7 ideas on how ‘online technology’ can save the NHS


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  • 21stCorg Trustee UFI 6yrs Deputy Chair BDFL Digital strategy
  • 7 ideas on how ‘online technology’ can save the NHS

    1. 1. From Gutenbergto ZuckerbergNapsterisation of healthcareDonald Clark
    2. 2. Moodle 2001iTunes 2001Wikipedia 2001Blogger 2003Wordpress 2003Facebook 2003Linkedin 2003Flickr 2004Youtube 2005Twitter 2006Slideshare 2006Google docs 2007Dropbox 2007Evernote 2008Pinterest 2009Instagram 2011Google + 2011MOCs 2012
    3. 3. POLIC THEORYJade Lily & Torley Torgeson
    4. 4. HealthcareMore disintermediationin last 10 yearsthan last 1000 years
    5. 5. Oct 2000
    6. 6. Dec 2010
    7. 7. May 2011
    8. 8. • 20,000 calls a day - around 8 million calls a year• 40% of calls completed within NHS Direct, only seeking further advice if symptoms persist• Of patients given self-care advice, if NHS Direct had not been available 24% would have gone to A&E 31% to see their GP
    9. 9. HealthcareMore pedagogicchange in last 10 yearsthan last 1000 years
    10. 10. Coursera MOOCs on:Data analysisNutritionPrimary health careBiostatisticsPrinciples of obesity economics(175,000 students)
    11. 11. Informal learning
    12. 12. Spending paradox12010080 Formal60 Informal4020 0 Spend Learning
    13. 13. University of EindhovenRecording can IMPROVE a badtalk/lecture
    14. 14. HealthcareMore communicationchange in last 10 yearsthan last 1000 years
    15. 15. Texting
    16. 16. Skype
    17. 17. Skype
    18. 18. Social media
    19. 19. Libya
    20. 20. Learner benefits• Precis your thoughts• Learning too short or too long• Blogs make you concise but substantial• Writing = deep processing = retention• Aide memoire• Comments and dialogue• Good blogs have a ‘voice’
    21. 21. Teacher/trainer blogs• What I Taught This Week• second bite for students• expand with media & links• almost odd that a teacher, lecturer, trainer does not blogLearner blogs• What I Learnt This Week• reflect & summarise experience• higher retention/notes for revision• writing and communication skills• continuous formative assessment
    22. 22. Manager/leader blogs• humanises organisation• gives a voice• others get to know that person better• consistency, change managementExpert blogsInformal blogsPublished blogsBlogs: vastly underused teaching & learning toolhttp://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=blogs
    23. 23. "hello , this is Imogen, Jans daughter , just towarn you if you aremeeting up with her ordue in work from her orwhatever - she is inhospital after a strokeon monday night so willnot be able to doanything for a while."
    24. 24. “Nurses telling meboff for playing with my phone too much”“it is my lifeline and link thome and Ive had enough of this game can I stop now please?”“Salad today consists of grated carrot, cress - slices of orange and lemons.......truly weird”“Had a few blubbery moments over the weekend... I miss Imogen, I miss my as I just cant face it anymore ...”“Im going home hip hip hooraaaaay:):):)thank you everyone for your support these past 11weeks”
    25. 25. “ from my perspective it was you and all my other facebook friends sending me messages and just getting on with your daily lives that inspired me to get better – the world was still turning out there and I wanted to be included.”
    26. 26. Learner benefits• everybody’s there (1 billion+)• groups• tools (apps)• peer-to-peer• mobile
    27. 27. Learner benefits• in learning, less is more• plagued by cognitive overload• Twitter is short and sweet• boosted by rise in mobile• Twitter and professional network• Twitter as backchannel (#)• Twitter & courses/classes• Twitter & workplace learning (Yammer)
    28. 28. Twitter• Promote events• It’s the links that matter• Gather resources• Poll/opinions (twitpol.com)• Share resources (twitpic)
    29. 29. Tweetdeck
    30. 30. Twitter• Medical schools @yalemedicine• Medical Journals @bmj_latest• Health Organisations @whonews• Hospitals @mayoclinic• Medical Libraries @ymedlib• Academics• Students
    31. 31. Twitter• 140 healthcare uses for Twitter Phil Baumannhttp://philbaumann.com/2009/01/16/140-health-care-uses-for-twitter/• 50 ways to use Twitter in classhttp://www.onlinecolleges.net/2009/06/08/50-ways-to-use-twitter-in-the-college-classroom/• Twitter: less is morehttp://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Twitter
    32. 32. Learner benefits• TV out YouTube in• less is more• cheap to produce, free to distribute• quality not important• people, processes• vast resource• channels
    33. 33. Stanford University• New England Journal of Medicine• teaching hasn’t innovated in step with rapidly expanding body of medical knowledge• flipped course• core biochemistry class at Stanford’s medical school• attendance & attainmentscopeblog.stanford.edu/2012/05/stanford-professors-propose-re-imagining-medical-education-with-lecture-less-classes/
    34. 34. • familiar medium (PPT)• synchronise an MP3 audio file with slides to create a slidecast• conference talks• create and load• use any of hundreds of medical education slidesets• http://www.slideshare.net/russcucina/social-media- and-your-practice-ready-or-not-advances-in-internal- medicine-2012
    35. 35. > 1 BILLION >500m >175m >120m/hour 5th on web 4 billion views 6 billion per day
    36. 36. Social media & LEARNINGFind things Share resources & ideasSearch effectively with Google Share your calendarSearch the Social Web with other tools Share filesUseful sources on the Social Web Share weblinks Share photos, videos and screencasts Share presentationsKeep up to date Share ideas and experiences by bloggingMonitor new stuff web content Share ideas and experiences by podcastingRead industry, analyst & practitioner blogsSubscribe to blog/web feeds with an RSS reader Collaborate effectivelyBuild a trusted network Work collaboratively on a document Collaborate on ad hoc documents in real-timeFacebook Create a collaborative resource using a wikiLinkedIn Set up a group spaceTwitterYammerOther online communities Productivity gains Use a good web browserCommunicate effectively Use a personal online dashboard Use other personal productivity toolsGmail webmail Use other team productivity toolsSkypeGroup chat
    37. 37. M-learning
    38. 38. M-learning = learning on the move
    39. 39. HealthcareMore technical changein 10 years than last1000 years
    40. 40. • reusable microfluidic device• rapid, low-cost cell counts• measurements of electrolytes, proteins & other biomarkers• optics & nanostrip reagents for haematology, chemistry, and biomarker assays• from single drop of blood or bodily fluid
    41. 41. Napsterisation ofhealthcare:• democratisation• decentralisation• disintermediation
    42. 42. The future is alreadyhere….….it’s just not evenlydistributed.
    43. 43. 1) Everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal2) Anything invented before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting & creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it3) Anything invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it, until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really!Douglas Adams
    44. 44. Emaildonald.clark@hotmail.co.ukBloghttp://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.com/Twitter@donaldclarkFacebookDonaldClark