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19.11.2013 presentatie HoGent


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Presentatie Ecologie & Economie

Published in: Business, Technology
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19.11.2013 presentatie HoGent

  1. 1. Ecologie & Economie
  2. 2. Planet   Profit   People  
  3. 3. Planet   Profit   People  
  4. 4. Planet  
  5. 5. Planet   Society  
  6. 6. Planet   Society   Economy  
  7. 7. Economie
  8. 8. Het doel van een economie is het verhogen van Maatschappelijke maatschappelijk m e e r w a a r d e welzijn.
  9. 9. h3p://  
  10. 10. Planet   Society   Economy  
  11. 11. “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” - Richard Buckminster Fuller
  12. 12. Manifesto for the new materialism     1.  Liking ‘stuff’ is okay, healthy even – We can learn to love and find pleasure in the material world 2.  Wherever practical and possible develop lasting relationships with things by having and making nothing that is designed to last less than 10 years 3.  Get to know things – Before you acquire something, find out at least 3 things about it 4.  Love stuff – Mend, maintain and re-use things until it is no longer possible, then recycle them 5.  Get active – Only acquire something new if you are also learning a new, useful skill 6.  Share – Look at all your things, think about what your friends might need or could benefit from, and share at least one thing a week
  13. 13. What about the economies of small? Is being bigger an intrinsic benefit in and of itself? •  If your goal is to make a profit, it's entirely possible that less overhead and a more focused product line will increase it. •  If your goal is to make more art, it's entirely possible the ridding yourself of obligations and scale will help you do that. •  If your goal is to have more fun, it's certainly likely that avoiding the high stakes of more debt, more financing and more stuff will help with that. Don't be small because you can't figure out how to get big. Consider being small because it might be be er.
  14. 14. From value-driven to purpose-driven e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p
  15. 15. @Plan_C_ @LeyssensJ