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10 Biggest Infrastructure Megaprojects in the World


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Which infrastructure projects will change our world? Flip through to see some of the most significant projects under construction.

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10 Biggest Infrastructure Megaprojects in the World

  1. 1. THE BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE 01 The massive trade and infrastructure development strategy by the Chinese government is aimed to connect the country with Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. The “Belt” refers to the overland routes for road and rail transportation, called “the Silk Road Economic Belt.” The “road” refers to the sea routes. $1-8 trillion 2049 Expected Completion
  2. 2. Crossrail is a 118-kilometer railway line under development to improve transportation to England’s largest city. LONDON CROSSRAIL 02 $17 billion 2019 Expected Completion
  3. 3. The project will connect Anaheim and downtown Los Angeles with the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco for a total trip time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. Future expansions are planned to connect to stations in San Diego County and Sacramento. Image courtesy California High Speed Rail CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL 03 Riverside Burbank Sacramento San Francisco Stockton San Jose Gilroy Modesto Merced Madera Fresno Kings/Tulare Palmdale Los Angeles Anaheim San Diego San Bernardino $77 billion 2025 2029 Expected Completion 1st leg 2nd leg
  4. 4. The extension to Paris’ Metro line to better connect the city center with suburbs will be the largest transport project in Europe. GRAND PARIS EXPRESS 04 $39 billion 2030 Expected Completion Image courtesy Kengo Kuma and Associates, Wikipedia: Hecktor, Paris Grand Express, CC BY-SA 3.0
  5. 5. The metro line in Saudi Arabia will consist of six lines spanning a total length of 176 kilometers, with 85 stations. RIYADH METRO 05 $23.5 billion 2019 2021 Expected Completion soft opening full availability Image courtesy BDP
  6. 6. A planned industrial development project between India’s capital, Delhi, and Mumbai. Currently, it’s the world’s second largest infrastructure project. DELHI–MUMBAI INDUSTRIAL CORRIDOR 06 $90 billion 2040 Expected Completion Image courtesy DMICDC
  7. 7. The under-construction Japanese maglev line will connect Tokyo to Nagoya. Eventually, the project will be expanded to Osaka. CHUO SHINKANSEN 07 $82 billion 2027 Expected Completion Image courtesy Wikipedia: Saruno Hirobano, Series L0 CC BY-SA 3.0,
  8. 8. The LAPSSET Corridor Program is Eastern Africa’s largest infrastructure development project bringing together Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. LAMU PORT AND LAMU-SOUTHERN SUDAN-ETHIOPIA TRANSPORT CORRIDOR 08 $29 billion 2020 Expected Completion Image courtesy Lapsset
  9. 9. The major expansion at Al Maktoum International Airport will increase the passenger capacity of the airport to 220 million people a year. As a result, the airport is expected to be the largest in terms of passenger capacity by 2050. AL MAKTOUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT EXPANSION 09 $32 billion 2030 Expected Completion Image courtesy
  10. 10. The project will be the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s first national passenger and freight railway network over 1,200 kilometers. ETIHAD RAIL 10 $11 billion 2024 Expected Completion Image courtesy Etihad Rail, Union Railway