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Exercícios present perfect tense


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Exercícios present perfect tense

  1. 1. EXERCÍCIOS PRESENT PERFECT TENSE I. Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use Present Perfect. Example: I _______ my father's car. (to wash) Answer: I have washed my father's car. 1) Karen _____________________ me an e-mail. (send) 2) Dave and Pat _________________________ the museum. (visit) 3) I __________________ at the pet shop. (be) 4) They _____________ already ____________ their rucksacks. (pack) 5) Marcus _______________ an accident. (have) 6) We _____________ the shopping for our grandmother. (do) 7) I __________ just _____________ my bike. (clean) 8) Emily ______________ her room. (paint) 9) Lisa and Colin __________________ to a concert. (go) 10) My friends _______________________ smoking. (give up) II. Choose the correct verb form for each sentence. 1. We ________ across the Pacific three times. a.( ) have sailed b.( ) have sail c.( ) has sailed d.( ) has sail 2. Someone ________ my video player! a.( ) have stole b.( ) have stolen c.( ) has stole d.( ) has stolen 3. They ________ a brand new sports car. a.( ) have just bought b.( ) have just buy c.( ) has just bought d.( ) has just buy 4. She ________ hard this semester. a.( ) have worked b.( ) have work c.( ) has worked d.( ) has work 5. I ________ since I left my house this morning. a.( ) have rode b.( ) have ridden c.( ) has rode d.( ) has ridden III. Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect. For example: "I play tennis." ANSWER: I have played tennis. 1. They ask for some soup. __________________________________________ 2. He travels on a ship. __________________________________________ 3. I see a raccoon. __________________________________________ 4. We drink all the soda. __________________________________________ 5. She borrows my pencil. __________________________________________ 6. You eat my apple! __________________________________________