Implementing Solar Powered Green House Scheme in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


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The Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Government of India, organized the 2nd 'District Collectors Conference', which took place on the 6th & 7th of September in New Delhi. Over 30 district collectors participated, making presentations on best practices to overcome challenges faced in the sectors of rural development, education, urban development, law & order, and disaster management. 

The Planning Commission is providing these presentations for the public to see examples of the good work being done by young IAS officers in the field, and to promote cross-learning and innovation.

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Implementing Solar Powered Green House Scheme in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

  1. 1. Date : 06.09.2013 TAMILNADU COIMBATORE DISTRICTCOIMBATORE DISTRICT Presented by Dr.M.Karunagaran I.A.S., District Collector
  2. 2. Objective  One of the flagship programme of Government of Tamil Nadu (CMSPGHS) aims at providing solar powered green house for the poor people living below poverty line in rural areas.  The Type design includes Hall, Bed room, Kitchen, Functional toilet and Verandah apart from Rain water Harvesting .  The total plinth area of the building is 300 Sqft.  The Estimate cost of each house is Rs.2.10 Lakhs which includes Rs.30,000/- for solar lighting system.
  3. 3. S.No Year Takenup Alocation ( Lakhs) 1 2011-2012 1507 2712.60 2 2012-2013 1497 2694.60 3 2013-2014 1497 3143.70 The Houses Taken up during 2011-12 & 2012-13 have been completed.
  4. 4. SPECIAL FEATURES  Minor changes in design permissible without altering the plinth area.  Dovetailing funds from MGNREGS and NBA for Toilet construction  Rain water harvesting structure in all the houses.
  5. 5. The Population of Kemmarampalayam Panchayat is 6175 and most of them belong to SC,ST community. People were not benefitted under any housing schemes, since they didn’t have own land. House site Pattas issued and houses constructed under CMSPGHS. All basic amenities provided - CC Road, BT Road, Water Supply, OHT, Retaining Wall – thro’ Self Sufficiency Scheme . Bank loans Rs. 25,000 also arranged for all houses. Solar Lighting provided.
  6. 6. Discussion with Beneficiaries
  8. 8. Inspection By Government of India OfficialsInspection By Government of India Officials
  9. 9. Under this scheme – Transgenders specially provided 30 houses in the same place with all the facilities listed above in Panchukattu pudur (Thekkampatti Panchayat) in Karamadai block of Coimbatore District
  10. 10. Salient features of THAI “Habitations” as the basic unit for implementation.  All facilities – Water supply, Street light, Road, Improvements to burial ground and any other facilities lacking in the habitation are provided.  Initial survey for identification of basic requirements and fulfillment.  Dovetailing allowed in MLACDS, MPLADS, 13th Finance Commission Grant, etc.  During 2011-12, 391 habitations covered with Rs. 1188.26 lakhs, 2012-13, 294 habitations, Rs. 1147.54 lakhs and 2013- 14, 206 habitations, Rs. 1116.76 lakhs.
  11. 11. Sl.No Habitation Range Panchayats Allocation per Panchayat (Rs. in lakhs) Total Allocation (Rs. In Lakhs) Minimum basic grant Additional Funds Total Funds 1 Below 5 138 20 0 20 2760 2 5-15 77 20 10 30 2310 3 16-25 10 20 20 40 400 4 Above 25 3 20 30 50 150 Total 228 5620
  12. 12.  Tiled Flooring,  False Ceiling,  Pucca Furnitures,  Book Rakes,  Board with attractive pictures,  AC, Audio & Video system,  TV, Computer,  Protected Water Supply etc Funds Used  Collector’s Discretionary funds, SSS (PC) and some other savings funds.  Anaikatti, Vanjiyapuram, Sangarayapuram, Kalimangalam, Valparai, Ramampalayam AD welfare schools benefitted.  6 nos of Adi Dravida welfare schools at an estimate cost of Rs. 34.42 Lakhs. As a Special initiative 6 Rural Adi Dravida Welfare Primary Schools have been provided with better modern infrastructure facilities like
  13. 13. Kalimangalam
  14. 14. Ramampalayam
  15. 15. Vanjiyapuram
  16. 16. Valparai
  17. 17. Anaikatti
  18. 18. Sankarayapuram
  19. 19.  100% attendance  More congenial atmosphere expressed by students and Teachers  Dropouts reduced  Increased feeling of pride about school by the students
  20. 20. Catchment area : 63 Sq.Km Tank bed area : 337 acre Storage capacity : 97 MCft Tank bund length : 2880 m
  21. 21. Before Desilting
  22. 22. During Desilting
  23. 23. During Desilting
  24. 24. During Desilting
  25. 25. During Desilting
  26. 26. During Desilting
  27. 27. After DesiltingAfter Desilting
  28. 28.  Desilted by the MGNREGS workers.  112 Km length distributaries channel at an estimated cost of Rs.77.58 lakhs.  Completed within 10 days and 52417 no of man days generated.  Time reduced to reach the water to tail end from 7 days to 4 days.  Speed of the running/flowing water will be optimized.  Avoiding wastage of water through seepage, consumption / evaporation through weed plants.  Appropriate irrigation to the cultivable area has been thus ensured.
  29. 29. Before After
  30. 30. Before After
  31. 31. In order to encourage the self-reliant attitude of the rural community and their participation, the Government of Tamil Nadu has a novel scheme called Self Sufficiency Scheme.  Implemented both in rural and urban areas.  Minimum 1/3rd contribution by public.  Above 50% contribution, donor can implement the work  Donor may be individuals, groups, institutions, public or private companies or from the community.
  32. 32. Sl No Year No of works Allocation (Rs. In Crores) 1 2011-12 79 9.42 2 2012-13 106 8.68 3 2013-14 61 6.54 TOTAL 246 24.64 By Creating Awareness about the scheme among the public, the district could achieve Rs.6.02 crores which is more than district annual target of Rs.3.50 crores