Sam Loewner - Using social media to improve outreach and engagement


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Presented by Sam Loewner on September 6, 2012 at the third annual Center for Health Literacy Conference: Plain Talk in Complex Times.

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Sam Loewner - Using social media to improve outreach and engagement

  1. 1. PlainTalk 2012 Social Media Workshop Using Social Media to Improve Outreach and Engagement Presented by Sam Loewner 06 Sept 2012 Plain Talk in Complex Times 1
  2. 2. Introduction and GoalsSam Loewner Workshop goals • Online communications • Define new and social media • Web strategy • New media • Help you determine how much you know about new mediaPrinciple: • Provide key tips for • Web brings equity to health communicating online service delivery • Discuss common questions and concerns that organizations have about new media 2
  3. 3. Leading QuestionsHow many of you use Facebook or Twitter for personalthings?How many of you use social networks as a part of your job?How many of you use a smartphone with applications?How do you rank your social media skills between 1 and 10? 1-4 7-10 4-7 3
  4. 4. Common DefinitionsNew media Media channels and tools that have emerged in the last several years. This includes social networks (like Facebook) and mobile applications. New media is the opposite of traditional media (like radio ads or posters).Social media A subset of new media that includes social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and social sharing tools (Twitter, YouTube, Google+). 4
  5. 5. Key Tips to Remember1. Learn about your online audience2. Present yourself as a certain kind of speaker3. Make content that works on social media4. Balance preparedness with spontaneity5. Create conversations, not lectures 5
  6. 6. Key Tip: Know the Audience – Who are they? Demographics * Indicates statistically significant difference between rows. Extra asterisks mean differences with all rows with lower figures. 6
  7. 7. Key Tip: Know the Audience What are they comfortable doing online? How and when are they listening? What do they currently watch and read? 7
  8. 8. Key Tip: Know the Audience – What do they do online? 8
  9. 9. Key Tip: Be a Good SpeakerYou can have a range of content types, but they should all fit withyour mission.A public health account doesn’t have to be all about sharing fluadvice. Above, @HealthyBoston is seeking healthy recipes – it fitswith their mission and provides some variety and fun. 9
  10. 10. Key Tip: Make Good Online ContentFour keys of good content: – Make it personal – Make it interesting – Make it urgent – Make it shareable 10
  11. 11. Key Tip: Good Content – Make it personal 11
  12. 12. Key Tip: Good Content – Make it interesting 12
  13. 13. Key Tip: Good Content – Make it urgent 13
  14. 14. Key Tip: Good Content – Make it shareable 14
  15. 15. Key Tip: Plan Effectively Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Application Contest Privacy Recommend Share a update announcement update other accounts/ behavior tip pages to read Reminder of Contest update Find and post Recommend Share a application a news article other accounts/ behavior tip deadline pages to read Highlight a Announce end Privacy Announce success story of contest update contest winner Purple = write and schedule ahead Green = more immediate and time-sensitive 15
  16. 16. Key Tip: Be Conversational  Imagine that only one person is reading the material  Picture yourself sitting face-to-face with your audience  Review everything before it’s published 16
  17. 17. Key Tip: Be Conversational Things to include:  Audio/visual content  Calls-to-action  Useful links 17
  18. 18. Additional Introspection How many of you think you could use social media for yourwork? How many of you want to use social media for yourorganization but have some concerns about it? How many of you are using social media now but feel likethere are some barriers that are preventing you fromaccomplishing some of your goals? 18
  19. 19. Case Studies: Audience GeneratedDoes anyone have a real life question or concern about usingnew media for outreach that they could share with us so wecan work through it as a group? 19
  20. 20. Case StudyA small-medium sized government health agency knows thatpeople in the area it serves are talking about it online in bothgood and bad ways. Right now it has no online presencebeyond a static website.It wants to monitor and be involved in the conversations asmuch as possible, but it doesn’t have the ability to dedicatestaff time to planning and implementing a new online strategy.What steps should it take? 20
  21. 21. Case Study1. Effective planning and goal setting2. Thorough review by staff with programmatic/operations knowledge3. Develop policies: privacy policy, comments policy, and engagement policies4. Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment5. Plan plenty of content in advance6. Branding plan – how will people know about it?7. Build content calendars for the future 21