth with the tools Earth needs to surviveI thank thee dear Father for sharing the Earth It’s wonders its beauty and all of its worth The planets the stars the skies and the sea The mountains the rivers the flowers and the trees May all of thy good will towards us be done and may your spirit protect us always In the Name of Your Son
  56. 56. Courage is a force that comes from inside It will climb any mountain It knows not how to hide It will run any race Disregarding the track It will stand solid ground And never ever look backAnd no matter what challenge Or barrier appears... Courage stands its positionAs it heads through the years
  57. 57. It’s winter time again once more There’s snow all over like beforeThe weather is fresh it’s cool and clean The whitened grass has lost its green I throw my coat on out I go It’s time for angels in the snow I own this great big playful smile Oh how I’ve longed this quite a while The snow’s amazing on the floor Its striking volume even more I take a breath then dive right in Inside the Snow Flake Winters Inn I lose myself while I’m inside Amongst the snow I lay and hide I flip around upon my back And raise my arms above the cracks My legs let loose between the snow My winter angels start to show My focus lingers towards the sky The hours pass and there I lie A pass time for the life of me That lifts my soul and sets me free Winter time for all I know Is made for Angels in the Snow
  58. 58. There once was a girl that had something in her eye, it bothered so much that she started to cry. She called on her grandma to tell her about,this unwelcome invader who wanted not to come out. So with all of her wisdom from all of her years, her grandmother told her to wait, And Patience was called to hold back all her tears, as she refused to remain in this state. Sooner than later her grandma showed up with a tiny black seed in her hand, And told this poor girl the solution she found was a part of a plant on her land. "You see this here seed,” Grandma started to say "Its a remedy I learned long ago, and as soon as you drop it inside of your eye, only then will you certainly know.” “Oh nooo said the girl, I could never do that, if I did it would scratch up my eye,” "Dont be silly" Grandma said, "how do you expect to get well,
  59. 59. if you choose to not give it a try." The girl said no thanks as she nodded her head, turning down her wise grannies demands,while she looked at that tiny black seed granny had, and held impatiently there in her hand. Four days came and went and believe it or not Desperation was feeling at home and the girl took some time to recite not a rhyme but a verse that was more like a poem... "Ive tossed and Ive turned and I think I have learned that its time I should give in and try... this miracle seed that my grandma " believes" will take care of this thing in my eye!" So the girl walked the land that her grandmother owned in search of the seed she was shown, and right on the farm, was this wonderful herb, just the one her own grandma had grown. Well you see now the girl started picking some seeds then again she decided to pick more, she thought she would use what she needed and then, whatever was left she would store.
  60. 60. Now Courage took over and helped her to place just one of those seeds in her eye... and believe it or not it got lost in the lid and was not seen as the hours went by. No type of discomfortwas felt by the girl despite of this curious deed, she slept all night long and then when she awoke on the corner of her eye found the seed. "Its amazing" she said, as she looked at the seed “This here seed that is only a grain. Has the skill to ensure That my eye as before Is now free from discomfort and pain.” Now Basil is proud and is thankful as well of the advice that her grandmother gave she is happy indeed and impressed by this seed and hopes others will learn to plant and to save
  61. 61. Time is of the Essence In everything we doDon’t waste a single moment Our days on Earth are few And if you spare a moment Take some time to smileAt others who surround youYoull make your life worthwhile
  62. 62. What’s my husband supposed to be Besides someone who cares for me Besides a friend to call my own Who comforts me when I’m alone What will be his role on Earth Besides a father when I give birth Besides a man who lends a hand And picks me up when I can’t stand What’s my husband supposed to do When I cannot see things quite through Will he be there to impede my fall Will he be there should I just call To comfort, to be there, to stand by my side Will the man that I marry be there to provide Assistance, assurance friendship and love Will the man that I marry follow rules from above For any and every and all sorts of great thingsMay the man that I marry savor whatever he brings For whatever my husband will supposedly be I will definitely look out for when the times right for me
  63. 63. In the presence of Creation Deep inside the realm of thought I wander deep unto reflection From all that life has ever taught The vast instructions I’ve been given From all in life… The things I’ve seen Ex per I ence that lies within me The things I’ve built inside a dream In every sound I’ve heard this lifetime… To what my senses feel and touch… I hold my priceless known reflections As good as gold and kept as such
  64. 64. Words are like numbers they never run out they are used while we’re writing and are stressed when we shout While speaking or teaching while describing a bird we all share them in common…. the constant use of the word You may take them for granted or not question their use Which is why much to often they are reason for abuse Your words can cause triumphs worries or painWords are expressions we receive from the brain Only fools use them ineptly While the clever in them confide They acknowledge the power words used shrewdly provide Don’t ever think you are wise enough to interpret what you’ve heard If there’s one thing you should think twice about it’s the use of The Word
  65. 65. To all of those who share their worth Responsibly throughout the Earth I greet and give my thanks to you As part of Earth’s distinctive crew May Earth replenish in your care And flourish freely everywhereTo fill the eyes of all to see How great our Planet Earth can be
  66. 66. I ask you Lord to bless this day And thank you for the Earth todayThat we may live here safe and strongThroughout the Earth where we belongBless all our children help them know That Earth depends on them to growProvide them knowledge as they see Our Planet Earth responsibly So as they live their lives on Earth The Earth with them may share its worth
  67. 67. "Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, andthey will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." (Job 12:7-10)
  68. 68. To all of those who share their worth Responsibly throughout the Earth I greet and give my thanks to you As part of Earth’s distinctive crew May Earth replenish In your care And flourish freely Everywhere To fill the eyes of all to seeHow great our Planet Earth can be