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Daniel Patrick Forrester - Reflection in an age of immediacy


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Presented by Daniel Patrick Forrester, MBA, on September 26, 2013 at the fourth annual Center for Health Literacy Conference: Plain Talk in Complex Times.

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Daniel Patrick Forrester - Reflection in an age of immediacy

  1. 1. We have no time to think anymore! 28% 25% 20% 15% 5-12% Interruptions by things that aren’t urgent or important, like unnecessary email messages – and the time it takes to get back on track Productive content creation including writing email messages Meetings (in person, by phone, video and online) Searching through content, like the Web, digital communi- cations and paperwork Thinking and reflecting Source: Basex The New York Times
  2. 2. “Busyness” and Fragmentation of Time “Inter-Leaving” Source: Intel Multi-tasking Myth “Continuous Partial Attention” Source: Linda Stone
  3. 3. Time for Reflection Drives User Satisfaction By Situation By Communication Channel Alon e With clients, customers, prospects With direct reports, one on one With other employees With direct reports in group With external stakeholders With board or its membersOthe r Source: McKinsey Quarterly Face to face Asynchronous (eg. e-mail, voice mail) Phone Real-time messages Real-time video Othe r
  4. 4. Getting language right and really describing the problem
  5. 5. “Language conveys culture. In order to change the culture, you must change language. You cannot expect old language to carry new ideas.” –Admiral Art Cebrowski
  6. 6. Getting the Big Ideas Right
  7. 7. Rapid Contemplation: Rethinking War in the Middle of War
  8. 8. Petraeus Leadership Framework Communicate Ideas within Organization 2 Oversee & implement Big Ideas 3 Capture/Share Refinements To Big Ideas 4 1 Get the “Big” Ideas Right
  9. 9. Some Big Takeaways Today: 1. The State of Deep Thinking is under attack— reflection is the antidote 2. Effective communications happen when you: • Get the language & problem description right • Get the ‘big ideas’ right • Create cultures of learning