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Real Estate Website Development Checklist


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Developing a website for real estate doesn't have to be so complicated. This checklist will give you a detailed idea of the questions to ask and the right things to focus on. More information at

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Real Estate Website Development Checklist

  2. 2. Choosing a Website Vendor: ChecklistChoose your designer/vendor Choose your software Research designers/vendors Research your options Request resumes Make sure your solution is open source View samples of previous work Make sure your solution handles data integration Check for real estate experience Choose one or two software applications Check references Research web hosting services Interview designers/vendors Choose a host for your website Negotiate a contract Determine compensation Establish a set time frame Determine the tools your vendor/designer will need Review your finished website Be sure you’ll own the results Test your website on different browsersBuild your website Test your website on different machines Share demo site with internal team for review Complete discovery & sign off on specifications Go through every step as a user Provide clear and concise feedback Be clear about what you do and who you are Check in with your designer/vendor regularly Be clear about where you’re located Resolve any issues that arise Be clear about how leads can contact you Adjust your timeline as needed Request adjustments as needed Sign off on completion with vendor For more detail: