Real Estate Website Optimization


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Your real estate website can be a goldmine or your greatest disappointment, but either way, you know you need one--and there’s a good chance it’s not the one you have now. To compete in today’s market, you need a website that’s easy to use, multifunctional, professional looking, and built using the latest technology.

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Real Estate Website Optimization

  1. 1. ONLINEREAL ESTATEOPTIMIZATIONA Quick and Dirty Guide toGrowing your Market OnlineSeth Price, Director of Sales and Online Marketing
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 What is a web strategy? 2 Why is it so important? 3 How do you make it work?
  3. 3. DEFINITION OF A WEB STRATEGY• A web strategy is a strategic web direction for an organization. It outlines the most advantageous positioning for the company on the web, the experience it should create for its customers, the brand image it should project, the way it should engage the prospect and existing clients, partners, and suppliers, the way it should convert traffic to sales -Wikipedia• A web strategy is a clear plan and system to harness online users in order to drive ROI
  5. 5. SEARCH MARKET SHARE Rank Search Engine Searches 1 61.71% 2 16.26% 3 15.06% 2 3.93% Google Yahoo! Bing Ask Aol 3 2.50%
  6. 6. RELEVANT STATS Worldwide Web Usage• 2 billion users online• Google alone has 88 billion searches per month• 34,000 searches per second US Web Usage• 272 Million users online, 78% of the U.S. population• In March 2011, Google had 40 billion page views in the US Search Usage Usage• 83% of real estate inquiries begin online• 61% of all US searchers choose Google as their preferred search engine• Organic search results receive over 75% of all clicks• 91% of users do not look past the first page of search results
  7. 7. NOW WHAT? ? How do you strategize online?
  9. 9. MAKING IT WORK TOGETHER• Website Objectives?• Who is your audience?• What are your competitors doing?• What are the traffic sources?• How do you maximize content?• Metrics: How do you measure success?
  10. 10. LEVERAGE YOUR RESOURCES • SEO • Agents • Content • Automation
  11. 11. SEO IS ABOUT TWO THINGS Keywords Links• Keywords match a search query to • Links determine which webpages a webpage rank highest
  12. 12. THE SEO PROCESS Keyword Research •Find the right keywords to optimize for On page •Implement those keywords on the websiteOptimization •Make the website search engine-friendly Link Building •Build links to the website to increase authority
  14. 14. RELEVANT CONTENT • Listings • Curated Information • Video, Images • Resources
  15. 15. LEVERAGE AVAILABLE TOOLS • Syndication for Leads • Craigslist for Leads, Listings & Buyers • Property Landing Pages for Lead Capture
  16. 16. AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING • Syndication • Landing Pages • Craigslist • Lead Generation
  17. 17. Simplify your marketing