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Website Redesign checklist


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Deciding to redesign your real estate website is not to be taken lightly. The first question you need to ask yourself is why. Is your current site generating leads for your business? Does it reinforce the brand you are trying to represent? Does it present you as the expert that you are? And let's assume you are an expert otherwise you shouldn't be pretending. This checklist is a starting point for the redesign process. We've created a more detailed guide when your ready to get serious. . The most import thing is to be honest with yourself and do something to improve your situation.

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Website Redesign checklist

  2. 2. Website Re-Design: ChecklistEvaluate existing website Plan out your redesign Assess the quality and volume of your site content Set specific, time-sensitive goals to: Decide what kinds of content are missing Increase conversion rates Determine how your site ranks for major keywords Increase sales Track your inbound links Generate more leads Get feedback from existing users Reduce overhead costs Evaluate your lead generation and conversion numbers Improve market share Evaluate your labor and marketing costs Improve brand awareness Ignore logos, looks, and competitor activity Choose a professional designer that knows real estate Decide whether you need to redesign Discuss your goals with your designer Adjust goals as neededRedesign your website Evaluate your new website Tailor your site to your customer niche Avoid using flash Test your new site for bugs, adjust as needed Don’t create a mobile site Measure new site against your short term goals Make sure your design is flexible Measure your goals again after three months Encourage agents to create their own individual sites Measure your goals again after six months Spend money on creating quality content Evaluate your new site’s overall performance and Develop an ongoing plan and schedule for creating improvement new content Make adjustments as needed For more detail: