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The Demystification of Content Marketing Infographic

If you asked 100 marketers to answer the question “What is content marketing?” you would get more than 100 answers. My journey as a marketer has set me on a quest to fully understand the different flavors of content marketing and how they work together. While many marketers think content marketing is just blogging, or talk about it in terms of paid, owned and earned media, I think businesses just want to know how to use content to efficiently drive sales. When you dive deeper, you discover that there’s so much more than just ringing the register. Great content marketing is all about creating useful and meaningful experiences in a brand’s voice to attract, engage and inspire target customers through the buying cycle, from awareness to purchase to advocacy. Content can sway opinions, provide a helping hand with customer support and build relationships with people who don’t yet know you exist. There’s no need to agree with me on the definition of content marketing. We can just agree that it really works.We were fortunate to collaborate on this infographic with the folks at Content Marketing Institute. If you want to learn more visit

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The Demystification of Content Marketing Infographic

  1. 1. Iconsby InfographicPresentedby: Contentassociatedwiththeuserexpe- rienceofawebsiteorsocialnetwork. Adsfrom GoogleandBingthatare relatedtousers’searchqueries. Usekeyprinciplesofcontentmarketingtogetthebestresultsfrom paidapproaches. Contenttoconvertprospectsto customers.(Contentmarketingalso convertscustomerstoevangelists.) Contentthatiscreatedinyour brand’sessencewithoutdiscussing thebrandspecifically. Reportingonnews,trendsandmore; framingthestoryfrom yourbrand’s perspective. Greatstoriesthathelpcreateemotional connectionswithyourbrand. Contentmarketingcanbeusedinterchangeablywithseveralothercontent creationtechniques. PRandcontentmarketingideallywork handinhand,astheyarebasedonthe sameprinciples:figuringoutwhatyour idealaudiencewants,andtellinga storyinawaythatisrelevanttothem. Whereascontentmarketingisfocused onchangingorenhancingaconsumer behaviorthroughcontent,content strategyinvolvesmanagingcontent (marketing,orotherwise)asastrategic assetacrossanorganization. YYouneedboth. Usecontentmarketinginconcertwithcomplementaryor overlappingdisciplines. Youneedaconsistentand logicalstream ofcontent tofeedallmarketing automationanddemand generationprograms. Directyoursocialmedia followerstoacontent hub(e.g.,ablogor website)toforgea deeperrelationship. Thereisnodownsideto optimizingforSEO,but focusfirstoncreating compellingcontent youraudiencewants. Usecontentmarketingasafirst-linetechniquetodriveothertypesofmarketing. Contentmarketing:Thestrategicmarketingapproachofcreating anddistributingvaluable,relevantandconsistentcontenttoattract andacquireaclearlydefinedaudience–withtheobjectiveofdriving profitablecustomeraction. Contentmarketingisnotastand-alonemarketingapproach. Howdoesitfitinwithwhatyouaredoing? CONTENT MARKETING DEMYSTIFIED